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Ultimate Survival doesn’t offer a cash prize at the end of the series and the whole thing seems more real than the “reality” that a lot of these shows offer.
We talked to Powell, Ogden and Reyes and asked how they got involved with Ultimate Survival Alaska. After watching the last episode, our 7 yr old, Alex, was so disappointed Rudy’s out of the game, he said, “Mom, I can make him a cane to use, so he can keep going”. For all you couch potatoes, yeah some of it might be rigged, however this show is grueling and it’s a really hard journey. A Resource Website For Emergency Preparedness & Survivalism From a Holistic Perspective.
Not everyone has the luxury of living out in the country and having their own yard where they can plant a garden so this article is about urban patio container gardening options. Here’s a really unique method of gardening VERTICALLY that is easy to build, easy to maintain, and most of all affordable!
Here’s a pyramid style planter that would be great for various herbs and perhaps baby lettuce and radishes as well.
Here is a really creative idea someone came up with using a piece of rebar and some standard clay pots for another version of a vertical garden…I LOVE this!

As you can see there are a LOT of options for patio gardening even in small urban spaces so grow start growing some of your own food this year…not only is this a great step towards self sufficiency but your patio will look beautiful too! This entry was posted in Gardening and tagged container gardening, gardening, no dig gardening, patio gardening, self sufficiency, square foot gardening, urban gardening. The reality competition show features four teams, each based around a particular set of survivalist skills. There’s not a lot of solo confessionals into a camera and Nat Geo makes a big point of letting us know that everyone stayed out in the wild for the entire three-month shoot and that no one checked into a hotel between legs of the competition.
They’ve posted the entire first episode online and you can watch it before it premieres below. If you’ve earned the title, honored the uniform, bled for your brothers, and served your time…you can wear whatever the hell you want, as to not dishonor our Corps; especially if your no longer subject to uniform regulations.
I hate to see him gone, Maybe we will see him next week, I hate to see the team down a member but they may prove to be faster. In the same way they didn’t let the 2 military members left paddle down a glacier stream that led straight into a moulin.
Team Endurance, Team Mountaineers and Team Woodsmen face off against Team Military, featuring former Green Beret Grady Powell, former SEAL Jared Ogden and former Marine recon sniper Rudy Reyes.

Really fu:)ing stupid responses from people who haven’t done anything in their life, I also like the fact I can sit down with my ENTIRE family and watch it.
If you use typical shelving style then the upper containers block the sun from the shelves below but with the tiered system you can still go vertical while making sure each container gets full sun. The creator of the race said that ” the race was designed to make all the members in the team have a say-so in the strategies used during the race, but the military will never win because only one person is put in charge and also the military guys tried to conduct the entire race with almost no sleep, causing them to make bad decisions and slowing down duel to fatigue”.
They actually travel only a couple of miles per journey, easy to spot if you know the places and have a map.
If the MARPATs were so sacred, the Corps wouldn’t DRMO them by the droves whereas anyone can pick them up at their local military surplus. It’s a dangerous show for our kids because it shows that you can do crazy things and still get out ok… I wanted it to be real, so desperately that I ignored the signs (first season : “they’ll have to paddle 200 miles downstream” 200 miles ?? Recommendation: Keep to correcting boots walking out of the PX on their haircuts and belts.

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