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Download Latest Releases of Movies, Games, Music, Software, Tv-Shows, eBooks, Magazines, Tutorials, Graphics and Much More. Two composite skeletons of Kentrosaurus were assembled from hundreds of bones quarried by German paleontologists between 1909 and 1912 in Tanzania. Kentrosaurus was featured in the videogame Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis as a two-star small herbivore. Their tail spike attacks don't do as much damage to a predator as much as the larger Stegosaurus. Atravesse uma representacao realista da Inglaterra, Gales e Escocia, visite suas belas cidades, escolha entre mais de sessenta tipos de carga, e entregue a tempo. Comece sua carreira como um empregado de uma empresa de transporte de carga, trabalhe duro para poder comprar o seu proprio caminhao e iniciar o seu proprio negocio. Desenvolvido pelos criadores de simulacoes como a serie 18 Wheels, os Steel e autores do Euro Truck Simulator.
Every object tells a story, and Collections Up Close presents short, illustrated features that highlight the stories and history behind selected items in the Minnesota Historical Society's museum collections. Every object tells a story, and Collections Up Close presents short, illustrated features that highlight the stories and history behind selected items in the Minnesota Historical Society's museum collections. With US Bank Stadium opening its doors for a public open house July 23-24 we reflect on its predecessor, the Hubert H. In the end voters approved funding and brought professional sports back to Minneapolis in 1982, more than twenty years after the last professional team (the Minneapolis Lakers) left the city. The 1980s were a rough decade for the Dome, which became a bowl four times due to extreme weather conditions that deflated or created tears in the 10 acres of roof fabric. When the Dome closed in 2013 the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) generously donated a selection of items used at the stadium to the Minnesota Historical Society, including a pair of seats. We, as the Collections Department, clearly love the Collections that tell the story of Minnesota and its people. On coronation night, Marlene and the other candidates stood under the hot lights of the Auditorium stage, nervous and excited.
Marlene’s reign ended with the passing of her crown at the 1979 King Boreas coronation event.
After her time in Carnival, Marlene (Richter) Killa would go on to earn an MBA and spend twenty-two years as an engineer at Ecolab, a St. Saint Paul Winter Carnival guide to related MNHS collections, including photographs and artifacts. In 1961 Donaldson’s, a Minneapolis company, merged with the Golden Rule department store in St. This emery board was created in 1963 to promote the Alfred Hitchcock film, The Birds, at the Anoka Theater in Minnesota. Slightly less useful, though still creative, is this cell phone holder promoting the 2009 film New In Town.
During most of the 20th Century the Ouija board was little more than an intriguing novelty toy, frequently played at parties and gatherings across the country. That changed with the release of horror movies in the 1970’s and 80’s that portrayed Ouija boards at instruments of evil spirits and demons, such as The Exorcist in 1973 (this is also the year the board was donated to the Minnesota Historical Society).
These days, Ouija boards remain popular everywhere from slumber parties to pop culture, and there are all sorts of stories floating around about chilling experiences and revelations from using them. Come to the Gale Family Library at the Minnesota  Historical Society during regular library hours to see the new display on Minnesota Menus! It is the time of year when people’s thoughts turn to food, and we have a fabulous collection here documenting foodways over time. Every year we lend our 1919 Ford Model T Fire Truck to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the MN State Fair Parade. Amy Pleidrup Downing and her sister Bertha Pleidrup grew up on a farm near Verndale, west of Bay Lake. This is the official iron stamp of the Minnesota territorial seal showing a farmer plowing, a tree stump and ax, and an American Indian on horseback with lance in hand riding toward a setting sun. Two other designs were considered by a special legislative committee for a new Great Seal of Minnesota upon achieving statehood in 1858.  However, it fell to Governor Sibley to have the state seal engraved, and he decided to stick with the original territorial seal (for which he was largely responsible) with minor modifications.
