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Acting on a tip from an inside source, independent journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility, and what he discovers walks a terrifying line between science and religion, nature and something else entirely. Last Chance U, the new sports documentary series that premiered on Netflix on July 29, has become the channel’s latest success, garnering rave reviews and excellent word of mouth. You don’t have to care or know anything about football to become completely engrossed by the vivid characters and unexpected twists at the core of the story, which is in the tradition of such landmark sports documentaries as Hoop Dreams.
Written by Atlanta-based journalist Drew Jubera, the article was a quirky, revelatory inside look at the little known world of JUCO football in Mississippi with other colorful characters besides the Scooba cast members such as Jeff Koonz, head coach at Holmes Community College, and his promising new recruit Lyndon Baines Johnson Jr.
Jubera, a five-time Pulitzer-nominated journalist, is the author of Must Win: A Season of Survival for a Town and Its Team and is currently working on expanding his GQ article into a book. Drew Jubera: I was doing a book which became Must Win about a year I spent with a high school team in Valdosta. The high school coach, Rance Gillespie, said, “I know what you need.” He had a stack of folders on his desk and just handed it to Brad. Jubera: I got an email out of the blue from an editor at GQ who’s a friend of mine, Nick Marino, who used to work at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ArtsATL: The article really captures the physical details and day-to-day realities of a small rural town in the middle of nowhere. ArtsATL: One thing that your article touches on a little bit and which the Netflix series explores in more detail is the academic side of the football program. ArtsATL: Watching Last Chance U made me think back on the cinema verite documentaries of the Maysles brothers as well as some of the criticisms about how the presence of camera crews affect and influence the behavior of their subjects in an unnatural way. ArtsATL: It must be frustrating for the coaches to see so many talented and potential NFL candidates fall by the wayside each season because they fail on the academic side. Tags: Buddy Stephens, drew jubera, East Mississippi Community College, Jeff Stafford, Last Chance U.
Two American Muslim women were escorted off an American Airlines plane after one of them talked to another passenger about the lack of water and food, which made another flight attendant feel “unsafe”, the Independent reports.
Niala Mohammad, a journalist for the government-funded news outlet Voice of America, and her friend, who works for the federal government and did not want to be named, were travelling on an American Airlines flight from Miami to Washington when they were asked to leave the plane. He also accused her of “instigating” objections from other passengers and allegedly threatened to remove her from the plane. Ms Mohammad was watching a Pakistani drama and took off her headphones to learn what had happened. The friends took a picture of the male flight attendant to try and identify him as he was not wearing a badge and did not give them his name. They were then told that taking a picture was a federal offence and were asked by a female attendant to delete the picture. An American Airlines customer relations representative came on board and asked the two women to escort her off the plane, where they were greeted by armed air marshals and police officers. The two women were assigned seats on the next available flight, and offered a $200 credit voucher and $24 food voucher.
American Muslim leaders have blamed Donald Trump and the mainstream media for fanning Islamophobic sentiments that may have led to the murder of Imam Akonjee and his assistant in Queens, New York. Mobile phone footage showing a Muslim mother and her daughter being verbally abused and physically attacked by a white woman in West Rogers Park in Chicago.  Suzanne Damra said a woman targeted her and her mother because they are Muslim and were wearing the hijab. Video footage showing the moment Respect Party leader, George Galloway, was grilled by a member of the public over his alleged double standards on the war on terror, and his support for Bashar al-Assad during a screening for his new film on Tony Blair.
The Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) have launched an international dawah campaign in conjunction with the Rio Olympics that will involve every country in the world. A short video report by Peace House showing a mosque in Florida that was burnt twice in less than 24 hours over the weekend. A video recording of a threatening anti-Muslim message left on the voicemail of Masjid Al-Sahabah in Texas, US. This is the story of Olympic swimmer Yusra Maridi, a Syrian refugee who swam for three hours in sea to push a sinking boat carrying 20 people to safety.
Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad is making history as the first American to compete in the Summer Olympics while wearing a hijab.

