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Jessica Valenti combats a nation’s virginity complex, arguing that myths about “purity” are damaging to both girls and women. Cementing her place as one of the most influential feminist theorists, hooks’ Feminist Theory explores Kimberle Crenshaw’s conversation-changing idea of intersectionality: the way racism, classism and sexism work together to foster oppression. Named after the famous speech by Sojourner Truth, this must-read by bell hooks discusses black women’s struggle with U.S. This classic from the 1920s makes a devastatingly eloquent argument with a simple takeaway: For a women artist to thrive, she must have space in which to work and some money for her efforts. This master work by Audre Lorde, a Caribbean American lesbian feminist writer, collects her prose from the late 70s and early 80s.
Though both Autobiographies and Memoirs are from first person narrative, Autobiographies deal with the entire life of a person while a memoir deals with specific events or part of the life of a person. As the war rages outside, the families struggle with day to day issues and the impact on a young girl’s life who is trying to understand what have they done to deserve this.
This is an excellent read for everyone, especially students, who can get a better idea of the events and the effects of World War II. Frank’s Father, Malachy, rarely worked, and when he did work, he drank it all away,which meant there was almost always no money for the family.
This book deals with the life of James Herriot as he moved from one town to another treating all the animals who needed his care.
Some of the patients would take your heart away, some would have you in fits of laughter, some makes you marvel at the pampering they get, some make you cry and hug them while some inspire you.
Read this if you are an animal lover, if you are not an animal lover, read this, you will become one by the end of the book. 14th February, 1985, a Valentine’s’ Day, the day of Love, when biologist Stacey O’ Brien met a four day old owl. The owl had a nerve damage in one wing, so he could not fly, which made it impossible for him to survive on his own in the wild. Weasley’s description is made both from the point of a doting pet owner as well as a scientist. The book also takes the readers inside a prestigious research community where resident owls flew from office to office, much like Hogwarts, where scientists are also animal lovers. Dave’s mother was an emotionally unstable, alcoholic woman who brutally thrashed and starved her son. With no one to talk to (even his brothers were not allowed to look at him), he dreams of having someone to love and take care of him kept him alive. The book, written by Stephen King, one of the best selling authors of all time, can be termed half memoir, half master class.
Number one New York Times Bestseller, Listed as the top non fiction book of the year by Time Magazine, winner of Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Biography and Indies Choice Adult Non Fiction Book of the Year Award. One afternoon of May 1943, one American Army Air Forces Bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean. ABOUT USBest On Internet is a content research organization, where we do aggressive content research to find best stuffs for our users.

The New York Times Best Seller list is widely considered the preeminent list of best-selling books in the United States. She points the way forward toward a world where women are perceived as more than vessels of chastity. This book looks at the ways women today make sex objects of themselves, and she’s not impressed.
She painstakingly refutes each insidious anti-feminist argument–for instance, that feminism is responsible for a supposed epidemic of unhappiness in women. Many of these pieces made feminist history, including her candid dialogue with Adrienne Rich about race and feminism, her oft-quoted critique of academia “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” and her Open Letter to Mary Daly. She argues for the reclaiming of the tarnished word cunt, and discusses her personal experiences with self-protection, sex work, abortion and solidarity.
This book is the print version of the Diary written by Anne Frank when she was in hiding for two years. Many editions also contain an afterword that briefly describes the events of the World War Two. This was also adapted into a play in the year 1955 which was very popular, and it was adapted into a movie in 1959.
The best part of this book is that such depressing circumstances are presented in humorous light.
But, inspite of all his faults, Malachy did one thing right, he taught Frank the power of a Story. Another thing about this book, is unlike many other memoirs, this book is written in present tense and not the past tense. In this book, he takes us into his life, a life of the world’s most beloved Veterinarian, and his patients. O’Brien takes him home and this book is the life story of Stacy and Wesley’s nineteen years together. Join her journey as she discovers Wesley’s unique personality, his fun loving yet caring and protective nature. Join O’Brien in her research into discovering important owl behaviour patterns, intelligence and communication.
This book shows love at its purest form, the way of love that humans seem to have forgotten, but the animals still remember.
He was made to sleep on an old army cot, and food (Which was so horrible that even the dog’s refused to eat it) was given to him as a luxury.
Maya and her brother were sent to a Southern Town where their grandmother lived, by their mother. She realised that unless she did not take time off for herself, she is never going to feel complete in any relation. When sober, he was charismatic and was close to his children, teaching them about life, geology and physics.
The book deals with memories of his childhood to his journey to become one of the most famous writers.

It is published weekly in The New York Times Book Review magazine, which is published in the Sunday edition of The New York Times and as a stand-alone publication. Don't be rude (permban), use only English, don't go offtopic and read FAQ before asking a question.
She chews out false “empowerment” based on self-objectification and offers feminist alternatives. What’s really wrong, she says, is that equality hasn’t been achieved; in fact, the struggle has only just begun.
She reveals that simply making ends meet is a silent struggle for many Americans, especially for women with families to support. She urges all to live a feminism that finds commonality across differences and makes room for impassioned debate. Anne and her family, along with a few others, went into hiding from the year 1942 till 1944 in Netherland during the Nazi Invasion.
Frank was able to forget his hunger when he listened to the tales of the great Cuchulain, the Hero who saved Ireland.
Read on to discover with Herriot, how the ground veterinary realities were different from the sterile and modern facilities of his veterinary school.
Stacey goes to many lengths to ensure that Wesley gets his rodents only diet, and Wesley saves her from wrong Suitors. As time went by, Dave tried to search for ways to escape his mother’s wrath, a mother who now did not consider him a son, but a slave, and addressed him as “It” instead of “him”.
Dealing with the feeling of their mother’s abandonment along with the prejudice of the locals, they try to survive it all. She had everything people tell a woman ever wants, a husband, a country house, a successful career. The kids then moved on to New York, and their parents followed, but they choose to remain homeless while each kid found their life’s calling.
Wesley hated lies, made her stick to her promises, gave unconditional love and sulked when he did not get what he wanted.
Her mother was of a “Free Spirit”, she hated responsibilities and did not want to raise a family. And when O’Brien develops a life threatening disease, Weasley rescues her by his love and courage. This incident cast a shadow on her entire life, and the consequences that she faced were terrible.

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