In 1981, the original engraved state seal from 1858 was part of a Minnesota Statehood display in the Minnesota State Capitol. Come see the Minnesota Territorial Seal and much more in our new Library Lobby display Icons of Minnesota, on view during Library open hours now through August 30, 2014! We are fortunate to have so many great objects telling the early history of Minnesota in the Collections. How torn Mary LeDuc must have felt between extravagance and necessity when assessing her social position and need for proper dress. Correspondence from the LeDuc family in the Minnesota Historical Society’s manuscript collection is filled with letters between Mrs. Florence wrote to her sister, Minnie, “[Miss Turner] has made two dresses for Mamma and they are lovely. This dress was donated by the LeDuc family in 1920 and remained unidentified until the photograph, dress, invoice and letters were brought together after research by Society collections staff and volunteers.
Special thanks to MNHS textile conservator Ann Frisina for her working in bringing this dress to life on a custom mannequin.
Classical music buffs will recognize adapted Hardanger fiddle tunes in the music of Edvard Grieg, and movie enthusiasts might recognize the distinctive sound of the Hardanger fiddle from the from The Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Hardanger fiddles are folk instruments and are often highly decorated with wood, bone, and mother-of-pearl inlay.
Our very own Ben Gessner, Associate for American Indian and Fine Arts Collections, is the featured member on Connecting to Collections. Top left: Dave Louis and Myrna Weston-Louis explain Dakota quillwork techniques and oral traditions at the 2012 “Legacy of Survival Event” in Flandreau, South Dakota. Top right: A traditional camp was also erected in the community of Flandreau for the 2012 event. Middle left: Melvin Houston conducts research at the grand opening of the Santee Nation Research Center.
Middle right: MNHS partnered with the Santee Sioux Nation of Nebraska in 2013 to bring historic material culture to the community for Dakota Recognition Days.

Bottom right: Corbin Shoots The Enemy explains some of the local history and archaeological sites along the Missouri River in Crow Creek, South Dakota. The Collections Department is proud to highlight two notable manuscripts collections that document the work of civil rights activist and long-time Minneapolis NAACP president, Matthew “Matt” Little (1921-2014).
Matthew Little was born in North Carolina in 1921 and found himself living in the Twin Cities by the end of the ‘40s. The Society’s collection of papers related to the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom includes materials compiled and created by Matthew Little while Chair of the Minnesota March on Washington Committee.
Little’s March on Washington papers also include a variety of outgoing and incoming correspondence, such as this congratulatory letter from then Senator Hubert H.
Little’s long tenure as President of the Minnesota NAACP and continuing Civil rights advocacy work is reflected in the Society’s collection of files relating to the Minneapolis NAACP. While Little’s work related to both the Minnesota March on Washington Committee and the Minneapolis NAACP are represented in the Society’s collections, he holds a much larger place in Minnesota’s social justice and civil rights historical narrative.
Take a look at these short pieces about the newspaper carriers’ holiday greetings in the MHS Library Collection! For more fun like this, watch for the new Toys exhibit, opening at MHS Memorial Day Weekend 2014!
We are very excited to announce the writer-in-residence in the Minnesota Historical Society Library!
Learn more about the project and follow Chris’s progress at the Coffee House Press: In the Stacks blog.
And join us for a public presentation and conversation about his work and experience while here on Tuesday, November 12th at 7pm in the Library!
This Saturday, September 28, will be the 107th matchup between The University of Minnesota and the University of Iowa. This intaglio print by James Boyd Brent exhibits all the excitement and energy of the State Fair. This print is part of a recent acquisition of five pieces — all of which explore familiar scenes of Minnesota. It had 9 pairs of plates on its neck, shoulders, and back, and 5 pairs of long, sharp spikes above its hips and along its tail. 064 of the Herbivore Threes that can be created in the game Jurassic Park III: Park Builder.
Aumente a sua frota de caminhoes e contrate os motoristas mais experientes para melhorar seu negocio. Compre garagens e escritorios de instalacao de filiais em todo o Reino Unido para acomodar sua crescente frota de caminhoes. For over thirty years the Metrodome served its purpose in its utilitarian way, though like most multipurpose stadiums the Dome was not particularly ideal for baseball, football, or hearing anything.
