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Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.From the Stone Age to the information age, the undead have threatened to engulf the human race. This is the graphic novel the fans demanded: major zombie attacks from the dawn of humanity. On the African savannas, against the legions of ancient Rome, on the high seas with Francis Drake . Throughout this book you will learn how to survive in the event of a zombie apocalypse and learn how to be a survivor!

Think like a survivor - when the zombie apocalypse descends upon us you will be a few steps ahead of the rest. Read, re-read, practice and apply, train hard and always think smart, you are a born survivor.
Here are the grisly and heroic stories–complete with eye-popping artwork that pulsates with the hideous faces of the undead.
This book of zombie survival rules will be a great asset to anyone preparing themselves for the zombie apocalypse.

Organize before they rise!Scripted by the world’s leading zombie authority, Max Brooks, Recorded Attacks reveals how other eras and cultures have dealt with–and survived– the ancient viral plague.
By immersing ourselves in past horror we may yet prevail over the coming outbreak in our time.

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