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Have limited amounts of storage space--a basement if you're lucky, maybe much less if you're in an apartment. Have neighbors who live in their immediate area--right next door, or even completely surrounding them in the case of apartment dwellers.
Have great opsec and concealment challenges to deal with--with neighbors twenty feet away, you've got to be especially cautious.
Have a greater likelihood of dealing with large groups of attackers--angry mobs, gangs, etc.
Are more likely to be "gridlocked" in place during a bug out--stuck on the road with the bajillion other evacuees clogging the roadways like a rush hour from hell.
Government will intervene more rapidly in a crisis situation--may mean rations, bottled water, medical assistance, etc. Due to the nature of their area of operations, there are some skills that an urban survivor may want to focus on. Rappelling, especially if you live in a particularly built up and densely populated area or a large apartment.

Cash is more likely to be useful--bribes, purchasing supplies, paying for assistance, getting repairs, renting vehicles, etc. If you have your stuff squared away and still have leftover space, consider storing some important preps to equip neighbor allies. With the thousands of people, there's a greater availability of skills--for example, in the city you can find a thousand auto mechanics. We can all fantasize about playing Rambo during a home invasion, but when a half dozen thugs are kicking in your front door, you'll want the whole SWAT team there, pronto. Having and building friendships with people in the right places will get you far in the city.
Instead of pelican cases and chest rigs, think nondescript duffel bags and belt set ups or fishing vests. Urban areas are a nightmare--no way to check every window, shanty, rooftop or crappy car driving by. In the case of the SUB-2000 its even better because it even takes Glock magazines, simplifying things even more.

It also fold into a very compact setup, easy to carry in a backpack or other container.Why a pistol caliber carbine? In a high rise apartment complexes, the many water heaters will contain drinking water - maybe they can be found and tapped for the contents. That would be the first rifle I’d buy after buying a Glock pistol.In my opinion its more important to have a weapon that is rugged and easy to repair than having one that for some people may be slightly faster to shoot,  but has severe design flaws that make it delicate and requires detailed cleaning.
Sanitation and water can pose a great difficulty or impossibility for some, especially apartment dwellers in the big city. Good luck maintaining a sanitary environment in a big 20 story apartment building with no running water or flushing toilets!Fire is also an oft over-looked concern.

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