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My name on the server was featherheart i was a med cat but i can't get on and have not been able to for a long time is the server closed or somthing and when will we be able to get on? Explore Diversity in the Sea Book in The Adventures of Ocean Annie, Makaio, & Fringy the ichthyologist fish!
Explore Diversity in the Sea Book can be used alone or you can combine it with the award winning DVD, Dive Into Diversity in the Dive Into Your Imagination series. There are teacher lesson plans available for Pre K-K and 1st to 3rd Grades to accompany the new Adventures of Ocean Annie books and DVDS.  Please contact us for more information about the lesson plans for Explore Diversity in the Sea Book and Dive Into Diversity DVD! Following the success of the award-winning bi-lingual DVD series loved by parents, teachers and families across the globe, Dive Into Your Imagination has created a new series of adventure books to accompany What Makes a Fish a Fish?, Who Lives in the Sea, and Dive Into Diversity DVDs and Ocean Life From A to Z book and DVD which sold more than 100,000 copies.
To make this series unique, Annie Crawley created cartoon characters to guide children through their imaginary journey beneath the sea.  Ocean Annie, a bubbly blonde scuba diver with a passion for adventure, Makaio, a Hawaiian ukulele player and scuba diver, and Fringy the Sarcastic Fringehead ichthyologist fish, travel into the ocean in their yellow submarine, the Imagination Explorer.  While encountering other underwater characters such as sharks, sea turtles, sea stars and cuttlefish, these entertaining characters travel in a yellow submarine with readers to explore coral reefs, kelp forests, and even the deep sea at night!
Kids will explore, dream, and discover as they learn about marine biology, scientific inquiry, geography, and conservation while incorporating principles in character, team-work, communication, and diversity.  Real ocean photos from Annie’s ocean scuba dives around the world in Galapagos, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Caribbean Sea and California fill these pages!  Help get these books into every school and library across the nation!  Each book corresponds with one of the DVDs.
This elusive creature is uniquely endemic to the dense, lowland rainforests of the central and north-eastern DRC, where it is a national and cultural symbol. Despite its long existence, its discovery was only first announced by western scientists at the start of the twentieth century. Don’t be fooled by its striped bottom as the okapi is actually the only living relative of the giraffe. Travel junkie and cappuccino lover; a francophile trying to find her feet and the beauty in the world.
Being kept in captivity only to be gawked at by hoards of noisy humans must be a nightmare for these shy, gentle creatures.
Africa Geographic publishes a premier online magazine and blog for our sophisticated international audience.

We offer powerful, cost-effective advertising and social media activation campaigns across all devices and screen sizes to brands, agencies and the travel trade.
Go on an adventure through kelp forests, with schooling sharks, explore coral reefs and even go night diving with your favorite team!  This is the third book in a new Series created by Annie Crawley and Dive Into Your Imagination, featuring cartoon characters and real Ocean images to educate and entertain children for hours!  Illustrator J.
Discover Who Lives in the Sea Book follows the themes set up by Explore Diversity in the Sea compliments Dive Into Diversity DVD. However, it has already been listed as ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List as, in the past 15 years alone, okapi numbers are thought to have halved.
Enigmatic cousins, giraffe and okapi are the only living species in the Giraffidae family and share a number of common features, such as elongated necks and long, dark tongues. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
Salvador Ramos makes the characters come alive!  Kids learn while having fun using their imagination! An okapi’s walk also closely resembles that of a giraffe – both animals simultaneously step with the same front and hind leg on each side rather than moving alternate legs like other ungulates.
For years, Europeans heard tales of the animal but only the native dwellers of the Congo rainforest had actually seen it. Okapis have remarkable natural defences against predation, with leopards and humans being their main predators. Okapis have scent glands on each foot that leave behind a tar-like substance to communicate their territory.
They use it to wrap around leaves on which they feed, as well as to groom themselves and their calves. Male okapis, like giraffes, also have short horns on their forehead that are covered in skin and called ‘ossicones’, which develop between one and five years of age.

As a result, the okapi obtained almost mythical status and came to be known as the ‘African unicorn’. Explorers set out to confirm its existence but had no luck in spotting its stripes. They have large ears that help them to detect any disturbances, while the distinguishing brown and white marks on their rump act as camouflage in the forest. Leaving for school and realizing that my mother would not be able to get her degree felt a lot like survivor’s guilt. It was only officially described in 1901 when Sir Harry Johnston acquired a complete skin and two skulls from grateful pygmies. Its scientific name became Okapia johnstoni in his honour. To avoid leopards, they will also stay in one place on a “nest” for the first six to nine weeks of their life, which is much longer than calves of other species are known to do. It’s required ignoring our differences, which probably satisfies him more than it does me, but the important thing is the outcome. And the outcome is great!When I was a kid growing up fundamentalist, I looked around at the mothers of many in my church and absorbed the very pointed message that women don’t get to have lives after childbearing. Their lives looked like an endless cycle of daughters bearing daughters bearing daughters, and only sons had the right to any other narrative. This feeling still dogs me, especially now that I have multiple friends with kids and am feeling the pressure to join them.

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