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If zombies are not your flavor and you just want a cool company promotional vehicle you can easily remove the vinyl graphics, weapons and zombies from the back of the vehicle and I can give you a credit for this against the purchase. When I settled down to watch this I admit that I was a little disappointed to find that ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is a film from The Asylum, not a “made for the SyFy Channel” production.
As the film opens we learn that The End began on June 3rd, when the first victim infected with the VM2 virus appeared in France.
They travel across a surprisingly well-kept America considering the zombie apocalypse is occurring. The good thing is that the zombie make-up was pretty well done and some of the zombies were pretty scary looking. I love that SyFy and The Asylum keep trying, and every once in a while they do indeed get it right (MEGA PIRANHA, MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS), and when they get it right it’s a lot of fun.
This entry was posted in Movies, Zombies and tagged Nick Lyon, Taryn Manning, Ving Rhames, Zombie Apocalypse. We used it last year to promote our haunted attraction.This thing gets more looks than the exotic cars I have driven, it truly is the ultimate promotion machine. I do take it on the highway, but i wouldnt want to drive a long distance with it, better to put it on a trailer if you need to go far away. Kijiji offers a convenient, fun, and easy way for people in the same city to buy, sell, trade and help each other out in areas such as goods, cars, services, housing and jobs.
Then last week I received a screener copy of ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE in the mail and suddenly everything felt right in the world.

The Asylum is notorious for cranking out cheap, watered down versions of big budget Hollywood films, called “mockbusters.” Some of The Asylum’s films include THE DA VINCI TREASURE, SNAKES ON A TRAIN, THE DAY THE EARTH STOPPED, PARANORMAL ENTITY, and ALMIGHTY THOR. By the 9th of that same month 83% of Europe was infected and by June 14th the virus spread to Japan. The film quickly settles into a nice repetitive pattern as the survivors run into zombies, fight them off, run away, and then we get the back story of one of the survivors. Wallpaper and background images in the The Zombie Survival Guide club tagged: survival tip zombie. By the end of that month the VM2 virus hit America and the government shortly detonated a bunch of EMPs which destroyed all communication and electronic devices in their attempt to isolate the infected. It has a promising start that quickly deteriorates into standard characters doing standard zombie movie things while a bunch of confusing zombies run (and lumber) around. The built in coupon holders do all the promotion for you, just fill them up and let people grab them from the side of the truck.Everyone wants a photo with the truck, so simply update the vinyl graphics on the side of the truck bed to have your business or website address on it, it’s instant promotion! Well the good news is that ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE isn’t a mockbuster of any particular film but is The Asylum’s attempt to cash in on the recent resurgence of people’s interests in zombies. Director Nick Lyon (ANNIHILATION EARTH, SPECIES: THE AWAKENING) keeps everything moving along at a brisk pace, but writers Brooks Peck and Craig Engler write a pretty drab script that does nothing new with zombies and doesn’t even do the standard elements all that well. So right off the bat you know you’re not gonna get a zombie film that tries to bypass the cliches and standard storylines of the zombie film. If you’re having a Halloween party Saturday night, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE would be great to have on in the background, but it probably won’t keep your attention otherwise.

But at the very least I thought I’d get some fun, crazy, over the top zaniness that only The Asylum can pull off (hell; MEGA PIRANHA was a load of fun). Unfortunately what we get is a very run-of-the-mill zombie flick with very standard characters and a very predictable story. Ving Rhames stars as Henry, the leader of a group of survivors who are traveling across America to reach the island of Catalina which is supposed to be a zombie-free haven.
There was even a super strong zombie who was built like a brick shithouse and could withstand a lot of punishment that the survivors doled out.
Along the way they pick up other survivors, get their own ranks thinned out by the zombies, and go through the typical in-fighting and tension found among the survivors in zombie films. I was waiting to see if the “spiderman zombies” from the DAY OF THE DEAD remake would appear!! Damn Ving; first the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake, then the DAY OF THE DEAD remake, and now ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Depuis longtemps, les s?urs racontent a tout le monde que seul leur village a survecu, qu’il n’y a aucun etre vivant ailleurs.
De plus, le livre se coupe d’un coup (eh oui, un deuxieme tome est en prevision), nous laisse sur notre faim et l’image d’une fille qui ne pense qu’a elle est la derniere qui nous reste d’elle.

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