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Xbox One Scorpio vs PS4 NEO Spec Analysis: The Power Difference Is Real But Does It Matter? An interesting indie title which rewards you for surviving against all odds, the main objective of Don’t Starve is to last out against a hostile alien world full of wild animals and stave off hunger and sickness.
4A Games’ labour of love reaped great dividends both commercially and critically, and for good reason – Metro: Last is a race against time and the odds to prevent the further destruction of humanity. In Last Light, one must barter for bullets and weapons, keeping a constant eye on their environment and employing stealth at the right times. Some survival games pit you against monsters, forcing you into situations where you must think quickly and consider the larger good before taking any risks. But her child-like demeanour only serves to remind one of the sheer horror and impact that the post-apocalyptic tragedies have on her. Crystal Dynamics’ origins reboot of Lara Croft earlier this year took the survival aspect one step further by introducing whole new ranges of torture and pain that she could suffer. The same environment which could be scavenged to upgrade your weapons and unlock new skills also featured ways to take down enemies without getting into a heavy gun battle.
You've played all the toughest, most hardcore games, beat all the extra challenges, conquered the highest difficulties!
Don't Starve is crazy, endless fun, and becomes even more exciting now that you can play with friends. You have to attend to your home base, the needs of your survivors, and the safety of it all so much it can easily drive you mad.
The classic post-apocalyptic hardcore video game series Fallout comes back with a vengeance in Fallout: New Vegas.
The game's own difficulty settings, as well as user-created mods make it so that you have to constantly watch your hydration, hunger, sleep and sickness status, and take care of yourself with limited resources in the post-nuclear culture of the Mojave Desert.
The Ultimate Edition of Fallout: New Vegas is really just that - the best possible edition of the game, with all the extra content and the bugs filtered out, this is one for a timeless collection. In DayZ, you have to watch for your hunger, thirst and medical needs, as well as zombies and bandits that roam around.
This year seemed to be the period in which developers simply had enough with holding us by the hand and showing us pretty surroundings, instead pushing us to get down, dirty and outright sadistic in many cases.
You can scavenge the environment for tools and food, while also building shelter to better protect yourself.

It doesn’t help that the radioactive environment, mutants, military and other survivors are trying to stop you from accomplishing this. Though its predecessor was a bit rough around the edges, Last Light properly encapsulates the gameplay features established with a riveting post-apocalyptic journey.
The Last of Us goes above and beyond this with its heavy, grim atmosphere that is constantly bearing down on you. And what happens when you must become the very monster you’re constantly fighting against to keep Ellie safe? Every situation Lara found herself was fraught with peril, and one little mistake could lead to her horrible death. You could use the rope arrow to bring down a structure with several baddies on it, explosive arrows to ignite explosive objects to kill groups of foes, or even take the high road and shoot your enemies from above.
Here's another 2D game, but this time around just one look at the art style will tell you everything you need to know about this game's hardcore rep. What really drives everything home about this game's difficulty is that throughout the game you constantly need to make really, really tough decisions that will often times leave you feeling genuinely sad or shocked. This is a must-play, not just for hardcore survival enthusiasts, but for everyone really, since the easier difficulty settings are also great fun to play with! I picked this edition especially since it's very reasonably priced for the amount of content you get, which is endless, due to the nature of the game's design. DayZ started out as a mod for the popular super-realistic military simulator Arma 2 and got so popular that the developers at Bohemia Interactive decided it deserved it's own, standalone game.
This is a multiplayer game, and while the zombies are controlled by the game's artificial intelligence, everyone else you encounter is an actual, living player. This is it, this is the most difficult, most unforgiving, biggest and baddest game of them all. The Misery mod takes that concept and brings it to its extreme, by making survival tougher than ever for even the most hardcore of players. The art style also isn’t your typical survival grittiness, opting for a Tim Burton-esque take on the nightmare of staying alive. Playing as Joel, your emotional connection to the world is Ellie, reminding you that all is not lost.
The game has no easy answers or happy endings – it’s simply that the journey for survival keeps going.

However, extending this to even the normal fire fights, it made players think on their feet – and at times, even upside down – for finding ways to quickly dispatch of foes. Sometimes you’d have to tough it out, but that’s what being a survivor is about (but dear lord, did she have to die so horribly sometimes?). But now you're looking for games that can satisfy your appetite for a solid challenge and a thick atmosphere that can fully immerse you. Don't Starve will leave you, well, starving, and kill you off mercilessly in the end, no matter how well you build up your game. With a huge, dynamic and detailed open world, hundreds of missions to do, and an endless amount of free user-created mods, New Vegas is a grueling survival experience that just doesn't end. And here we have the now standalone, extremely grueling, unforgiving, hardcore survival game DayZ. If you can play Misery well, you can adapt to and overcome any challenge in the world of hardcore gaming, I am sure of it. Just as people keep living, trying to be happy; trying to stay positive and trying to find meaning in places even when there is none.
You will die, restart, and die again.Don't Starve now also comes with the much awaited multiplayer expansion Don't Starve Together, so you can experience the thrill of helplessly wandering around before dying your gruesome deaths with a friend! In the harsh survivalist conditions of DayZ, friends can turn foe, and common enemies can bind rivals together temporarily at any moment!
In the game's alternate reality, the nuclear explosion that happened there created all sorts of alien happenings around the area, which is referred to as "The Zone", and people called "stalkers" started coming to this place in hopes of finding artifacts and selling them outside the zone for good prices.
Sick or starving children will beg you for food and you either won't be able to help them, or even worse, you just straight up refuse to help them.
All this, even though it's "just a game", will leave you feeling extremely helpless and sad.

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