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On Sunday, John Hanke, the CEO of Pokemon GO addressed the public at a panel discussion at Comic-Con San Diego in a bid to clarify a lot of the questions that the public has about Pokemon GO.
Hanke begin by going through the history of events that led to the creation of Pokemon GO, beginning with his involvement in Google Maps and the subsequent use of AR as opposed to VR for gaming. He went on to explain how Ingress was made as a platform to test out the concept of Pokemon GO. Hanke went on to confirm that Pokemon were spawned based on where they appeared in real life and that this feature was brought in to add realism to the game.
Hanke mentioned that it is stories like this that is pushing the Niantic team to work harder as they launch Pokemon GO around the world. Hanke urged fans to keep sharing their experiences with Niantic, including bugs that they might encounter in the pursuit of Legendary Pokemon — though these Pokemon have yet to be added in the game. Without expanding much, Hanke hinted at there being a possibility of the well-loved trading feature found in past Pokemon games as well as the PVP battles.
As for Easter eggs, Hanke did confirm that the Eevee evolution Easter Egg is real, where following set naming conventions can predetermine the evolutionary outcome, and that there are more Easter Eggs that are waiting to be discovered by players. For the legendary birds, it was hinted at the panel discussion that there is significance behind those birds, but as of yet Niantic is hush hush about it.
Hopefully this panel discussion gives the players in the remaining countries that have not received Pokemon GO some respite as they gain closure to all their hanging questions. Samsung recently announced that they will be skipping the long-expected Note 6 and jumping directly to Note 7. According to their announcement, Note 7 will have a design similar to the Galaxy S7, his little brother. Above: In View options menu, the Navigation pane menu has several options which give you different views.
And while you’re in the View menu, don’t forget you can turn on Item Checkboxes (very handy if you often select multiple files); you can also unhide hidden files and folders.
Now, a lot of people would prefer File Explorer show their drives first rather than Quick Access items. If you’d rather see the old style Windows Explorer view (showing your hard drives ) all you have to do is open File Explorer (click the folder icon on your taskbar or press Windows Key + E).
Do you have any tips for using the music facilities – in particular using Microsofts subscription service (Groove) and then syncing between PC & Windows Lumia phone please? Levelling up in Pokemon Go is crucial to catching higher-CP Pokemon and forming the ultimate team to take down rival gyms (go Team Mystic!).
Currently, little is known about the upper echelons of level rewards, with the highest-level Pokemon Go player sitting at the incredibly high level of 30. For those of you still working your way up through the level ranks, here’s a list of each of the level unlocks and rewards from level 1 through to the mysteries of level 40. Over a period of a few hours, makeup begins to naturally crease, fade, and settle into the fine lines of your face.
This gave users and the public its first insight into the challenges faced by the development team since the game went live.
It was used as a platform that allowed Niantic to prove the technology and refine the game engine before they ported over the lessons onto future games such as Pokemon GO.
Another thing that he added was that he was pleased with the game’s walking about feature that helped promote a healthy lifestyle. A Now This video that is making its way through Facebook has featured the game being used by doctors to help children during Physical Therapy.

