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Wilderness survival and bushcraft are thoroughly aspirational - even to incurable stay-at-homes.
If you missed one of the meetings, the class notes for completing the merit badge worksheet are available. For the outdoor (fun) part of the merit badge, we are meeting out where Tuskegee Drive turns into a gravel road (just past the disk golf course) at noon on Saturday, April 26th. This exercise simulated getting lost in the woods so scouts showed up dressed and packed for a day hike. On the way up the side of the ridge, we stopped let each scout practice signaling with a mirror.
Once we reached the top the scouts built their emergency shelters for the night and then worked on starting fires using three different methods other than matches or a lighter. Flint and steel, magnesium strikers, steel wool and a battery, Fresnel lenses, and a parabolic mirror were all used successfully. Even though we brought an extra gallon of water, we were running low by late afternoon, so a group of scouts took the water filter and found a small creek to filter water. On Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast, tore down the shelters and hiked back down to the road. The weekend event will allow everyone to have a feel of what 10 men experienced in the wilderness of Vancouver Island in Canada.

History Channel will let you feel how being alone in the wilderness feels and what to expect from the show before it premieres on TV. The show revolves around the contestants who are trying to stay alive as long as they can and whoever lasts the longest will win $500,000.
The show, which is dubbed as the ultimate test of man’s survival and a first ever attempt of its kind on TV, will have no camera crew and producers to help them in the most difficult and dangerous situations. The 10 ordinary men, who left their career and family behind, will be dropped off in separate and extremely remote locations and will have no interactions with each other.
In the first episode of the series, the contestants will learn what they put themselves into and will realize the struggles that lie ahead.
While each character battles to simply enter the dense forest and find a suitable base camp, they must also find water and make a shelter before night falls and temperatures drop. The the diverse list of contestants, who are all fans of outdoor activities and survival challenges, includes law enforcement officer Josh Chavez, carpenter Dustin Feher, corrections officer Alan Kay, outdoor gear retailer Sam Larson, former military man Brantley McGee, outdoorsman Lucas Miller, Boy Scouts of America member Mitch Mitchell, family man Joe Robinet, expeditioner Wayne Russell, and post-apocalyptic fiction author Chris Weatherman.
AirAsia Travel Photographer 2016: Six Finalists Vie for 200,000 AirAsia BIG Points, Vacation Packages and More! Joe keeps it simple and describes in straightforward steps what to do to make yourself safe and comfortable: how to build a shelter that will really keep you warm, set a trap that will really catch food, identify plants that will really feed and nourish you and build a fire that will really light in all weathers.
This book encourages the values of improvisation and self-reliance in extreme situations - a form of escapism enjoyed by most viewers of survival TV programmes.

The TV show, which is the boldest survival experiment ever attempted, will be premiering on June 22 in more than 200 territories across the globe. The activity will help you understand what the participants went through using a 4D technology.
The brave men will enter the backcountry carrying only what they can fit in a small backpack. They will face extreme isolation and psychological distress as they plunge into the unknown and document the experience themselves. With no crew behind, the contestants are also tasked to record all the challenges they will face in the wild forest. As the sun goes down, a new challenge presents itself: relentless rains and the struggle to build a fire without matches. Each of them has the freedom to choose the 10 items to bring in order to help them survive in the harsh environment where wild animals are present. Even worse, some find that water, shelter and fire are the least of their worries when the island’s large predators wake from their dens and begin to stalk their new neighbors.

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