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Battery Powered Candles-Your giftees can enjoy the mesmerizing flickering of candles without having to worry about lighting them or about wax dripping everywhere. Chap Stick-Lip balm comes in a whole host of flavors including the ever popular EOS Lip Balm, Strawberry Sorbet. Dry Spray Shampoo- No water needed to keep hair feeling clean with a beauty care tool such as this Umberto Dry Clean Dry Shampoo. Epsom Salt-Your friends and family can soak their cares and aches away by pouring some of this Dr. Gift Cards-Excellent for giving your gift receivers opportunities to pick out things that will comfort them. Hot or Cold Water Bottle-Whether it is heat or cooling that someone needs to feel better, this therapeutic rubber bottle will be a nice addition to get well gift baskets. Kids’s Art-Get the youngsters in your life to make get well cards to include in gift baskets. Magazines-What better way to pass the time when you are stuck inside than catching up on the latest trends and news. Pocket Cross-Having a physical reminder of God’s love when you are not feeling well can be very helpful.
Remote Electrical Switch Control-For people who will be down for the count for a while, the ability to control lamp switches, etc.. Soft Blanket-Your friends and family can wrap themselves up in comfort with this Room Essentials™ Microfleece Blanket. Support Pillow-Add to your get well gifts baskets, a head and neck molding pillow such as this Nova Cervical Roll Pillow.Great for hugging or helping prop up and get comfortable.

Mother Nature ultimately calls the shots, and although she's not out to get us, we do have to play by her rules. In light of Hurricane Sandy and the inevitability of future natural disasters, it's invaluably important that you have prepared yourself and your family to the best of your abilities. Depending on where you call home, you are surely exposed to different elements and possible dangers. That being said, weather is a wildcard and we recognize the pain and hardship these events have caused.
Find a common, easily-accessible area of your home to stockpile some crucial keys to survival. Again, SheKnows sends our prayers and condolences to those affected by these recent events and Hurricane Sandy, and would like to open this article up for discussion below. Get Well Gift Baskets filled from among these 26 useful items will cheer your loved ones up. Your gift recipients will enjoy the anti-skid to keep them from having to get well from unexpected slips also.
These adorable Get Well Soon Band Aid Cards from Glued to My Crafts are too cute to resist. If you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a commission that helps support the blog.
Here are some disaster preparedness tips and considerations that can help in light of any future hurricanes or emergencies. Regardless, basic human needs transcend all circumstance and an extra 20 minutes of preemptive disaster preparedness on a slow afternoon can make for a world of difference in the event of a natural disaster, particularly a hurricane.

These Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switches are highly rated by lots of purchasers.
To be safe, gather about three gallons of water per family member along with approximately three days' worth of non-perishable easy-prep foods. In an emergency situation, it is important to have already discussed a meeting place and plan of attack to ensure your greatest safety. Assure them you will all stay together and that you have taken precautions to prepare for an event like this.
Furthermore, the canned goods may not be the ideal meal, but you've already stockpiled everything they'll need to ride this thing out. That being said, you should also store a set of matches, a lighter, a flashlight, candles, a battery-operated radio (to pick up weather and rescue updates) and extra batteries inside a plastic bag to protect them from water damage and to keep everything together and mobile. You will also want to store extra layers and blankets to maintain warmth in case the power goes out. You have to be creative and think on your feet, making the most of what you have in your immediate shelter.

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