An Emirates jet carrying 300 passengers from India caught fire after a hard landing onto a runway in Dubai yesterday, killing one firefighter in an intense fire and bringing the world’s busiest international airport to a halt for several hours.
The most extensive genetic analysis of mountain gorillas ever conducted has found the critically endangered apes burdened with severe inbreeding and at risk of extinction but the researchers still see reasons for optimism about their survival. Roughly 880 critically endangered mountain gorillas live in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The researchers were surprised that many of the most harmful mutations, those that can stop genes from working and cause serious health conditions, were less common than in other gorilla subspecies. There are only about 880 mountain gorillas in the world, living in mist-covered forests of the Virunga volcanic mountain range on the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation, has been operating in strict secrecy… until now.
Once inside, his only hope of escape lies with the terrible truth at the heart of Mount Massive.
What most viewers might not realize is that the Netflix series, directed by Greg Whiteley, wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the original article that inspired it; “Last Chance U” which appeared in GQ magazine in 2014. In a recent interview with Jubera, he shared his thoughts on his original article, the Netflix series and other behind-the-scenes details. They had several kids who were nationally recruited kids and you had people like Nick Saban (head football coach at University of Alabama] and Mark Richt [then head football coach at the University of Georgia) coming in and giving their spiels to these kids.
I was doing a story for The New York Times about a kid from Atlanta [Josh Jarboe] who had been highly recruited, went to Oklahoma, got kicked out of there, went to Troy State, got kicked out of there and wound up at Northeast Mississippi where Brad had been.
But when I was with the AJC, I worked on the national desk which essentially meant covering the South. It made me wonder if any of the players actually excelled in some subject or even had a positive classroom experience that encouraged their interest in something other than football.
You show up somewhere with all of these cameras and everybody’s completely aware of them being here and within a week or two, it’s gone. We do this through our reviews, news stories, features, interviews and supplemental programming.
Twenty-three scientists from six countries on Thursday unveiled the first complete genetic map of the mountain gorilla, a close genetic cousin to humans inhabiting two isolated areas in central Africa. The researchers said the main threats to these animals are from humans: habitat loss, hunting and diseases transmitted from people. We all know Oxygen as an essential element in the air we breathe and required for the cellular respiration of most life on Earth. Then the series shifts focus to the dramatically higher stakes for the players, many of them are talented but academically challenged misfits who face their last chance for recruitment by a college team and a shot at the NFL. One day I was in the coach’s office and this guy [Brad Boyette] popped his head in and said, “I’m with Northeast Mississippi Community College. So I called Brad and we started talking about this league in Mississippi and when I heard some of the stories, I knew I was on to something.
He asked what I was up to and when I told him he said, “Pitch that to GQ.” It was the easiest sell I ever had.
I used to go all over the South for stories and thought I had been to every small backwater Southern town that there was. They can continue to survive and will return to larger numbers if we help them," Scally said. Ozone is a far less known and is a far less well-known and far less abundant element in the Earth’s atmosphere that is related to oxygen and also helps us survive on Earth. It was a kid who months earlier had been recruited by LSU but his grades had fallen way off.
It was conflicting to watch that because there are kids who do get interested in things and actually straighten up and go on to four-year schools where they do well.
A year later after the GQ article came out, I got a call from Koonz and he said, “Drew, I just wanted you to know that in about half an hour Lyndon Baines Johnson Jr. The study in the journal Science revealed a substantial loss of genetic diversity from inbreeding caused by mating with close relatives due to small population size.

I remember Brad’s pitch was basically, “I know you never dreamt of coming to Northeast Mississippi but here’s what we can do for you.
I spent another couple of weeks going around the leagues in Mississippi, doing what I needed to do to write that magazine story. I was there interviewing people but they had two or three camera crews who were everywhere at once. Inbreeding can increase threats from disease and environmental change by reducing the genetic ability to adapt and cause a larger hardship of harmful mutations.
It exists throughout the atmosphere, protecting the Earth by attaching to pollutants and purifying the air. We can get you to someplace you wanna be.” It was honest and unlike anything else I had heard before. You pass these gas stations that are on this main state highway and then you go into the old town and it was literally abandoned buildings with one working Coke machine on the sidewalk. And it really is just trying to get eligible and that’s Brittany Wagner’s job [Wagner is the school’s athletic instructional advisor]. It was like “you need to get over to DJ’s dorm right now.” And someone would go over there while someone was in Buddy’s office and someone was in Brittany’s office.
The distinctive scents and feelings you experience in these places show you just how powerful ozone, or activated oxygen, is.Treatment with OzoneOzone has a wide variety of benefits in the proper forms and circumstances.
It really had this omnipotence that as a one guy print journalist, there’s no way I could do that. It is not safe to breathe directly, but when infused into other elements, its power can be harnessed in a way that can be immensely beneficial.
Ozone is used throughout the world for the medical treatment of serious infection, cancer and immune disorders via intravenous therapy.
Ozone is also a mighty detoxifier (think of the Ozone Layer purifying our air and making life on Earth safe). Ozone has the capacity to carry plentiful amounts of oxygen into the cells of the body, cleaning out toxic accumulations. I personally have used ozone extensively for my own medical treatment via major and minor autohaemotherapy (when ozone is combined with the patient’s own blood and then is returned to the body via IV or injection), as well as insufflation. I have found it to be incredibly helpful in countless ways.Ozone is highly unstable on its own and when produced will last for only about 20 minutes in the air. But, when combined with blood for medical treatment or when infused over a long period of time into certain oils, it can be stabilized and used safely and beneficially. Rare and uniquely healing therapeutic essential oils are combined with the fully ozonated oil to dramatically enhance the healing properties of the ozonated oil.
These essential oils also contribute additional healing and rejuvenating properties that make Elaa’s ozonated products for skin and oral care incredibly powerful and contribute to optimum health.With its amazing ability to destroy pathogens and toxins, ozone is phenomenal for treating skin conditions. When applied to the skin, After the Rain – Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm carries ozone’s powerful properties throughout the cells.
After the Rain stimulates the growth of new healthy skin cells and improves micro-circulation. After the Rain’s anti-aging benefits include stimulation of cell growth and proliferation, free radical scavenger on harmful toxins and moisturizing facial conditioner. The ozonated oil now is used topically for the treatment of war wounds, anaerobic infections, herpetic infections (HHV I and II), trophic ulcers and burns, cellulitis, abscesses, anal fissures, decubitus ulcers (bed sores), fistulae, fungal diseases, furunculosis, gingivitis and vulvovaginitis. Fresh Breeze – Ozonated Oral Care Gel deeply stimulates every cell and gland in the mouth. Share On Facebook Share On Twitter Bio Latest Posts Jill StaceyJill Stacey is an explorer of the human spirit and the magic of life. She has certifications in areas of personal transformation and has much experience with personal growth, healing, and spiritual practice. Jill is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutritionist, an Herbalist, Aromatherapist, an Alchemist, and a Natural Skin Care Specialist.

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