Addressing the delay, he acknowledged that they were not prepared to take the server loads and as they added more servers there were bugs that led them to place Geo locks and scale down their launch plans.
According to Hanke, the team is currently focused on pushing out the game to more countries before it starts resolving these minor bugs and brings new features.
Niantic also is aware of the problems caused by players who have used illicit means to capture PokeGyms in other nations and is working to prevent such inconveniences being faced by users in the long run. The ambiguity in the answers can be summarised by the fact the Hanke mentioned that so far, the game only represents a tenth of the vision that Niantic has for it. At the same time, it gives players something to look forward to as more details of the future of the game have been hinted at. The reason they offered was that they want the phablets to be in line with the S smartphones they launched earlier this year. This means a curvy edge instead of the flat design Samsung chose until now for their phablets. Also, the team that designed ZTE Axon 7 was also planning to include this type of recognition on their phone.
The screen shots below highlight a few of the ways you can customize the way File Explorer works and looks.
While it’s reasonably easy to gain experience points from hatching eggs, catching Pokemon or evolving them, it’s never been very clear what each level grants you access to, or rewards you with when you level up. We do know, thanks to hackers cracking open the game’s code, that the current level cap is 40 and that Pokemon stop becoming stronger once you pass level 30. This deterioration can leave your face looking haggard and tired as the day progresses, even if your original makeup application was flawless. All images, logos and trademarks used on this site are property of their respective owners. This was in reference to the hatching of virtual eggs in the game, where players are required to walk either 2, 5, or 10 km in order for the eggs to hatch. Though he refused to give figures and dates, this is the first news we have heard about the official reasons behind the delays and we can take respite from all the speculations that flood the internet. He mentioned that the team is aware of the problems and concerns raised by users on the internet and is monitoring such feedback to improve the gameplay. It thus makes sense that the company stays silent about any new features being developed as Pokemon GO has already seen clones pop-up within hours and Niantic would want to safeguard future innovation from being copied. However, Note 7 will be significantly larger than the S7 or S7 Edge smartphones and it will also come together with its own stylus, a Samsung S Pen. If it is indeed true that Samsung will be using this type of technology, you will be able to unlock your Note 7 simply with your eyes. When asked why did they quite, they said that the phone technology was not compatible with iris scanning for practical reasons.
Applications like this, Hanke said, were not even envisioned when the game was being developed and it lifts the team spirits to know how deeply they have touched lives. As it seems, this will be a huge obstacle for Samsung too, since they will have to find the appropriate technologies.
However, there are many simple things you can do to keep your makeup looking freshly applied for as long as possible so that you can get through your day without feeling like you need to constantly reapply your makeup. Moreover, though it may seem a brilliant idea, they will have to ask themselves how useful it is.
In the end, they don’t want another useless feature, like the smart scroll using the eyes was for Galaxy S5.
Wash Your FaceviaMaking sure your face is clean prior to applying your makeup can make a big difference in the amount of time your makeup remains fresh.

If you try to layer your makeup on top of skin that you haven’t washed in a few hours, the makeup will begin melting and fading quickly. Pat your face dry with a towel and apply your makeup to your freshly cleaned, dry skin to help your makeup stay put for a longer period of time.2. It is common for even avid beauty lovers to sacrifice the quality of their priming products in order to spend less money on their face and eye primers than they do on other makeup products. However, face and eye primers are an integral part of your daily makeup application.It is important to take primer purchases seriously and invest in high-quality makeup primers, even if they cost a little more money than other available, lower quality products. If you use low-quality primers or, God forbid, no primer at all, your makeup will suffer as a result. Set EverythingviaSetting is another important part of long-lasting makeup application that is often undervalued and overlooked. Setting your makeup locks it into your skin and creates a seal between your makeup and the outside world that prevents it from fading, creasing, and melting throughout the day. There are several setting products you should invest in and use daily in order to keep your makeup looking fresh for as long as possible.Setting spray is an important setting product that can be misted over the entirety of your face in order to lock in your face makeup, eye makeup, and lip products all at one time. Immediately after applying your face makeup, use a kabuki brush to lightly dust translucent setting powder over the makeup you’ve just applied.
You can also dust translucent setting powder over your lips to keep your lipstick from fading throughout the day.
A high-quality translucent setting powder to try is the Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder .Setting spray can be used to set your eyeshadow, but it is often ineffective at successfully sealing eyeliner. After applying your eyeliner, use a thin brush to apply eyeshadow of a similar shade over the eyeliner you have already applied. Try Waterproof Eye MakeupviaMany people opt to avoid using waterproof eye makeup products because they feel like they don’t need the extra protection or because waterproof eyeliner and mascara (check out the top 10 best mascara) can be more difficult to remove at the end of the day than non-waterproof products. However, waterproof eye makeup products are excellent at withstanding more than just water. They tend to remain looking fresh much longer than non-waterproof products without fading or smudging. Waterproof eye makeup products are especially helpful for those with oily skin whose eye makeup smudges or wears off due to oil accumulation around the eyes.5.
Layer Your MakeupviaBy strategically layering your makeup products, you can achieve a freshly applied look that lasts all day. Many makeup lovers are wary about layering their makeup products too much because they want to avoid appearing cakey or chalky. However, if you layer your makeup in the right way, you can help it stay fresh-looking without creating an overdone or caked-on look.When applying face makeup, use moisturizer before anything else. For blush and bronzer, use any cream or liquid products first, then seal them in with an application of powder blush.
Always apply a liberal amount of lip balm before layering on lip pencil, liner, lipstick, and a dusting of translucent setting powder to keep your pout looking fresh for as long as possible. When you spend time applying makeup, you naturally want it to last as long as possible without deteriorating in quality and appearance. I adore writing and all things makeup and am thrilled to be able to combine my two passions by sharing my makeup tips, tricks, and tutorials with all of you here.

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