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Thanks again for pulling through once again for last minute shirts from Just for Your Custom Apparel!!! C) stubbornly continue killing lumberjacks and looting grages and tool stores for another few game weeks? My friends and I cant get enough of this game on a private server, and is probably the best building survival game I have. Not sure if anybody else has done so but, when i reset my character (deleted the player profile in the %appdata%) it seems my character now levels slower than before? 7 Days to Die has redefined the survival genre, with unrivaled crafting and world-building content.
Each section covers information that I've either figured out the hard way (always my preferred method) or garnered from forum posts, other guides, and the wiki.

Some of these might be more obvious to some players, but there's surprisingly little of this type of guide all in one place right now. It's still in Alpha, and the Fun Pimps have already shifted focus to porting and supporting it on consoles after they've drained the majority of the PC community, and are now ignoring updating the game in light of furthering their cash grab. You use your character, which you either create or use a preset, to scavenge, farm fight, and survive in one of two map options, Navezgane, their hand crafted survival map, or a randomly generated world. A recommendation is to actually buy a PC instead of being a filthy apple scrub and stop playing it on Mac, because all the negative reviews ive seen are mac users, lol. They have a solid game IN DEVELOPMENT, but they're more focused on capitalizing on a still buggy and incomplete product than they are on actually supporting it. You have to manage your inventory well, you never know when you will get something very vital to survival, but not have enough room for it, but that goes without saying in most games like these.

On another note, every 7 days, as the name implies, a horde of zombies appears, And as the weeks go on, the hordes get progressively harder.
Things I personally don't really like:- My computer specs WELL surpass the reccomended specs, but still get god-awful frames.
If you disagree, with anything I said here, or if I have said anything wrong about this game, please let me know in the comments!

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