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In our modern era according to many the best writer for romantic books is for sure Nicholas Sparks. Dear John the heartbreaking story for the US army soldier and a a fellow student Savannah placed the movie first at the box office.
The Lucky One is an amazing love story movie starring Zac Efron which is a based from the same named novel of Nicholas Sparks. Starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel this lovely movie is based of the same name novel Safe Haven. The Longest Ride is a movie and a novel which includes two stories about two different couples. Eragon is the first book of famous writer Christopher Paolini’s book series called Inheritance Cycle.
Many of those romantic movies are based on a lovely books which in their release time were bestsellers.
Almost every of his books became bestseller and every bestseller of his went on the big screen. The book was no 1 New York Times bestseller and was sold out in millions of copies around the world.

This amazing love story is about Logan an US army marine who found a photo of a lady while serving in Iraq. This book has been written on 432 pages and has been published back in 2010th and went on a bi screen in February 2013th. Christopher Paolini thought the series as three books but then series released at four books. The stories melted hearts around the world and made many people to watch over this epic movies.
The heartbreaking love story of Noah and Allie was wrote down on 224 pages and every each of those pages are full of emotions.
Starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried the love story of John and Savannah was portrayed perfectly. This photo saved his life from a explosion so later while he is back in the States he started a search for the lady.
Under direction of Lasse Hallstrom with a budget of $28 million it made recording $97 million at the box office. Later on in the hospital Sophia came with a love letters from the old man and the love of his love.

After a long promotion period, book discovered by a famous publisher and become a worldwide famous one. Book became one of the most standing books on New York Times Children’s Books Best Seller list. Their return to Ellesmera, Galbatorix’s power source and Islanzadi are the important parts of book. The love which was a spring break romance has grown up to a epic love in the love letters which they sent to each other.
This letters were lessons about how love requires sacrifice and how people should fight for their love. Starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams  the movie had a budget of $29 million and made $115 million. This story connected Luke and Sophia which were had a so strong love connection but belonged to a two different worlds.

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