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An osage-orange (Maclura pomifera)  is a tree not native to Maryland but can be found growing here. Ever come across some clay while on some outdoor adventure and wish you could make some pottery out of it?
This summer I held a workshop for children which included making pinch pots from locally dug clay.
Put a screen (can be made out of hardware cloth or purchased) on the top of a clean bucket.
Dig a pit with sloping sides about 2 feet in diameter and about eighteen inches deep in the middle.
After you enjoy eating a bag of cherries this year, amuse yourself and your family too with these Cherry faces. Glue the pits (eyes) and the stems (mouth) down on a piece of paper if you want to use it as part of your canvas.
If you are planning to go on vacation to the beach this summer, you might come home with a few shells. I needed a card holder so I decided to see how hard it would be to cut into a shell I found. For your next dinner party, set the table with shells holding the names of all your guests. This is a craft that is good for large groups of kids like school classes because the mushroom trays can be saved by the parents and the overall project will be very inexpensive.
Note: This project is meant to be a centerpiece and is not meant to be carried around by the handle.
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Download this clay sea rocks powerpoint from CAEA conference (we think this project was presented by clay educator Barry Bernam around 2005). Although no slip was used to attach decorations, only one decoration came off during bisque firing. I will add shine with a little spray gloss (I use Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Gloss ). A huge thank you to SDAEA’s Carol Catalano Webb, who brought back this lesson from California state conference AND made the YouTube movie.
This entry was posted in 5th grade, 6th grade, Clay and tagged CAEA, Carol Catalano Webb, ceramic, clay, cold finish, coral reef, fifth grade, Finding Nemo, fish, powerpoint, rock, SDAEA, sea creatures, sixth grade, tidepool, watercolor, YouTube. Collect natural materials such as cherry stems, beans, acorns and other seeds… Mix and match to create amusing characters.
This fits the standard round barbecue grill but you can make your hole to accommodate the amount of material you wish to fire. Experiment with the placement of your pieces to determine what will give you the best results.
The handle for your “basket” can be made with a lot of different materials but I like the natural ones best. A huge thank you to the clay teacher who created the Powerpoint (we think it was Barry Bernam-please leave a comment if you know Barry!).
I love working with clay and have experimented with both a pit kiln and firing pieces over coals of a campfire. Find a place to put your pit that is away from trees or other plants that could catch on fire.
My kids and I “painted” these faces using the computer after I took the pictures but all you will need is a marker to draw on the details.
That way you can rearrange them as much as you want as an amusing way to spend some of you summer vacation time.
When I grew the wheat grass in these mushroom trays, I soaked the seeds overnight and then put them on top of the potting soil, watered it, covered the tray with plastic for the first day or two and then watered only as needed.

I have never tried the project with air dry clay, but I have had great success with polymer clay! I teach arts to 400 students in kindergarten-fifth grade at High Tech Elementary North County.
When the clay is the right consistency to use, scrap it up and put in a plastic bag and seal.
Temper is used to open the pores and make them less likely to crack when subjected to heat. It is all about greening up your crafting and moving toward a more sustainable way of living. Maybe you have a better way and would like to share it with the other creative people visiting this site? If after screening it still feels too gritty (sandy), you can strain it again through an old tee-shirt.
Making use (re-use really) of otherwise unwanted materials is good for the pocketbook and good for the environment. Then arrange the pieces to be fired on the rack so that there is at least one inch of space around all sides of each piece. If there are too may pieces on the rack, you can cover the pieces on the rack with more sawdust (4 inch layer). Place some rocks under the edges of the sides of the lid to hold up the cover and allow air to get in.

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