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Decouvrez egalement Minecraft skin, Minecraft Tools ou le classement de Serveurs Minecraft. We take a look at some of the finest Minecraft seeds for the Playstation 3 that are compatible with TU13.
By default, the game grabs the current system time as the basic input for the starting values of a world and runs with that. On the myriad of Minecraft forums and wikis and websites out on the web, the community has started collecting the best and most interesting seeds. It is just a small collection you can use to create some interesting “naturally occurring” Minecraft worlds. Here’s a particularly odd seed, in that it has a bunch of different biomes grouped closely together and a snow biome surrounding a jungle biome. This seed starts with only a single village and a blacksmith at the spawn area, but is surrounded by forest biomes.
A more terrestrial seed than most of the others on this list, players can find large landmasses separated by rivers and rolling hills. For all the newly added seeds on this list, we recommend starting the world size in Classic.
This seed has been around since TU19, but like many other seeds on this list, it works on the latest version of the game. This seed is loaded with a ton of diamonds and NPC villages so you’ll always have something to do. This particular seed is absolutely empty of trees, with very little landmass in the form of islands. This seed spawns the player in a location with 4 villages, a desert and jungle temple, a witch hut, a stronghold library, and endroom. This particular seed contains 7 NPC villages and two desert temples, and a whole lot more content.

This seed contains 4 golden apples, a triple spawner (11 total mob spawners), 2 saddles, and diamonds near the spawn.
Has every biome (plains, forest, desert, extreme hills, taiga, mushroom, jungle), 3 villages & more.
This seed contains a nice mountainous coastline and spawns pretty much next to a rainforest. Can you survive five nights at the animatronic nightmare?Welcome to your new job as nightwatcher for animatronic mansion. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is one of the most popular pizza places in town and upon seeing their ad in the newspaper you decide to give it a try and apply for the job. As your first night starts, you suddenly get a call from a former employee with a few hints about what to do to survive the night.
You can't back up now and your only chance of avoiding dismemberment is to keep your eyes on those cameras to constantly know the position of the animatrons. For example, constantly watching the cameras will drain more energy, while triggering other lights or the doors to your room will make the energy deplete way faster.
Five Nights at Freddy's drifts away from the classic first-person horror survival titles, and limits the player to a single room with only a few cameras that can help him survive each night.
In the background, the almost limitless game world is created based on intricate algorithms. However those seeds can be influenced, they can be copied and pasted into Minecraft’s underlying code, and thus renders the players able to go and recreate worlds.
Here we present a selection of outstanding seeds you can use to create the most stunning Minecraft worlds.
There’s also an almost perfectly shaped hole that resembles a crater, and villagers who live inside of caves. There lies an ocean with a monument towards the northeastern direction from the spawn, and a witch’s hut by the northwest.

There are villages, temples, witch huts, dungeons, and a ton of diamonds on this one (source: MinecraftForums) .
ONe of the villages has a diamond in it, with which you can use to gain early access to high-end gear. Seeing from your security office you must keep watch on the asylum patients throughout the night - and make sure that they don't enter your room! Your task is clear enough, use the cameras in the building to ensure the animatronic characters and other equipment is safe during the night, but the owner didn't mention quite everything.
Apparently, the animatronic characters are also active during the night and may not recognize you if you accidentally bump into them or vice versa, triggering an unwanted reaction making them want to eat you.
This will require that you cut down consumption as much as possible if you want to make it through the night alive. A little known fact is that the basic code in the world is based on something called the seed, which is just a few characters long. Once they do, you’ll notice the monument—it should be on the opposite end of wherever the sugar cane growth happens to be. The spawn offers a jungle plains hybrid biome with 2 villages, where you can find a blacksmith, church, and libraries. In one section, if you look carefully enough, there is an abandoned mineshaft, with a skeleton spawner inside of it. Five dungeons have already been released and eight dungeons are planned to be for the final map. Building23 Oct, 2015 Jungle Citadel23 Oct, 2015 Allootria Survival23 Oct, 2015 Harry Potter Minecraft Skins16 Oct, 2015 School Virtual Tour5 May, 2015 Tangled’s Rapunzel Tower26 Oct, 2015 Harry Potter Minecraft Skins16 Oct, 2015 School Virtual Tour5 May, 2015 Allootria Survival23 Oct, 2015 Jungle Citadel23 Oct, 2015 The White Co.

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