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St John Ambulance volunteers in Gloucestershire will remain on duty over the Christmas period.More than a dozen county events require trained first aiders including sporting events, parties and concerts. Yvonne Everett, Commissioner Operations for the charity, urged people who were considering learning a new skill in 2010 to think about becoming a St John Ambulance volunteer. Your kids will love learning to make beautiful, colourful Christmas ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree, in doorways and even outdoors with this fun Christmas craft with kids activity.
You can use a star, a circle, a Christmas tree, even a doughnut, experiment with odd shapes too, use your imagination.
Start small as the bigger your cardboard base, the more wool you will need and the longer it will take to wrap. Once you have your shape, make a few shallow cuts around the shape, this will help the wool to stay in place as you are beginning to wind it around. You will find that if you skip this step that the wool will slide off the rounded or pointed edges. Start wrapping the wool around the cardboard base in all directions, there is no need to have a pattern, just wrap any way you feel like it making sure all parts are being covered.
If you are using different colours, or different types of wool or string, wrap the first section about 10 times, then cut the string off.
Grab the new colour or type of string and tie it to the end of the string attached to the shape. Once you have covered the whole shape cut the last of the wool off and tie it securely to the wrapped wool then cut any excess off. Hook the loop over something secure, even your toe will do if you are sitting on the floor. Once you have made the braid as long as you want tie it off at the end leaving some loose wool to secure onto your ornament.
These ornaments also make terrific presents for family members and friends who will enjoy taking them home to hang them on their own trees. Families Magazine is an A4 glossy magazine printed every 2 months and distributed in places where families are in Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba. Rodrigo created the Gen-X Elite collection to provide an outstanding competition saddle at a moderate price. The Gen-X Elite features exclusive Pessoa greasy grained leather for extra grip and durability. This innovative new saddle range from Pessoa has been designed to maximise comfort and performance whilst maintaining the feel and desirability associated with classic Pessoa designs.
Each saddle within the Pessoa range is an extension of the philosophy that the saddle is a working tool for the rider. We’ve rounded up a fantastic list of 20 things you can do other than spend all your money at the EKKA this year! We have some great ideas if you just want to stay at home and make the most of the midweek break.
With over 15 ride attractions, licensed showbags, Animal Farm, food stalls inc Potato Twister, Mr America Hotdogs & Fries, The Hangi Chef, Sensational Slushees and more. Come to Cleveland for a great day of bargain shopping, vibrant Market Stalls featuring Arts and Crafts, Fresh Produce, Gourmet Foods and fantastic family entertainment for all ages.
The Children’s Art Centre will present an interactive project developed in collaboration with Chinese-born Australian artist Ah Xian which will invite children and families to engage with the artist’s ideas and artworks through specially designed hands-on and multimedia activities. Welcome to Measure Island, a fictional land filled with monuments and statues built by a long-lost civilisation. Test the speed and accuracy of your throw, get your heart racing and measure your heart beat while viewing something scary, and watch a ‘diamond’ disappear before your eyes. To coincide with ‘Dulka Warngiid – Land of All’, a major retrospective of the work of Sally Gabori (Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda) at the Queensland Art Gallery, the Children’s Art Centre presents an exciting interactive exhibition developed in collaboration with Sally Gabori’s daughters, Elsie, Amanda and Dorothy Gabori. Activated charcoal is one thing I will not be without as I always keep it in my first aid kit.
I’ve used the activated charcoal successfully for food poisoning for myself, a brown recluse bite, rattle snake bites on horses, poisoning of a dog, ant bites, wasp sting, and foal scours.
Always consult your Veterinarian or Physician immediately for instructions and information in any poisoning emergency! If you have a horse or dog that ingests an unknown substance you can call the Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435. The Poison Control Center has a staff of licensed veterinarians and board-certified toxicologists on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You may want to call your local veterinarian hospital first as they be able to give you the information you need.

