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We were given Worst Case Scenario Survival Board Game as a gift for our two older kids.  Our children enjoy the outdoors and this game seemed to be something they get a kick out of. Most of the questions, the average person is not going to know the answer to but you can definitely try to think about the best possible solution for the worst case scenario! There are 300 cards in the box, they are two-sided for a total of 600 worst case scenarios. You could check your local thrift store for the game because it’s pretty old, but if you want it right away, the best place to find one is Amazon or eBay. About LesleyMy name is Lesley, I have three kids and my life is all giggles, diapers, toys and laundry.
There is a scenario on the card and three possible ways to solve the problem, answer correctly and you move forward, answer incorrectly and you go nowhere. I just wish that my family and I had time to sit down and play a game every once in awhile.

It’s kind of like an Oregon Trail board game, where you have to figure out what you should do to survive. If you buy something through the links on this website we will get compensation which helps pay the operating costs of this site and some bills at home.
The notion of fleeing to a Utopian existence and the bountiful resources of "the hills" is far from practical. Narrowing it down further, lifeguards and scuba divers need not apply – we need people on boats for the key buoy to be effective. RECESS allows your family to hunker down and wait out the worst case scenario, while the community around you flails and falters. Next, we need clumsy people on boats who are still on their boats and not in the water being eaten alive by great white sharks or rabid manatees. Strategic raids into your surrounding suburban environment will yield far greater bounty than the often hostile and barren landscape surrounding your now comfortable community.

So, if you work close to water or on a boat and constantly find yourself dropping your keys overboard, look no further than the key buoy. It will keep your keys from drowning for up to 40 minutes – your keys will breathe a sigh of relief. I suggest keeping a well stocked pack, equipped with everything you will need for a multi-day raiding run.
Product PageIf you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. If your RECESS is compromised, or you have immediate need to move to another location this pack can serve as your short-term support system.

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