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The completion portion of a Hero’s Journey is known as bringing the gold back to the village compound. By the way, speaking of bringing back gold, that giant sucking noise you’ll soon be hearing is Warner Bros. But Bard the heroic bowman (Luke Evans) kills the baleful beast with Lake-town’s legendary, corkscrew-like Black Arrow. This condition stems mainly from not finding the brick-sized, opalescent Arkenstone, cornerstone of the entire dwarvish kingdom. Thorin becomes ever so evilly truculent, not to mention possessed, and starts breaking promises and declaring war.
Meanwhile, out at castle Dol Guldur, Dark Lord Sauron’s got wizard Gandalf the Grey hanging from a parapet in an iron birdcage. Unluckily for Sauron, Gandalf intones spells, surreptitiously summoning his gang, the White Council. This red-mohawked Dain and his hog: Harley-Davidson owners everywhere will appreciate his style.
Gandalf (Ian McKellan) and Dain the Dwarf King (Billy Connolly) right before the Battle of the Five Armies.

While Luke Evans as Bard is a dashing new Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom’s Legolas is putting on weight. In the end, they journeyed into the west (a heavenly paradise) with the elves, having reached a high state of moral purity, meaning they would never again have to return to Middle-Earth. Perhaps, like Indian women intentionally weaving one flaw into every tapestry (due to the notion that humans cannot produce perfection), Jackson put a clownish Radagast in there for the same reason. The Master of Lake-town should’ve hollered that from the bell tower, with an orchestral-score nod to that 1972 Deep Purple hit. Which is very annoying to Bard and the good people of Lake-town, as well as elf-king Thranduil (Lee Pace), who rides an elk with double-wide moose antlers, and whose own fey, elfin snootiness is very annoying in and of itself (but still not as annoying as Radagast the Brown). But then Sauron responds by getting his own gang, the nine Nazgul (undead, zombified former kings of men).
Especially how he eshews the helmet, bareheadedly head-butting iron-helmeted orcs and knocking them the heck out.
When you put their pasty-white CG skin up against the gnarly, black-brown prosthetic makeup of the behemoth Uruk-hai of LOTR, they (ahem) pale in comparison in the magnitude of their shock value. We all already know that integrity tends to get compromised in showbiz for the bottom line, right?

Now, enviably, when newcomers to the series watch all of them in order, there will be a progression from pretty good to awesome. It had to be destroyed, and much pain endured (karmic debts paid) before the ring bearers—Bilbo and Frodo—could find inner peace.
Tolkien and Peter Jackson apart from all the rest (regardless of Radagast the Brown) is this classic, timeless story of the human attainment of spiritual enlightenment.
We still get some excellent Legolasness out of him, like bat riding, and navigating a torrent of falling rocks in the manner of a gravity-defying stepladder.
But LOTR already wowed us with Gollum CGI, while also benefiting from the best of low tech.

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