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Once the child has his top front teeth softly touching his bottom lip, ask him to blow air out of the mouth.
DisclosureLet’s Grow Speech is intended to be a resource website for parents, educators, and speech-language pathologists. Managing teaching stress and burnout can be quite a challenge.  At various times during my teaching career (especially in the first couple of years) I have suffered from quite severe stress and I have had to work on ways to overcome this so that I don’t burnout completely. I have also put together a poster that I like to have close by as it helps remind me to manage my stress and manage the way that I’m feeling.  Click on the picture below to download the poster as a PDF.

If you have any tips that you use to help you manage teacher burnout then please share them in the comments below. Get Email Updates Would you like more great teaching tips and to save time? Hold a piece of paper or feather in front of his mouth, and he should be able to see the paper or feather lift in front of his mouth. The ideas, information, and materials presented here are current and accurate to the best of our knowledge, but they should be considered and used with discretion.

Once the child’s bottom lip is in this position, have the child blow a continuous stream of air.
They are not intended to replace the professional services of a speech-language pathologist.

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