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When it comes to going abroad, no matter who you are or where you are going, you will have to pack. Not only is a reusable water bottle sturdier (and it leaks less) than a convenience-store bottle, it also keeps your water tasting more like water and less like hot plastic.
Do you chronically leave a stack of plastic or paper shopping bags behind in your hotel room when you check out? The last thing most people want to do when packing is scan and print or photocopy their passport and other important documents. I hope this blog has given you something to think about, and a framework for your own First-Aid Kit.    None of us leaves home expecting to encounter an emergency, but the day it happens you will be glad that you are prepared with your very own First-Aid Kit for your pet. I keep baby disposable diapers in our kit and have used them twice and they hold a lot of blood plus they have a liquid proof liner in them, good to keep the area clean too. You don’t want to use pedialyte with crystal light because it is an artificial sweetner and your animals should not be feed articial sweetners. My cat has been cleaning the underside of his back legs a lot lately…to the point of removing his fur. Hi, We are going to go with surgery next week as the vet saw him the other day and marveled at the size and how quickly the tumor had grown.
Besides your passport and wallet, there are a few basic things that I, personally, think that would save you money and time (if not your life). Throw your empty water bottle of choice into your carry-on, then fill it up post-security at the airport and you won’t have to depend on the flight attendant to keep you hydrated. For travel, consider getting a slightly smaller water bottle that fits easily in a purse or bag. One dirty sock or wet bathing suit can turn an entire vacation wardrobe into a dirt-smeared, olfactory mess. Since hygiene standards vary among destinations, and because the hand-washing trinity of water-soap-drying implement is not always available, keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your day bag is your ace in the hole. However, in the unlikely but serious event that your passport or visa is lost or stolen, it’s a big help to have an extra copy on hand. Triple Antibiotic Cream, Neosporin: after cleansing a skin wound with 3% hydrogen solution, apply an antibiotic cream or ointment.

It is a very good idea for everyone to have available, even if the hopes are that we never have to use it.
Some days ,I had to change the sock 3 times a day, but using this sock method is sooo very fast, and keeps the hoses the vets put in , nice and clean, not too mention, he cant get at the hose , or stitches !!!!! The formulation changed a while back and what you find in most drug stores is actually bismuth subsalicylate, which is the same as pepto bismol and is a no-no for dogs.
I want to give him a bath, but his skin looks red and sore, I’m afraid it will sting.
When you arrive at your destination, your next refill is as close as the tap, as long as the water is potable.
There are plenty of aluminum, glass, stainless steel, and hard-plastic options in the 12-ounce range. Don’t make your clean clothes rub elbows (or knees, or feet) with your dirties—pack a small laundry bag that can contain wet, soiled, and smelly clothes. And since reusable bags tend to be tougher than their disposable brethren, they are handy for heavier purchases and can do double duty as picnic baskets and beach bags. Don’t be that person who ends up spending $7 on a pack of five bandages because you forgot to throw a few in your bag when you were packing. You miss your train and find yourself stuck at a country rail station where live pigeons are the only source of protein. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (containing at least 60 percent alcohol), rubbed on your hands until they are dry. Stash the copies in a separate place from the actual documents, so if you lose one, you’ll likely still have the other.
Cut the sock toe off, turn sock inside out, then fold in half…putting your hand in the end that was cut,pull sock up on leg, then roll it down over injury, tape at the top ( on the sock) and wola !! Basic first aid for an animal is ok like putting pressure on a wound but animals are not people they can not tell us what is wrong and most times what we think is something very small turns out to be something very big and life threating. Is there something I can use to bathe him in that won’t hurt, but still cleanse him good. Even if the water is questionable, you can opt to purchase one large plastic jug of water instead of dozens of smaller ones and just refill your reusable bottle as necessary.

In travel destinations, basic first aid supplies tend to be overpriced, and it’s not always convenient to hobble to a store post-injury in search of emergency supplies. At the very least, write down your passport number and email it to yourself or simply email the scans of the documents. Some new pet owners do not know that some of the human medications can be used for their pets, but in different dosages. It doesn’t take much and it depends on what the agent was that was swallowed if you want to induce vomiting.
Protein bars, nuts, and other items that don’t get mushy or need to be refrigerated are perfect snacks to keep stashed in your bag. Losing your passport is panic-inducing and can potentially ruin a vacation, so this is one of those times when it pays to take a few extra just-in-case steps.
You don’t need anything complicated, just a few bandages, some antibiotic ointment (look for the individual-use packs), and maybe some moleskin if you have a tendency to injure yourself with your footwear. And let’s face it, an on-the-go snack is never unwelcome, even if you sail through your trip food-emergency free. When overheated you have to be careful when bringing their temp back down, doing it slowly to prevent shock. If your pet ingests the cream and you’ve given the aspirin it can cause stomach ulcers and in more severe cases, rupture. They should ask you a few pointed questions to narrow down the issue and help you decide if your pet needs to be seen, or if home treatment is necessary. Please always keep in mind, your pet can’t speak for themselves, you are their advocate.
Always tell your vet anything you have been giving your pet or treatments you’ve been doing at home. We are professionals and even if you do something wrong, no one is going to be mad until its too late.

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