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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular post-apocalyptic shows ever seen on television, and while the gripping story focuses on the characters and their travels through the ruined world, there are some lessons to be learned by us along the way. Sure, not everything the characters do is spot-on correct for survival, and honestly much of what they do is the opposite of what you should do in a survival situation, but even bad actions can be learned from, just never repeated. If therea€™s one thing this show has taught us, ita€™s that you need to be just as scared of your fellow survivors as you are the enemy. This is best shown with the example of the jail in seasons 3 and 4, but can be applied to just about any refuge taken in the show. Keep your eyes open and no matter how safe you feel, always have a plan to get out quickly and to meet up after you bug out. It doesna€™t matter how big your gun is, or how many guns you have, there will always be someone out there with something bigger. Learn how to survive and make sure you have other methods of defending your camp that arena€™t guns.
When ita€™s all said and done, at the end of the day ita€™s basic survival skills that will keep you alive.
Finding water, catching dinner, and setting up a safe camp are all core necessities to keep the survivors in the Walking Dead alive.
While the chances or real zombies being everywhere is pretty low, in a survival situation youa€™ll have to deal with a different sort of walking dead. These people could be considered zombies, since they will be wondering around, ready to pounce on anyone who is prepared and take what they want. Always keep your bug out bag handy with all the supplies you need to get out of dodge quickly.
A new Walking Dead game was launched on the App Store, moments after we’ve told you about yet another Waling Dead game.
The Walking Dead: Road to Survival follows a rock-paper-scissors mechanic, meaning that some character types are better against some and weak against others.
I would advise that you keep no more than 15 characters at all times and that you always upgrade the rarest one first and try to max them out.
Different types of weapons can be equipped by your characters, but not all characters can equip the same weapons, as they are too based on their persona types.
Thanks for making such a helpful guide, was wondering if the flee command was particularly detrimental to to game stats or anything, it seems a shame to use smelling salts during a side mission if I stumble across stronger enemies and just need to level up. I believe when you are on the stage you just scroll to the left or right to change your team, or do u mean edit a team? If you press upgrade, next to level up your person will move up to tier 2 provided you have the right materials to do so.
There are many achievements and missions that award players with special tokens, which in turn can be used to unlock some very helpful gear and powerful characters. After using your free rolls, take the items and survivors that you obtained and decide to either equip them or recycle them to making your existing team stronger. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival has a rock-paper-scissors mechanic where certain character types do more damage to one particular class and take more damage from another.
One strategy that really helped me out is as follows: I would clear out all the zombies but one. This allowed me to approach the next wave with many of my character’s special powers ready to go. The post The Walking Dead: Road To Survival Tips, Cheats and Strategies appeared first on Gamezebo. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
Our book, The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a major disaster in the city or suburbs. The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a disaster in the city. Wea€™ve rounded up seven lessons to be learned for survival from watching the Walking Dead and listed them below. While someone might seem nice, they could easily be playing you for a chump so they can steal your supplies or just so they can do you harm.