With more recent trends back toward single sport venues, it is unlikely that the Dome’s record will be challenged anytime soon. With this is mind, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the fantastic dogs photographs collected by the Minnesota Historical Society. In the fall of the previous year, Donaldson’s Department Store began an internal selection process for for their own store-sponsored representative. A University of Minnesota chemical engineering student, Marlene hoped that participating in the Winter Carnival competition would create opportunities to meet new people, outside of the the men surrounding her at school. When the Grand Chamberlain bowed before Marlene, it took a moment for her to realize the choice was made; she would be Queen of the Snows.
With its clever, though slightly nefarious slogan, “File Your Nails – Don’t Bite Them, THE BIRDS is coming”, the nail file successfully suggests the frightening nature of the film, (you will never look at birds the same way), while still giving people something they will actually use and look at frequently. In the movie a woman moves from Miami, Florida to New Ulm, Minnesota and realizes it’s not so bad. That being said, when I came across a Ouija board and planchette in the storage space at the Minnesota History Center, under the watchful glass eyes of a Great Horned Owl and around the corner from the collection of death masks, it gave me pause. The first patented game was created by the Kennard Novelty Company of Baltimore, Maryland, in 1891 in response to a growing fascination with spiritualism and the paranormal. The game was mass produced in various styles, such as this board created by Parker Brothers, Inc., circa 1967.
People began to view the game as frightening, while religious groups across the country condemned it as in tool of the devil, a practice that has continued even into the 21st Century. And even though scientists have established that the messages are created by the unconscious movements of the participants and not spiritual interference, the mysterious nature of the Ouija board lives on. Come see the menus for yourself, and then purchase your copy of the magazine in the Museum Stores to learn more! She was anticipating her husband’s appointment as Secretary of Commerce under President Hayes in 1877. LeDuc and her daughters agonizing over frugalities as they alter bonnets and dresses, purchase fabric, ribbons and notions and seek an inexpensive dressmaker or milliner. He shares details about his work with American Indian material culture and the importance of working with the community. MNHS Collections staff Lizzie Ehrenhalt and Sondra Reierson are scanning Dakota community members’ family photographs and documents. He would spend the next 70 years in Minnesota, building on a reputation as a leader in the civil rights and social justice movements.
These manuscripts document the efforts of the Committee to organize, enlist support for, and fund a Minnesota delegation to the March on Washington held August 28, 1963. Little continued work with the NAACP on behalf of Black Minnesotans long after his presidency ended in 1993.
I will end this brief introduction to Matthew Little’s papers here at the Society with the following quote by Little, made after the March on Washington in 1963.
Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices.”  Whatever her fate, there’s no denying that Barbie has played a significant role as both a mirror and model of American culture. In collaboration with Coffee House Press’s exciting project Writers and Readers Library Residency Program, we will be hosting poet Chris Martin through the month of October. Recognizable Fair motifs (the Haunted House, rides, food) provide the setting, but even more recognizable is the joy, busy-ness, and even confusion among the people in the scenes.
Reviews determined to be in poor taste, contain bad or threatening language will be removed. The only way to get the Kentrosaurus so far is to buy the Earth WWF pack that costs $49.99 USD. Construction began December 20, 1979 but the Dome, just like most publicly funded stadiums, faced opposition.
In order to have a more complete packages, and because the Dome was still operating when MSFA made the initial donation, the seats acquired by the Society are assembled from used spare seat parts.

Many of us happen to be civics or architectural nerds (or both), so we were very excited and grateful for the opportunity to visit the Minnesota State Captiol during its current major (and greatly needed) renovation. They were the Royal Princesses of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, all hoping to be crowned Queen of the Snows. As many as nine single women, aged 18 to 25, were nominated internally and judged on personality, poise, maturity, and walk.
The hunt for the perfect gown took the two women to a bridal shop in Rosedale Mall, where they found a two piece formal dress complete with lace and marabou feather trim that fit Marlene beautifully, straight off the rack. King Boreas (Dan Dolan), in his own imposing red uniform complete with gold braid and white gloves, crowned the new queen.
As Snow Queen, Marlene made about 400 appearances throughout 1978, following the Carnival tradition of spreading St.