The busy period kicks off with five large events on Saturday, 19 December, 2009 and Christmas Day is the only official day off. Made from a breathable, quick drying and dirt resistant fabric, Soft and very comfortable, 2 front pockets and waistband with belt loops, elasticated fabric (not velcro) at the ankle. You can make ornaments of any shape and size and hang them around the house, or even on the trees outside to create a festive look for your garden. If you have a shape with pointed edges make sure you make some cuts at the very tip of each point.
Once you get going, the wool will create its own ridges and will stay in place the more wool you add. Secure your wool into one of the cuts you have just made and hold the end in place with one hand as you wrap with the other. Repeat this process until the entire cardboard base is covered and there is no cardboard peaking through. Start braining the wool together making sure you are keeping it tight the whole time to create an even braid.
Each saddle is close contact in design and provides the rider with a platform on which to find the correct centre of balance and therefore excel in their performance. Between work, a kid, and a husband I may not always get to proofread or use the most proper grammar. Click on the links for further details and feel free to share your own ideas in the comments below.
This is Grand Avenue’s 3rd Ekka Fun Day event and this year will be bigger and better than ever!
The Cleveland Village Traders and Stocklands will be getting into the spirit of Crazy Day with sidewalk specials and in-store promotions.
Cedar Creek runs approximately 20 kilometers from the Mt Glorious state forest to where it adjoins the South Pine River in Eaton’s Hill. This is not your usual island: on Measure Island every step takes you to a new puzzle or exhibit waiting to be explored. Through specially designed interactive hands-on making and multimedia activities, young visitors will be introduced to the unique and important relationship the Kaiadilt people share with the sea and the creatures who inhabit the waters around the Island. The charcoal powder is very fine so be careful when mixing it as it will stain your clothes.
Be sure to read the labels as some product labels have phone numbers you can call for information about their products.
The following is not intended and should not be viewed as a substitute for appropriate veterinary or medical care. With over 40 years of experience as a horse trainer, Kim works with new and existing horse owners who want to develop a deeper connection with their horse. Yvonne Everett from St John Ambulance in Gloucestershire has praised the volunteers who give up their free time.
Remember to hold the string tight at all times or it may slip off a section meaning you will have to redo your work. When you are satisfied, wrap the braid around those strands and tie it tightly cutting off any excess. The saddles also feature new generation panel technology which has led to an increase in comfort whilst maintaining that all important close contact feel. Head out along Mt Nebo Road through The Gap for a truly wonderful experience for your children. We need fundraisers and youth leaders as well so there should be something to suit everyone. So I mad-e my way out to the farm, regretting every mile that placed me closer to the farm and farther from home. When using it as a poultice I mix it with water making a paste then I put it between two pieces of dressing (like a sandwich). Kim also teaches her students how to use holistic products and methods with their horse so they can save time and money or they'll know what to do before the veterinarian arrives. I then apply it to the affected area and cover it with saran wrap and the final step I cover it with vet wrap. I sat at the barn for awhile, thinking about whether or not I would be able to make it home or not without a sick episode. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.

Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. By the time I worked up enough grit to tack up and hop on I was feeling refreshed from the cool early fall air.
I rode Stormy first, figuring he would be the easiest ride and test out how I was really feeling.
Things were fine, as I rode him out in the jumping field that he hasnt set foot in for a year, and then I spotted the liverpool. We mosied around it numerous times, stopped and sniffed, and then back and refused to go forward. Hopped off, walked around it, attempted to get closer and closer to it, and would stop short of ever stepping on it. Wooden Board again and worked regular until I got irritated of his, again, stiff and  non-suppling nature. I really need to give him more credit for his new found epiphany about how the best option is indeed to JUMP OVER the objects hes pointed at. So we popped over it numerous times so easily until we were giving it only the exact amount of effort needed and trotting out after trotting in. At times it can help, but proper training is always the first and most proper answer to training issues.
I hold mine with my regular rein in its normal position and then put the draw rein under my pinky so I can easily move it separately from my reins if needed yet can use my snaffle rein separately from them as well. Your pressure should be first put through your regular rein and if not given the proper response, initiate the draw rein. You have your reins as they should be, with a holding pressure, and your horse stiffens or raises his head or something to that effect. You then lightly pull your pinky back to initiate a little more pressure on your SOFT draw reins to give some light leverage and a different pull to suggest his give. Always close your fingers to put more pressure on your regular rein before doing this with your draw rein or else your horse will never learn that the snaffle pressure means to give in this manner. This feeds into #1 and the most important lesson to keep in mind when using draw reins.#1 Forward. Because if your horse isnt constantly pushed forward while in draw reins they will quickly learn to evade the bit by arching their neck and sucking in. Oh they may look to you like theyre rounding, but theyll hollow instead and then become heavier on the forehand. You should always push the horse into the bit, which develops a natural carriage and topline, not force them into one. Push them into the rein pressure and they will give through their body, engage their back end, and become more supple to you. This isnt a long term solution to your problems, its an aid to be used lightly and rarely to help a horse who isnt responding to proper aids when given.
Have a couple good rides then use them looser and looser until you get the response needed without them. That doesnt mean jump on them the moment your horse doesnt respond to your rein in 0.5 seconds, you have to work for what you want still.
But again, its typically only needed for a week or two the first time and then only a couple days when brought back out after that. Stormy hasnt had draw reins for almost two years, but I would bet money that after three rides he wont need them again.
For this reason use the reins lightly at first and as your horse warms up and gets mentally prepared for work then start to gradually apply more pressure. Keep the pressure as light as possible and dont move to fast so your horse can think his way through what is being asked and dont force them into the answer. Always use the least amount of pressure as possible for any aid you ever give as this will keep your responsive to you. Getting a horses leg caught in them is not worth what every benefit you think you may get from using them that way.

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