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The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks, is a comprehensive survival book designed to help the reader prepare — and survive — a zombie attack, outbreak or apocalypse. The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks, is a comprehensive survival book designed to help the reader prepare — and survive — a zombie attack, outbreak or apocalypse. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As my first real post to the blog, I thought I would kick it off with a review of a book I read very recently as recommended by a few of my close friends.
World War Z is a collection of fictional stories, memories in fact, from a variety of survivors from the Zombie War that resulted from the Zombie Apocalypse. Subscribe & Enter to Win!Subscribe to the FSB Newsletter to get the latest subscription box news and deals delivered right to your inbox and be entered to win a FREE subscription box! October 31, 2013 by findboxes Leave a Comment Every month, we look forward to getting our Loot Crate monthly subscription box. When we first opened our Loot Crate Box the mini-mag had fallen to the back of the box, so we got an early glimpse of the t-shirt inside.

Written by the author of World War Z, Max Brooks, this guide is a must-read for surviving zombie attacks. Find Subscription Boxes brings you a one-stop subscription box directory to help you find all the best monthly subscription box services. If you're shopping for a gift idea, our subscription box gift ideas are a great place to get started.
This book was released in 2006, so it is quite an old book, but I have only managed to get around to it now.
The book follows a documentary style of writing, which is very intriguing and interesting to read.
No wonder this book is being made into a film, as Max Brooks has managed to paint this documentary in such a cinematic fashion, that the screenplay writes itself. The mini-mag is a custom issue that describes all of the items in that month’s Loot Crate box.
Each Loot Crate box features $40+ worth of hand-picked products geeks and gamers will love - from shirts to gadgets to collectibles and more.

Browse our subscription box categories, find new subscription boxes to feed your box addiction, and read real subscription box reviews from people who have received their boxes. Let us hope this movie does not follow the long list of book to film adaptation failures that we have recently seen. The conceivable nature of this book, from the outbreaks of a virus, to the monumental un-readiness of the worlds governments (taken from the current state of society) to protects its people for such a global catastrophe is a terrifying thought. Abrams (Director of the film Cloverfield), which would actually be the perfect style for this book. If you are just an average Joe, this is a thrilling read for an insight into what could come to pass….

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