Donaldson’s sponsorship not only financed the wardrobe and other costs associated with Carnival, but enabled Marlene to travel extensively. For the past decade she and her husband Mike have worked together on their own construction company. The Auditorium was razed in 1982; Ordway Theater was partially constructed on the original site of the Auditorium, beside the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. Made of red rubber foam, the shoe has the movie’s title written across the vamp, so you read it every time you grab your phone. However, because of the direction of the text it cannot actually be worn as a hat, (well, it could, but everyone would be craning their necks trying to read upside-down). To play, participants place their fingertips on the planchette and watch as messages are spelled out on the board, allegedly by the influence of spirits.
While there were certainly people who took it more seriously than others, the game was generally considered harmless fun. It is fascinating to see what people ate and how much it cost; the graphic design component of many is exceptional as well. Amy, who came to work as the baker starting in 1945, was famous for her desserts and sweet treats. The Society continues its efforts to find the seal, in hopes of restoring it to its place alongside the engraved territorial seal in the MNHS Collection.
Their daughter, Minnie, was living in New York and had found a reasonable dressmaker in Miss Jane E.
Hayes after dinner.” The brown velvet and brocade reception gown must have felt very extravagant. In addition to agendas and minutes, organizing manuals, press releases, publicity fliers, event programs and itineraries, and petitions (July-August 1963), there are circular letters, such as this request for contributions to the Committee. The goal of the project is to have new works created in response to working with our unique historical and cultural Collections, either particular pieces or through researching broader themes. Along with winning 61 of the contests the Gophers also won the year this homecoming pin was given out, beating Iowa 17-0. Maybe it’s the time of year talking, but when “At the State Fair” came through the Acquisitions Committee last week I knew we had to share it. Along with Pachyrhinosaurus, they are the only tournament dinosaurs that do not yet have a tournament to fight in and they can only be collected by buying the Earth WWF pack. A statewide coalition known as Minnesotans Against the Downtown Dome (MADD — the clever acronym was not associated with Mothers Against Drunk Driving until after that organization was founded in 1980) opposed to legislation that would enable the construction of a domed stadium. Our Senior Objects Conservator, Tom Braun, created the wooden mount that makes for easy and safe display and handling by museum staff. The gilded, cavernous Auditorium had been transformed into the Great Hall of Jupiter for the coronation ceremony. The rest of the evening passed in a blur of activity; from a reception at the Radisson hotel on Kellogg Boulevard and back to a women-only suite at the St.
Her social hopes were also realized; she created lasting friendships with the royal party and met Michael Killa, a member of the 1978 Royal Guard. Marlene and Mike took part in Saint Paul Winter Carnival activities for years following 1978: Marlene served as a judge for the 1980 Queen of the Snows competition and was active with the Former Queen’s Club for many years. Paul location remained in the Golden Rule building until 1980, when it moved to the Town Square complex. But when posters and key chains no longer grab people’s attention, marketing offices need to get creative. Perhaps a snow boot would have better evoked the spirit of Minnesota, but it probably wouldn’t hold a cell phone. So many Kentrosaurus bones were found in this quarry that scientists believe that at least 70 must have perished at the site. Although many fans think it will become unlocked by winning a Kentrosaurus pack from either the roulette or if the player places in the top 1% of the Kentrosaurus tournament. King Boreas had been crowned and on this night a Queen would be chosen to represent the City in the coming year. Paul Hotel, where the remaining princesses would be outfitted with matching gold gowns to differentiate between Queen and Princesses.
She was part of the last group of Carnival royalty to participate in the Rose Bowl Parade in California, on a float with Minneapolis Aquatennial royalty. Mike served as Captain of the Guard in 1986 and both were active with the Royal Party that year. William Gates LeDuc served in the Civil War; his wife, Mary, stayed with her parents in Ohio.
Miss Turner’s invoice of September 28, 1877 for one black silk and one brown velvet dress came to $128.33. Chris is particularly interested in stories of American Indians, explorers, forgotten literature, and the idea of naming.
She wore her coronation gown to many of these events, but wore at least eight other dresses throughout the year. Minnie’s excitement in receiving delivery of these dresses for her mother is in her letter, “Your dresses came Saturday and are lovely. These issue files contain a variety of materials including speeches, court documents and legal briefs, as well as statements made by Little.

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