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I take a look at One Year Wiser – The Colouring Book , a de-stressing colouring book by Zen practitioner and illustrator Mike Medaglia.
The Spartan Blades Difensa Combat Survival Knife is a Special Forces-inspired tactical knife ready for the harshest environment. When a certain Canadian Special Operations force wanted a knife that would serve them well if they were in the Hindu Kush or a great boreal forest of Canada, they contacted Spartan Blades. Dieses Werk ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung - Keine Bearbeitungen 4.0 International Lizenz.
On the graphical side of things, Slender: The Arrival is a huge upgrade from the previous game. In light of that, credit should be given to director Brett Simmons for making good on the film’s premise, making ANIMAL less run-of-the-mill and more bloody than one might under studio constrictions.
As mentioned before, ANIMAL also sports some effective performances, which further helps ANIMAL remain memorable fright fare. Scream Factory and Chiller have given ANIMAL a good amount of features alongside the great video and audio transfer, the crown jewel of which is an enthusiastic and informative commentary track by the affable Simmons. A plane crash, cannibals and a rumbling tummy all make for an intense, if overly buggy (at the moment) game. From what I have experienced while evaluating the Spartan Harsey Difensa, they came to the right people.
The 1st SSF suffered 77 percent causalities to accomplish what had been considered an almost impossible mission.
The reason was the viral hit Slender: The Eight Pages, an indie horror game based on The Slender Man.
Where Slender: The Eight Pages was only one level with a single gameplay type, its sequel features multiple levels and locations with a variety of goals. Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes you’re not scared by what you see, but what you imagine. But ANIMAL sets itself apart from other genre throwbacks by offering enough surprises, strong performances and intensity to ramp up more tension and keep the action fresh. Furthermore, Simmons delivers in bringing Thommy Hutson and Catherine Trillo’s solid script to life, especially when organically hitting some of the more darkly comic moments.

Among the best faring are Elizabeth Gillies, Paul Iacono, Parker Young and Thorsten Kaye, who each subvert the expectations of their characters and give their respective characters an impressive amount of depth. The interviews with the cast on the disc are enthusiastic, if expected, and the Behind the Scenes featurette offers a better look at the production in action. In case you are not familiar with Spartan Blades, here is some background on the company and the two men who run it. Somehow it is fitting that this Canadian Special Operations unit turned to Spartan Blades for their knife, as both the Canadians and U.S. The minimalistic survival horror soon became a favorite among Let’s Players and even became the first Indie game to be reviewed on Toonami. But when the moment calls for it, your environment can be dismal and great at conveying tension.
Luckily, Scream Factory has once again partnered with Chiller to bring ANIMAL to Blu-ray, offering the frightening pick-’em-off flick in stunning high-definition. But beyond that, ANIMAL offers one of the coolest looking monsters in recent memory: an original Gary J. But what ANIMAL lacks in originality, the film makes up in deviations from the creature feature formula: the survival dynamics and character interaction is far from generic, which makes the action much more unpredictable.
Meanwhile, Keke Palmer and Jeremy Sumpter are both good in their roles, even if their characters are surprisingly one-dimensional, although that’s more of a writing issue than performance problem. Otherwise the film comes with a teaser and theatrical trailer as well as the Scream Factory’s reversible cover art. He’s a graduate from Montclair State University, where he received an award for Excellence in Screenwriting. Now almost a year later, Parsec Productions and Blue Isle Studio have teamed up to bring us Slender: The Arrival. In the first game it really isn’t clear who you are or why you are doing what you are doing. In the level after that you will be collecting eight pages of notes on Slender Man in the forest just like in the original game. I really love how Slender Man looks a lot more realistic and less static than he was in the first game.

However, in its attempts to balance action and character drama, some characters are criminally underserved or remain one-dimensional until they come face to face with the titular terror.
And unfortunately, Amaury Nolasco and Joey Lauren Adams, while offering their best, are in the most thankless, generic roles of the bunch, and sadly are rather forgettable. Overall, ANIMAL is a much better than expected tale of terror than one might expect from the premise, and Scream Factory gives it a release that’ll keep both collectors and casual horror fans happy. Army Special Forces (SF) NCOs; both were snipers and have worked overseas as contractors on personal security details for well-known government agencies. With the Difensa’s scabbard, you can adjust that fit until the retention strap is as tight as you want it. The folks behind this game knows that you don’t need a ton of bells and whistles in a good horror game. Like all other good horror games, it knows that sometimes you have to sit back and let the player’s imagination do the work. The cutscenes are also great, though not much of an upgrade from the graphics of the regular gameplay. The blade is flat ground and is 0.187 inches thick, with a point that allows for excellent penetration. You look for clues to find out what happened to her while being stalked by The Slender Man. Then there are the ambient sound effects that come to signal your enemy coming closer to killing you. Spartan Blades is also known for using highly qualified experts in the design of their knives.
The full-tang handle is covered with slabs of textured black or green Micarta that provide a safe and secure grip with or without gloves on (an important feature during Canadian winters). The handle is 5.25 inches long, with an exposed lanyard hole and jimping on top of the blade, at the front of the handle.

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