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Minecraft Building Inc All your minecraft building ideas, templates, blueprints, seeds, pixel templates, and skins in one place. The minecraft version is an updated design of the original, most notably, the top of the tower has been altered to balance with the bottom shape. Hello, do you ming if I use this build on my server ?A Of course I'll give you all credits for the building ! Dude, i've create an account just to tell you that's the most beautiful thing i've seen in my 4 years of minecrafting.A WELL DONE! Ok first of all it was the world downloader fine in it witch makes me think you didnt make this and if u go out so far where the big hill is it drops off to flat ground! Can i please use this as part of an adventure map i am making, i promise i will give you credit and if you want more informatin i would be more than happy to provide some more. I’m here to present to you all one of my more ambitious projects, Chroma High School. Pretty much started this Build due to the lack of Schools on many sites or if there were some, looked plain or out of place in a modern setting.
All buildings are decorated, though a lot of them outside of the Main building are unfurnished. Inspired by watching the movie Wild Wild West with Will Smith I decided to build a western style town and have all the buildings included in a building bundle.

It not only contained numerous green systems like a double skin (allowing for natural ventilation, and the aperture between the towers also facilitates natural ventilation), insulated glass, active shading, water reclamation, and more, but it also would have been the first tower to consciously integrate wildlife into the design (as bats tend to move throughout the city during the evening and early morning). The tower still has the diagrid pattern, but i was unable to do the double skin facade the project had.
I'm hiding this on my server a few dozen thousand blocks from spawn for a player to find at random. I See Download Links I Download Them But There Not The foldeers or Anything Just random Words._.
Features a farm house which could be called a mansion, along with a barn and plenty of fields for your harvesting needs.
The bundle has everything that you could come across in your travels thought the crazy deserts of the Wild West. Also included in the download is a map of the town and each buildings individual schematics. The house features 3 stories and comes complete with everything from a bathroom to an indoor pool.
The project was to design an apartment building in Portland, Oregon, had to have a minimum of 60 units, and had to incorporate habitats for bats in the design. I wanted this to be something grand to make a statement in a city that has always been conscious of the environment.

It is not a spawn by default, the save file is for those who want to see the castle more closely. My design called for an expansion on the program by incorporating shops, a gym, and other facilities on the first 3 floors, and the linking member between the 4-6 floors, and then 124 units on two towers. The tower is 143m tall, so it would be the fourth tallest building in Portland if it was build. Linked on every third floor (as the units arrangement allowed for a corridor every 3 floors) are bridges that link the two towers between the 7-29th floors. Then paste that into your server folder, you know, the one with the plugins folder and the run.bat file. The tower’s bridges have bat habitats underneath them, and they are elevated high enough not to be disturbed by the sounds of the city or by people.

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