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I am humbled and excited to tell you about the release of my new book, The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide. The Hunger Games young adult book series launched survival themes to the forefront of pop culture a few years ago and with three blockbuster movies yet to debut it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The Hunger Games gave me an opportunity to present life saving primitive skills to an eager market in a fresh, new and exciting way.
If you’re like me then you have at least one shelf (or many) dedicated to books (both fiction and nonfiction) on the topics of survival, preparedness and self-reliant skills. PS – If you live in or around Cincinnati or Chicago I have a book signing and FREE survival seminar titled The Importance of Survival Every Day Carry (EDC) in both cities this week.
I had a great time and learned a lot in Survival Basic Skills 101 class at Willow Haven Outdoor. First off, for those not familiar with Creek, he is the author of Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit. Having said that, if you have a friend (or kid) that loves Hunger Games, this is a great way to get them into learning about wilderness survival. All in all I really liked this book and thought that Creek did a fantastic job at making core survival principles relate to such a popular story. If you’re looking for a pure survival book, there are better ones out there, like the Airforce Search and Rescue manual (AFR-64) which I highly recommend.
I’ll randomly (through a random-number generator) pick two winners and post the winners names here on Friday. Until you pointed it out; I never realized all the survival skills and tricks told about in the book series.
As being an Eagle Scout and being one of the first people to obtain the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge back in the day, have learned that even though you use your skills at the time, you will lose your abilities fairly quickly when not using them. Hopefully the chapter on hydration does include some info on how to purify the water you find.
From the books, I do like that the use of herbs and alternative healing methods are shown in a positive light. I loved the Hunger Games because it really got you thinking about the importance of being self reliant. My daughter already picked up love of Archery from the books, this should boost her existing interest in survival even more. A survival skill I never hear mentioned is how to tunnel underground without disturbing the surface or having a cave in that traps you.

In my Physical Education classes I have been exploring the idea of teaching a survival class. From I movie hunger games, I would like to also teach my students the art of building survival tools. I have a long way to go before I can introduce this, but, with-in a few years I would like to have the skills for this to become a reality. I have zero intention of reading those books, however I would like to learn how to forage for edible local plants and bow hunting skills wouldn’t be too shabby either. I’ve been attending a local archery range recently, and want to improve my skills with bow and arrow.
As a long time avid archer, The Hunger Games helped to refocus a lot of attention on archery as a sport and life skill. Could we use some of them for our new website that deals of all kinds of ideas for recycling pallets ?
I have built many projects from pallets, shed steps, small decks, boxes, etc, etc, a true cheapskates building material. Love these pallet wood projects but don't know how or where to get pallet wood for them?
If you want to be picky about the pallet you use you can look up pallet repair companies in your area and go visit them to hand pick what you want.
Pull the cone from the ground and trim off any protruding ribs from the top and bottom holes. People are often quite surprised by what they can and will do when their life, or the life of someone they love, is on the line!
The instructors were awesome, they took the time to make sure that you could accomplish every skill. The way the book is written will likely get many who are not interested with wilderness survival at least open their eyes to the importance of it. Recently I taught a community preparedness class and used your ideas on prepper sanitation. Having survived Vietnam and being Special Forces you learn even more skills about how to escape and evade.
I have not read any of the books so not sure if it is mentioned but I would really like to learn how to build and use snares for trapping. I am constantly trying to get my girls to at least think about skills ranging from water procurement to situational awareness.

As to the survival guide, refreshing my avoid and evade skills was what I really liked to focus on as a skill to practice. I cant wait to get my tools that I have been saving my $$$$ for to build me a Shed for my Potters Kick Wheel.
Will be trying this out once I find a good location that doesn’t ban using fish traps. I learned several skills that I hope I never have to use, but it is good to have them in my back pocket. Probably the use of snares and preparation of wild edibles and cooking them to make them palatable.
We put pallets down on the floor and then stack split wood on it to keep it off the ground and air it out. This is probably best for water that’s fully on land that you own (especially a pond). You have to keep your skill levels up and this includes fire building and all aspects of survival. I (and the group) were able to address (and practice) any weaknesses with our gear, skills, and review our plans. I have learned so much from this book and plan on buying more for my friends and family for Christmas.
I am also going to be updating the emergency kit that I take backpacking with some additional items that would make an emergency situation survivable.K. The other basics survival skills are second nature to me, from shelters, water sources, foraging, etc.
Have always wanted more time to inhanse the skills me already has, and learn more about the area I am in for each part of the country, the world is different.
But then, as former law enforcement officer, I win has always been my favorite game of all!! We were all able to build our knowledge base, practice a variety of skills we knew and learned a tremendous amount more (with hands on practice).

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