The same goes for countless others in the show that lead people on just to take advantage of them later.
It doesna€™t matter how secure you think your location is, something can always happen to make you have to bug out.
As we saw in season 4 when the survivors were pushed from the prison, not having a plan to meet up after an emergency can leave your fellow survivors scattered to the wind and in constant danger. If you think youa€™ll be safe because you have the biggest guns, youa€™re destined to fall. All the guns and gadgets in the world wona€™t replace the basic skills like building a fire, tracking prey, and building snares.
While you might be prepared for most of what the world might throw at you when the SHTF, most people out there wona€™t have the slightest bit of preparation ready. While you probably wona€™t find one that wants to munch on your brains, most of these real-life zombies will want to take everything you have.
While youa€™d rather not think about having to use one against another person, especially when a major disaster may have wiped many people out already, sometimes ita€™s a necessary evil. Ammo manufacturers are not likely to be pumping out rounds to buy at your local gun shop in a major survival situation, and finding a gunsmith to fix a majorly broken firearm will be nearly impossible.
Whether ita€™s a tank rolling over the fences surrounding your compound, or some a€?zombiesa€? overtaking your camp, being able to pick up and run at a momenta€™s notice is vital to your survival. A His website offers emergency preparedness products, as well as shares practical and useful prepping tips, tactics and tools. At other times, it’s good to rush attack ASAP to take advantage of boosts that last more turns. There are four elements (colors) in the game, and you should make sure to know what they’re good against. Replay missions based on the items you need (you can find which areas drop specific items by tapping the needed items in your inventory) and use the resources that you get to train more survivors and use them to upgrade existing ones. This doesn’t work with boss battles, usually or human encounters, when they all attack you. If that’s not possible, always select your best members (in terms of damage and health) for your team.
You will need different items for upgrading them, and you can find out in your inventory where those items can be found. We’re working on more detailed guides, so make sure to check back soon and share your own in the comment section below.
A friend and I first started and we ended up in different regions, because we r newbs it was never explained in the begging to change regions to join factions with people u want.
I have 6 teams now as when I swap out auto assigned low level people they go to new team ffs. The game gives players a team of survivors and the chance to carve out a small town amidst a rampaging zombie apocalypse. Taking advantage of our The Walking Dead: Road to Survival tips, cheats and strategies is a wise decision, and will greatly enhance your odds of survival. The zombies will gradually shuffle closer and closer to your survivors, but will not be able to attack until they are within arms reach. When facing a swarm of zombies, prioritize the ones that will come into contact with your characters first, and just keep a watchful eye on any zombies lurking in the background. These obstacles block the zombies and force them to go around if they want to get to your survivors. Frequently check the Missions tab to see if you can claim anything, and keep an eye for any alerts on the recruitment button.
Each character’s is slightly different, though they typically fall under the same few categories. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. The show does a great job at showing us what average people will do in an EOTWAWKI situation, and thanks to their many mistakes, we can learn and be better. If things have gotten so bad that there isna€™t any real law enforcement, your gun might be the only thing standing between survival and death.
It doesna€™t matter if youa€™re behind walls of wire and cement, it doesna€™t matter if you have a cache of rifles and handguns, and it doesna€™t matter if you have the best-trained group out there.

Keep this in mind and youa€™ll be far more likely to escape the hordes and make it to another season.
Brian believes the most important tools you can have when the SHTF are your brain and the ability to keep a level head, no matter what the situation is. I have usually played it safe most of the time and the results were good, but maybe you like taking risks – then do it! Tapping an enemy in battle will show you in the bottom bar if there are any fighters that you have which would be better against that element. Try to use your one star and two star characters as upgrade materials (or the ones you have a lot of, or you won’t use) and eventually, as you play through the game, you will unlock better characters and use them to replace the worst ones.
However, make sure you never sell other ingredients, because they might be needed to upgrade your characters later on!
Replay the missions in those areas until you get all the required items and you can upgrade your characters!
When I looked at the changing of regions, it said something along the lines that u will lose everything or start over.
Using melee attacks against a zombie behind an obstacle is useless, as your attacks will always miss. Some characters like Glen offer buffs that reduce incoming damage and increase offensive abilities for the entire squad. This way the weaker characters can build up their special attack instead of just using the characters who could kill the zombie in a hit or two. Now, we’re going to move on to another topic – how can you get more rare characters in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.
For example, the first two episodes of last season were a snooze-fest, but a few episodes later I was more interested than ever before. But make sure to check out the enemy information before each mission too, to know what you’re up against.
Other characters, like Sandy, have special abilities that can hit multiple targets at once. By this we mean more characters with three-star ratings or higher, as opposed to common characters who have only one or two stars to their names.1. Sign Up For An Active FactionThis is one of the better ways to achieve this goal, as you’ll get yourself Supporter Tokens if your team’s leader is hired by other members of your faction in Roadmap or World Map missions. Tokens can then be used to open Basic Reward characters and weapons, though we must warn you that you’ll usually end up with more common characters and weapons.
Still, there’s a small chance some three-star items and characters may be available, and this is still quite an easy way to get them at the end of the day.2. Use Your CoinsThe above means is not the easiest way to get three-star or better characters.
Rather, spending your coins is – if you’ve got enough coins on you, or if you’re willing to exert some effort in earning more coins, you can pay for some rare characters.
You can get one by paying 250 coins, but if you’d rather buy in bulk, that could save you some coins in the long run – the price for a pack of ten is 2,200 coins, essentially 220 coins per character.3. Complete The Road Map And Regular Missions After unlocking the Road Map, you’ll be able to win yourself some additional coins, and your rewards may also include rare characters. Once again, the chances of getting something or someone rare is quite low, but at least there’s a chance.4.
Win The TournamentsLikewise, winning a tournament could earn you some additional coins for free; actively raid other human players so you can increase your rank and improve the quality of your rewards, which, once again, may include a few three-star or better characters, with some of them selling at lower prices. Train Your Existing CharactersLast, but not the least, you can get three-star characters if you upgrade your Training Ground, though like in most of the other tips mentioned above, the chances of getting three-star or better characters are still relatively low.

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