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So, it’s been awhile since I wrote my Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft, the current indie-darling of the Internet. While my first article was designed to help you start out in the world of Minecraft, by now you’ve done all that stuff. After you’ve found such a cave, fought off monsters guarding any rich goodies such as iron, and collected as much as possible, what do you do now?
You might be wondering why you may need a greenhouse though, if you mostly want to be exploring and building badass buildings.
So, now you have all of these nice luxuries which will make playing the game that much nicer.
Copying of materials and articles from a site Anasta, Your Videos Belong Here probably only when seating the return active reference to the source. TRASHA Whenever you are in a safe location you should dump out all of the items you do not need into a chest so that you have a clean inventory and you can easily pick up loot after you kill someone. KILLING SPREEIf you get a sword in the middle then you should definatley chase people and kill them before they can get anything good. It’s finally time to optimize, build some cool stuff, and generally have a bad-ass time playing the game.
Well, you probably have a ton of cobblestone just from digging around so much, among other things. You’re going to need space and chests to keep all the stuff that you’ll need for building later. Basically, if you have a bed in a place where spawns can’t reach you, you can turn night into day instantly.
Well, a greenhouse allows you to easily farm wheat, which can be used to make 2 very good food items, bread and cake. They destroy blocks faster than diamond, but since they have the durability of wood it is not recommended to use it long term. You can check my most recent uploads here: - My Twitter: - Follow for video updates, personal updates and ways to join games with me! Even though this may sound nooby, a couple of extra damage points can go a long way in Hunger Games.
This will eliminate the possibility of them beating you in deathmatch because they have looted chests throughout the game. I think tip 3 is the hardest to remember because you are so focused on staying alive and killing people that you don't have enoughtime to clear out your inventory. And of course if you die, the game is over, so better not die and win all of you battles!So when youo re attacking with a sword, jump.

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Since then, a whole lot of patches were released for the game, upgrading it from Alpha to Beta and then some, including raising the price by about $5 US*. You can start to use these resources to build better tools and better ways of digging, as well as begin to build structures for other important aspects of any self-respecting Minecraft player’s base. This is extremely useful if you hate waiting for night to end and have no busy work that can be done while waiting for the sun to come up. Even if you don't get anything at mid, you won't be that far behind the people who didn't go to middle. To keep things nice and organized, keep the chests which hold these things separate and labeled so there’s little confusion.
You can build this structure however you want, above ground or below, just so long as it’s spacious enough for your needs and everything is organized.
Now, you could expand your original mines to go deeper, or you could start a whole new shaft. I won’t go into detail here, but there are a ton of resources at the Minecraft Wiki or YouTube.
Yes they are.If you surprise attack an ennemi, youo re chances of actually killing him are nearly tripled! Keep in mind that it’s probably safer overall if you connect everything into one big well-lit complex, but if you don’t want to and you feel alright braving the open air and possible creeper explosions to get to each room, by all means be my guest. Well, it wouldn’t be a greenhouse without the sun, so it obviously needs to be above ground, and you’ll need a lot of glass.
It’s best to get enough sand to have about 6 furnaces lit at the same time to cut down on just how long smelting takes in Minecraft. As soon as you’re a few layers down, build an alternate exit off to the side and cover the top hole with glass so that sunlight lights the mineshaft, then continue mining down. So have a chest route planned for every game, and go for those chests until you have some decent weapon and if you want some decent armor.After you have that, all you need to do is to start killing people!
Watches are very useful if you plan to be underground a lot without many windows to the outside world, as they would tell you what time of day it is. Why spend you time looking in other chests when you can start killing some people and taking their stuff? Other than that, they have the exact same functions, most importantly you can make torches. First, you won’t need as many torches while you’re just digging down, as long as it’s daylight out at least.

Diamond is the most durable material used for crafting tools, and making a Diamond pickaxe is the only way you can mine obsidian, which is the hardest building material in the game and the only block which can be used to reach the Nether.
Also, if you do hit a cavern, you can lead enemies into the light where they will burn up, giving you another weapon against the undead. Of course, youo re putting yourself in danger, but whato s the survival games without the thrill of fighting enemies? What you’re hoping to find is a natural cave for you to explore, so alternatively, if you found an entrance to such a cave from above ground, just start exploring that. Throw in some water so that each tilled soil tile is as most 3 squares from some water, and you’re all set. Plus youo ll rack up some kills, and if you like getting points, youo ll get tons!Note this: allways run for the center, because it is worth it. Be careful about leaving at night though, or the skeletons and creepers will make sure everything you found is lost in a matter of minutes. You want to make sure there’s no grass inside so that no animals can spawn and ruin your crops. The stuff that spawns in the center is usually much better then what you might find anywhere else!
Just throw down some seeds (which you obtain from tilling grassy soil) and wait for the sun to do its thing! You can even set up some low-hanging torches in the center if you want the crops to keep growing at night. 99 percent of the time that is.Step 3 : In game AlliancesIf you come across someone trying to team with you in the middle of a game, chances our heo s planning on betraying you!
This is my in game reaction to someone using that trick against meo A¦So yeah, pretty damn efficient! Another thing you could do is to put some stuff on the floor and wait for someone to come, and then you just kill him. I could go on and on about how to win the survival games with hundreds of other tips and tricks that I could teach you!

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