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ARK Survival Evolved upcoming patch 216 introduces two new biomes to the island, The Snow and Swamp Biomes!
In the fourth leg of Ultimate Survival Alaska, everyone is still smarting from the loss of The Woodsmen, reminded that anything could happen.
Starting out on the barren Triumvirate Glacier, the teams must trek thirty miles through a granite face and the snow-covered Tordrillo Mountains to get to the LZ at Frustration Lake. Unable to assist, the team watches as Eddie’s rigging breaks away from the primary line and he takes a heart-dropping 30-foot fall before the backup line catches him and then he slams into the other side of the canyon. On day two, the Mountaineers reach the summit and are rewarded with a stunning view of the world from the top. The Mountaineers stumble on a bit of luck, a cache of long abandoned gear, two sets of skis, snowshoes and an axe. At the end of the day Mountaineers have a solid lead on second place Military and third place Endurance. Everyone may as well celebrate now, because next up they face the Swan River Valley and 80 miles of raging whitewater. Sorry but this week made it so apparent that this show is so setup by the producers it turns my stomach.
Marty just happens to have his skis with him and they stumble upon two more pairs on a peak in the wilderness.
Then the topper was the military team member who didnt have enough time to blow up his boat so he swam in the glacier filled water.
Then the endurance athletes climbed a snow field without a rope because there’s no anchor, so if one fell, he would take the others with him?
I watch this show not because I enjoy it; I enjoy looking out for the Hollywood moments- which abound- LOL! So, of the three teams in this episode, two went toward the extraction point and did the unnecessary Tyrolean traverse. Amazingly, all three teams managed to reach the extraction point within mere minutes of each other (oh, how convenient!), with the Mountaineers reaching Frustration Lake first and winning. Follow these Gloucester, MA fishermen as they use rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna.

Explore the fascinating facets of your cranium with brainteasers, experiments, and hard science. Explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are going to great lengths to prepare for the end of the world.
With these come the addition of new items, new weather and the introduction of the Beelzebufo, Direwolf and Megaloceros! The three remaining teams are determined to stay safe and in the race, but the Alaskan landscape has other plans for them. Not seeing a way to cross, they backtrack, losing their advantage and finding themselves in second place. He’s thankfully not at the bottom of the canyon, but no one knows if the safety line will hold him or how badly he’s injured. They are ascending 500 feet of loose gravel, dodging falling rock and barely keeping their handholds. Meanwhile, Military takes a gradual descent, which would be the easier walk if it weren’t for dodging avalanches.
However, Endurance has something none of the other teams have, Eddie’s flask of seal oil for energy. Military is on the other side of the lake from the LZ, inflating their rafts when they spot Endurance in a foot race to the finish line. It looks like anyone’s race, but it’s the Mountaineers who take it, followed by Endurance and Military. Tune in to Ultimate Survival Alaska: River of Fury to see who takes the advantage on the water. Still, the photography is excellent, the scenery beautiful, and for that alone it is worth watching. Endurance and Military let them have their crazy climb, sticking to the lower elevations, but quickly wondering if they have made a mistake. In no time, they catch up to Military, leaving Rudy shaking his head and muttering, “Those freaking jerks blew by us on skis.”  See ya, Military! Jared, deciding there is no time to inflate a third raft makes fins out of his snowshoes and plunges in.

In that situation, as in the above snowfield situation, the ice axe used in self-arrest is the anchor. The teams were dropped off on the Triumvirate Glacier, ONLY 3 MILES WEST of the extraction point on the shore of Frustration Lake (at least they got the name of the lake correct). Well, instead of heading east to the extraction point, they headed north and did a completely unnecessary rock climb up a peak.
The team finds a tyrolean traverse, a fixed line that crosses the gorge and will allow them to get to the other side with a harness. Dallas and Sean make it across with no problem, but Eddie, the last on the line isn’t so lucky. Mountaineers take their first victory, passing around the bottle they find in the beer barrel in celebration. Safe on the other side, shaking with adrenaline, he can barely talk, but amazingly, he is completely in one piece. So now we have all three teams doing a circle tour going the wrong way, up on to a high glacial plateau. I also agree with Travis and Gary, them finding those skis was so planted on purpose….is this whole thing scripted? Meanwhile, the camera pans across the rope going from one side of the gorge to the other, and you can plainly see that all they had to do was simply walk around the head of the gorge on easy ground!
Eventually, the Mountaineers team finds a rock cairn marking the location of two pairs of old wooden skis, a pair of snowshoes, and an axe.
So like I said at the top of this review, don’t believe everything (actually, ANYTHING) you see.
It’s all contrived and pre-scripted, in an effort to present pointless challenges that real outdoors-people would never undertake if they were in a race to the finish line. After all, if it was a REAL race to the extraction point, why would two of the three teams essentially get there on the first day (with the other team actually starting out in the wrong way), and then turn around and spend almost TWO MORE DAYS going in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION?!

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