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In a long letter to his youngest sister, seventeen-year-old Matt tells her the story of their childhood. This National Book Award Finalist is a thought-provoking exploration of emotional abuse, self-reliance and the nature of evil. As time goes on, Adam’s neighborhood becomes his entire world, for all intents and purposes.
I will warn you that The Rule of Three ends with more than a couple of plot threads left unraveled.
The Rule of Three is, hands down, one of my favorite fiction reads in the last year or two.
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A heart-wrenching portrait of family crisis, this is perfect for fans of Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak and Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why. Walls are built, patrols are set up, and the community comes together for their own protection. His books include Prepper's Home Defense, The Prepper's Complete Book of Disaster Readiness, and Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide.

Lately, there have been quite a number of great disaster novels coming out of the Young Adult (YA) market, like The Hunger Games.
That’s not to say, though, that today’s YA books are full of Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys wannabes. Their mother is a captain in the local police department and their father is a commercial pilot who is out of town at the time of the crisis. An interesting facet to this story is Adam’s ultralight: a small homemade plane Adam and his father built in their garage.
While it doesn’t detract from the story at all, I did find this subplot a little too convenient compared to the rest of the story. He has worked with individuals, private groups, and corporations, assisting with disaster planning. But then Matt witnesses a man named Murdoch coming to a child’s rescue in a convenience store; and for the first time, he feels a glimmer of hope. Often, in my experience at least, YA novels have just as much drama and realistic character portrayals as those novels marketed for older readers, they just have younger protagonists.
As the story begins, he is at school, helping a friend with a project when all the lights go out.

Their next door neighbor, Herb, is a nice old gent who turns out to be quite a valuable asset. I found this approach to be quite refreshing as in many similar stories it would have been a case of violence meeting violence. Adam’s knowledge and skill with piloting the craft gives the community an edge over the competition. He, his fellow students, and the school staff quickly realize this is no ordinary power outage: All their cell phones and most of the vehicles in the parking lot are inoperable. Savvy readers will immediately recognize the nature of this crisis – electromagnetic pulse (EMP). When Murdoch inevitable breaks up with their mother, Matt knows that he’ll need to take some action. Nancy Werlin, the New York Times Bestselling author of Impossible, shows why she is a master of her genre.

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