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At this point in the summer, every freshman’s parents are probably crying every day – partly because they are facing the dreaded empty nest, but mostly because tuition is due.
New South: No, your radiator definitely doesn’t heat the room, but did you know it doubles as a table?
Bonus: The upper several floors of Harbin have some of the best views among the freshman dorms.
About Latest Posts Mike RadiceMike, the 4E Deputy Editor, is a junior in the SFS from the misunderstood state of NJ.
Going off to college can be a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from excitement and eagerness to uncertainty and stress. There are many things to keep track of in college – due dates, homework assignments, social events, work schedules and more.
The ultimate goal of college is to walk away with a degree that will lead you to a successful, enjoyable career. College can raise a mix of emotions like excitement, happiness, sadness, apprehension and uncertainty. Abby Downs is the communications coordinator in the Marketing and Communications Department of United Way of Greater St.
In most rooms, the front shell of the radiator pops off easily. Lay it across two chairs to make a table sturdier than the ones at our dining hall. Forgo the mini-fridge purchase; you can literally turn your room into a walk-in refrigerator if you set the temperature accordingly.
The only positive thing is that the elevator tends to move fastest here out of all the freshman dorms.

His skills include being a successful double-texter, picking the dryer that doesn't work, and changing his GroupMe avatar too frequently. To help ease into the transition, we asked College Persistence Program Manager Danielle Washington of United Way supported Wyman Center how to make the most of your experience and succeed while still having fun along the way.
Getting involved on campus helps you meet new people, make a strong connection to your school and provides good time management skills. When you first arrive, identify and utilize available support services and campus resources. Use college as an opportunity to explore your identity and discover your strengths and interests, but don’t forget who you are or where you came from.
While it’s important to keep this end goal in sight and at the top of your priority list, it’s important to take time to enjoy yourself and have some fun. Louis mobilizes the community with one goal in mind - helping people live their best possible lives. Louis’ blog and social media presence is designed as a source for information, sharing and collaboration about United Way and health and human service related topics. Louis reserves the right, at our discretion, to remove any post or to revoke a user's privilege to post to our page.
In the rare case that your AC breaks, you can set your shower to extreme temperatures – simply turning it on can change the temperature of your room in just minutes. Close off your cluster’s door properly and you can create an impenetrable fortress for fiestas free from RAs.
Others can see the dumpster right behind the building where Bill Clinton’s trash was once thrown out!

Attending class has its benefits: hints on exams, chances for extra credit and opportunities for study groups. There is a great sense of satisfaction when you’ve helped the community, even if it’s in a small way. Many campuses provide free counseling to their students around issues of stress management, transition to college, anxiety, depression and more. Uphold professionalism on social media networks, think before you post, have an appropriate email address and check emails in a timely manner.
Stay connected to the community we serve by signing up to receive our monthly newsletter and updates to our blog. Give back, get involved and gain experience in providing advice and encouragement to fellow students through ServiceWorks St. Keep an open mind, see the positive and, if all else fails, chalk it up as a learning experience. Network with other students, professors and organizations to help spread your name and potentially land you that first job.
Look into taking a career exploration class or joining a professional organization on campus.
Meet other students who are interested in the same career path as you, and network with professionals in that field.

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