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Try a panther survival in Black Wild Panther Simulator 3D!Have you ever dreamed to be a panther?
Wild Pony Clan 3DThe Shadow come from the East and emerged everything it touches into the darkness. These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers.
Use Splashtop to access your computer on the local network with best-in-class video streaming performance. To access your computer from across the Internet, subscribe to Anywhere Access Pack via In-App Purchase.
Almost Impossible is a side-scrolling atmospheric puzzle platform, built especially for touch screen devices.
Easy to use gestures allow users to swap, delete and temporarily disable filters in their layer chain.
Use Preset’s easy to learn interface to create the perfect combination of filters that you can save and reuse. Share your Photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any app on user’s device that has a share extension. Get ultimate wildlife experience and feel like an angry white shark with Wild Angry Shark Simulator 3D, explore underwater swimming in the ocean and searching for food! Try this shark attack simulator – be a killer shark and attack other animals or swimmers! Spread chaos and terror on people that are just relaxing and swimming around as a real predator. Application requires LIVE INTERNET CONNECTION to download its visual data content from the cloud storage.
Use it to detect all connected devices, including the monitoring devices, in your WiFi network at your home, office or school. Join the traffic race driving a police car, avoid obstacles on the highway like pixel trucks, blocky buses and cube cars! Upgrade your driving skills looking for criminals – bandits, car thieves and others driving around the city and never let them avoid prosecution! Test your racing skills maneuvering your car through heavy traffic with Pixel Smashy Race 3D: Cop Chase!
Check Pixel Smashy Race 3D: Cop Chase – great driving simulator for those who loves extreme and smashy fast racing!
Battle Towers is a real-time strategy game inspired by the ancient conflict of Chaos and Order. The Tribez is a strategy game where you take control of a Stone Age tribe, protect it from fierce enemies and take part in amazing adventures. Airport City is an exciting strategy game in which youa€™ll be tasked with managing an international airport as well as building the city around it. Mobile and social game company Game Insight has announced the launch of Battle Towers on iOS devices. Splashtop is the easiest and fastest way to access your Mac or Windows PC from your iPhone & iPod!
Guide a small ball of light on a dangerous journey, be careful, the road ahead is extremely challenging.

Well thanks to GIFJIF, you can now recreate your favorite movie scene, dance like your favorite singer or celebrate with your favorite athlete. Keep it bedside, show off to your friends, use it when you do homework, or just check it out when you’re in the mood to see what color it is now. Control your beast with easy simulator controls; remember not to let the beach goers relax! You can evolve your shark so that it becomes much faster, survives longer and eats people really fast!
HOWEVER the application runs well on other iPhone devices, generating and storing Live Photos in the camera roll so they can be viewed any time. Animated Wallpapers for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus is especially designed and developed to deliver vivid, rich – coloured animated Live Wallpapers for your iPhone devices. Pixel City is a cute place made of cubes and blocks, but now it’s flooded with all sorts of bandits!
City is flooded with criminals, bandits and all sorts of gangsters, your goal as a police officer is to stop them! Race as fast as possible playing this driving game and prove your worth as a police driver!
Tower defense, counter attacks, magic, and even more awaits you in this dynamic game with stunning graphics. Everyone eagerly awaits your commands to build houses for resources, construct towers for defense, and recruit warriors to annihilate your enemy. Conquer your enemya€™s land by fighting more than 40 distinct battles, each with detailed environments, unique missions and adjustable difficulty.
Send flights all over the world, assemble collections of exotic artifacts and find true success! Build hotels and shops, open clubs and restaurants, attract new tourists to the Island, and eventually make millions. Previously released on Android, the game has attracted over 2 million players, as gamers work to construct buildings and collect resources in their battle against units of a rival clan. Previously released for Android devices, Battle Towers has already garnered more than 2A million players worldwide. Lead forces of soldiers, archers, and paladins into battle in this exciting new strategy game, brought to you by Game Insight's publishing team.
These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. With Nova, every second is so breathtaking that you just can’t look away until you see what happens next! Explore the ocean and beach shore, hunt for fish and humans to bring your angry white shark with Hungry Shark Simulator 3D.
Try Wild Angry Shark Simulator 3D – great underwater survival game for all animal lovers! Make citizens’ life safe and sound with this action racing game which pits your driving skills against felons to outrun you in wild chases! Upgrade your driving skills racing fast, hit cube cars and bust all the criminals and bandits in the city!Get ultimate driving experience and unlock new city tracks and cars by catching criminals while in a hot pursuit! The game offers both solo and multiplayer gameplay, as users can challenge each other for superiority across platforms.

Maintain your wild panther health against lions, survival in the wild is not easy for animal.
With over 100 of the best and funniest GIFs in the world, GIFJIF will make you the king or queen of your group chat. Find food to survive with this white shark survival simulator, mind your health and energy rate and enjoy amazing underwater views! Control a killer shark using finger pads, swim around the ocean, hunt and try survival mode! Just attack swimmers being a killer shark and have fun playing this animal survival simulator! Hop into your racing car and try to bust gangsters, bandits and other criminals as fast as possible! Hop into your powerful sport car and start a chase driving over pixel city’s roads and highways! Every warrior you control on the battlefield gains experience and becomes stronger with each drop of enemy blood they spill. Save the World of Magic and break the evil enchantment with Wild Pony Clan 3D!Do you like horses and wild animal simulators?
Sit behind the steering wheel of powerful police car, take part in ultimate cop pursuit as a police driver with Pixel Smashy Race 3D: Cop Chase games! Race your blocky car at the highest speed being real cop – criminals might be closer than it seems and show them how smashy you could be! Try different pixel cars and enjoy amazing environments made of cube and blocks with Pixel Smashy Race 3D: Cop Chase game! Feel the extreme smashing cube cars into blocky street stuff and hitting criminals’ cars! Battle enchanted creatures to break the curse or fight for your life with hungry predators!
Participate in cop chase full of adrenaline and upgrade your driving skills to the top level playing this action racing game in 3D! But be careful – any creature could be under the evil spell, even nice rabbits, and these beasts are more dangerous than ordinary predators! Survive in this cruel and cursed world by all costs!Begin your own magical pony adventure, explore forests and plains to recruit new foals and horses to your herd! Be a beautiful magic animal, ride into forests and fields to find food, protect you and your family from predators, and break the curse to save the World of Magic from the evil curse with Wild Pony Clan 3D game!Raise up your pony characteristics and buy power-ups to made it stronger! Many unusual opponents – battle cursed creatures to break the evil spell or fight for your life versus magic predators Different game modes - story mode & survival mode Full customization of your pony – choose any gender, color of skin, mane and cutie mark! Be an angry panther, or calm panther - fight with lions or avoid them!Black Wild Panther Simulator 3D has special animal sounds.
You will meet a lot of animal species in the survival simulator.Survival games are so great! Behave like an animal in simulator.Try our Black Wild Panther Simulator 3D, be a panther and explore a big beautiful world!

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