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Some may be under the impression that survival skills are only needed if you become lost or stranded in the wilderness. You are planning for a series of events, some of which may be insignificant and others can disrupt your life for weeks or even longer. It is assumed you would have the normal items found in most homes, such as cooking and eating utensils, personal hygiene items, and clothing and blankets so these types of items will be left off the list. Foods that can be eaten from the package or can.  If using only canned goods each person will need one can of vegetables, one of fruit and one can of protein daily. For short periods, one gallon of water per day per individual is adequate for hydration, oral care and personal hygiene, but is not enough for cooking or laundry needs. A simple wood or charcoal fire is the quickest source of energy and you can build a fire virtually anywhere outside your home if you have a portable charcoal grill. You cannot know how long the crisis will extend in most cases, so regardless of your water supply you should attempt to gather more.
Any surface water source must be filtered and purified before it is considered safe to consume.
You need to know all applicable laws concerning the use of, carry laws and transportation of firearms in your community.
Remember the crisis will not last forever and you may be called to task to answer for your actions during the disaster.
Abandoned backyard or even community gardens may also be a source of food during a crisis and while it is not recommend that you raid gardens when people are still living in their homes, some may have evacuated because of the crisis. However, do not barricade yourself inside your home to the point you cannot escape if there is a fire or possibly an intruder inside. Being self-sufficient during any crisis is important because it means you do not have to travel about looking for supplies. After the initial shock of the crisis wears off, people will begin to evaluate their situations and some may find they are ill prepared and once they become desperate they will be a threat to you and others. Personal protection regardless of your position on firearms can save your life in a crisis or they can act as a deterrent to crime.

People living in urban environments may not believe they need to know where to find water, how to fish, forage for edibles or know how to start a fire. Not many would under these circumstances, but humans have the ability to reason and plan so you do not find yourself in a situation with just the clothes on your back. Essentially, you are preparing for the effects of a disaster and not so much the disaster itself, even though the disaster itself will be devastating the aftermath can be just as traumatic. You have to assume that any crisis will cripple the power grids, damage the infrastructure, and disrupt utility services. You have to realize that you probably will not be able to store enough food and water for a prolonged period so you have to know how to obtain more if the situation requires it. Sources include private and public swimming pools, backyard hot tubs, public water features, ponds, lake and streams, which may be found in many public parks.
At higher elevations, water boils at a lower temperature because of a reduction in the air pressure. Do not use bleach that has any additives (thickening agents) that reduces splashing or adds fragrance.
If possible, it is recommended you hike to the outskirts of your community to hunt for food with a firearm in an emergency.
Roadways and streets will be clogged with people attempting to flee, which will create a disaster of another sort. Aside from the crisis and the effects of it, the biggest threat you face in an urban environment is other humans. People will turn to their local authorities for help and when help is not available, some may turn against the local government. Showing an intruder or violent demonstrator you are armed may cause them to move on to an easier target without the situation escalating.
They may not believe it until a natural or man made disaster strikes and turns their city, town or community into a wasteland in a matter of minutes. The days after without electricity, gas for cooking and heating, disrupted water supply, civil unrest and the inability to travel are what you need to prepare for.

Propane camp stoves and heaters are ideal for the short-term but once the fuel source is depleted, you will not have the means to resupply.
Lower water temperatures means the water has to boil longer to destroy the waterborne contaminates. All fresh water fish are edible as well as any type of bird or fowl found in the United States. Capturing ducks or geese or fishing in an urban setting should be considered if the situation is dire. Stay inside your home, and do not allow anyone other than law enforcement personal inside your home unless directed to by the authorities. You have to face reality during a crisis, and that is people will be desperate and will act in ways you cannot predict. You must have the knowledge, certain skill sets and mental fortitude to find life’s essentials in any situation, and that includes urban environments. The only bird in the world found to be toxic to humans is the Pitohui Bird species found only in New Guinea. Once anger is vented at city hall, the malcontents may focus on private businesses and other citizens.
Friends, neighbors and strangers that are parents without food or water for their children will turn to violence in the name of providing for their family.
Over boiling will reduce water volume due to evaporation, which can be problematic if you have a limited water source.

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