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Xbox One Scorpio vs PS4 NEO Spec Analysis: The Power Difference Is Real But Does It Matter? Endnight Games’ upcoming horror title The Forest just received several new screenshots which showcase new environments and fun activities you can take part in.
You’ll encounter several enemies trying to impede your survival but have a set of tools on your hands to repel them back, like fire which can be spread to different areas in the forest by virtue of being fire. Putting this straight out in the open, at the time of writing this, the game is not terribly well optimised. In Spite of this, and some really dodgy frame rate drops, you can still tell the developers are doing all they can to improve the playing experience every single day. This makes it important more than ever for a game like this to offer something unique to the player that’s different from the thousands of others out there. This allowed me to feel immersed in a reality where dinosaurs are alive and well, really pointing to the fact that it would be silly for a dino-fanatic to not at least give this game a go.
I’ve played many a survival games, most recently ranging from Dayz Standalone, Rust and even the Forest survival horror game. None of them even came remotely close to the feature enriched game I now found myself playing. As soon as I see a new survival game hit the market, my immediate reaction is to give it a try, and this philosophy didn’t change here either.
Creating a game with so many immersive features, decent graphics  and a MASSIVE map is a pretty tall order.

Studio Wildcard have done an amazing job at executing all of this whilst still in early access. I would even go as far to say  that I believe this game has already reached further limits than Dayz and Rust combined. Yes the mechanics are great, but if you’re newly spawned into the world I can guarantee you it will be near impossible for you to build any kind of structurally sound base.
The thatch houses are very easy to break into, meaning all of your valuable gear will be at risk.
If you play this game you need to invest serious time into it to get to a stage where it’s actually safe to log off a server. As is made obvious from my in game screenshot below, my character is literally a slab of meat. If it wasn’t for the wonderful server I joined and support from colleagues who have tried the game at home I would of been totally lost.
Ark survival will have to focus more on the experience it gives to the newer players as this is one of the small hurdles that’s holding it back. If you enjoy survival-esc games I recommend you give this game a go once the optimisation has been given the all clear. As always a survival game is much better when played with friends, so make sure you have someone willing to buy the game with you. I’ve enjoyed playing the game but what I want to know is your opinion on the genre so let me know in the comments section below.

If your dream has always been to play as a shrunken dwarf with an overgrown head then go for it! Apart from managing the site on a daily basis, I constantly look out for the latest in gaming to make sure you are always uptodate with the latest information!
When Your Plane Crash And You Survived In The Forest For Food, Weapons And Any Other Tools.
This Games Also Included To Large Variety Of Weapons Included, Special Effects, Sound And Visuals System, Survival Situations And Many More.
Ponte en situacion: Hemos sufrido un terrorifico accidente de aviacion y estamos perdidos en la nada, sin recursos y rodeados de amenazas.
The Forest es un Survival Horror sin historia ni un proposito claro, solo sobrevivir recolectando recursos y tratando de superar cada noche como si de una prueba de fuego se tratara. Zombies, personajes conocidos de la franquicia y un prometido regreso a las raices de la saga por parte de Capcom.

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