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There’s no doubt that Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas are currently dominating the PC gaming world. Although Smite has only received its official release rather recently, the Hi-Rez Studios game has been in open beta for months. Smite shifts the camera angle from the typical MOBA top-down bird’s-eye view to a position directly behind the character.
News celebritiesLast contentRenee Zellweger Writes An Open Essay About Her Appearance A Fairytale Romance!
EntertainmentLast contentRenee Zellweger Writes An Open Essay About Her Appearance A Fairytale Romance!
This costume is comprised of a psychedelic frilled shirt with over sized collar open neck and two lines of frills down the chest vertically. Why It's Great: This retro costume is great for showing off your groovy side and getting funky all night.
The popularity of League of Legends and DOTA 2 is off the charts, and with new games from Blizzard and EA in development, it seems the age of the MOBA is fully upon us.

The player chooses one of several characters from mythology, be it Greek, Norse, Egyptian, or what-have-you, and takes that character into battle in one of several game modes. In particular, the game’s developers ran into trouble with the current leaders of the Hindu religion, who argued that their deity Kali was portrayed pornographically in Smite. While I find other MOBAs like League of Legends more strategically satisfying, Smite is just more fun to play. Whether in the disco or at a fancy dress party this costume will turn gazes and draw heads.
Also included in this costume is a pair of black trousers with a heavily flared ankle cuff.
The primary game mode, Conquest, is much the same as many other MOBA games: the map is divided into three lanes, defended by turrets on each side. This mode allows you to lead your chosen character into battle in a classic Roman gladiatorial ring. While it may not yet be as popular as League, this game has the potential to turn the entire genre on its head, revolutionizing the entire MOBA experience.

The goal is to destroy the enemy turrets in your lane, destroy the phoenix at the end of the lane, and work with your four teammates to defeat the enemy titan and win the game.
Also, as a mythology buff, I really enjoy the fact that Loki and Artemis are playable characters. The player is totally immersed in the game’s world, in a way that no other MOBA has been able to accomplish. I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys MOBAs, or perhaps is simply looking for something new.
This can be done through defeating enemy players, escorting your minions through the enemy portal, or various other means. Other game modes exist as well, such as the 3v3 Joust or a variant on the All Random, All Mid gameplay, but Arena stands out as truly unique.

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