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Part of the Ebola fear fuel in America right now is the fact that we don’t know everything about this disease. It is possible that someone infected could cough or sneeze directly into your face and transmit droplets. No known pathological virus has ever started out being successfully transmitted only by bodily fluids and then mutated to airborne. Whether this strain has become more potent—has more virus concentration in the bodily fluids.
Since we don’t know these things, we can’t say with absolute certainty how much of a risk it would be if someone with Ebola who had symptoms were to get fluids on, say, an armrest, and then you were to come along and touch it and eventually touch your face or mouth. You’re not going to get Ebola by walking down the mall or even in the airport unless someone with Ebola symptoms sneezes or coughs directly into your face or vomits or bleeds on you and that liquid finds a crack on your skin or a mucus membrane (nose, mouth) to get in. As you may remember, late last month, a man with Ebola walked into the Texas Health Presbyterian emergency room with a fever and told the nurse he had recently come from Africa. In Monrovia, Liberia’s capital city, members of the CDC and Doctors Without Borders don personal protective equipment before entering the Ebola treatment unit. Perhaps, like it’s supposed, the workers didn’t have enough proper training in removing the protective gear. Since the patient was apparently having extreme vomiting and diarrhea, either something wasn’t sealed, or more likely, the fresh, infected fluids were on their suit and some got on their skin or in their face while they taking the stuff off. Even then, it’s troubling because it probably means the virus is more concentrated in the fluids than they thought.
But if it’s more virulent, why have only two of the personnel become infected and so far none of the personal contacts of the infected man have? Every day we are exposed to infections and other risks, and we have to protect ourselves as much as we can—go about our business or hide in a hole.
I think that with Ebola, right now, today, the risk of getting it is almost infinitesimal for the average American. On the other hand, I think the public health experts should be very concerned about what-ifs (and hopefully they are). In Liberia, a CDC staff member is assisted by a Doctors Without Borders staff member in a decontamination process before exiting an Ebola treatment unit. In five years we’ll either be dead from the pandemic or, more likely, be thinking of Ebola like we do HIV—dangerous, serious, but a risk we live with—and take proper, realistic precautions.
Be wary of anyone who claims they know something no one else knows or what the CDC isn’t telling you, or that they’ve discovered some information or study that proves what no one else knows. If you’re flying, wash your hands a couple of times thoroughly with soap and water and dry thoroughly. And if you get vomited on by someone who has just come from Africa and is found to have Ebola, say your prayers, and remember, nothing in medicine is 100 percent. BONUS: Right now, you'll also receive "The Survival Doctor's Ultimate Emergency Medical Supplies" report—FREE!
Hi, I appreciate your efforts, but there is evidence that ebola can be spread via aerosols without direct contact with infected person.
Second, as a hospital nurse, I know I will have to have close contact with a patient during the primary triage and assessment period, along with the responsibility of cleaning up body fluids with only gloves separating me and the virus, should an Ebola patient present to my ED. Lastly, wihile we can claim better care here in the US, we also have some very serious drug shortages, including IV fluids. Amazon has an outstanding range of books available, many are KindleBooks which gives you INSTANT ACCESS to the content. America faces a full-scale socioeconomic collapse—the stock market plummets, hyperinflation cripples commerce and the mounting crisis passes the tipping point. From California earthquakes and Rocky Mountain wildfires to Midwest floods and Atlantic hurricanes, you can’t escape that inevitable day when catastrophe strikes your home town ? but you can be prepared! We saw this with Fukushima and again in 2014 with the Ebola epidemic.  We are also seeing a bit of that right now, with the wild fluctuations in stock markets around the globe. Whereas the next book up in Prepper Book Festival 10, is titled The Pandemic Preparedness Guide, the reality is that this book is a whole lot more.
With that introduction, today I share an interview with Ken McClelland, the author of The Pandemic Preparedness Guide.  In addition, I have a copy of his book up for grabs in a giveaway. The book speaks about various viruses, from the cold and the flu, to the Ebola virus, and explains what makes a virus become a pandemic.
It also guides the reader through what they can do in advance of a pandemic, and even during one, to help keep them and their loved ones safe. The research into the medical aspect of viruses and also the study of past pandemics, was extensive and at times overwhelming.
This book and the research involved in writing it, was spread out over perhaps ten years time. I would hope that your readers realize that they should be prepared for a loss of conditions; whether that arrives as a pandemic, a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, an EMP, or perhaps even a job loss.
I’m a government employee, a family man, and a Christian who enjoys writing, among other things.
Living in central Florida as I do, we’ve always felt the need to be prepared for hurricanes, which works out great when you go to the store and order a case of soup. I would start accumulating knowledge; whether that’s through books, the internet, or with the help of experienced Preppers. Consider garage sales and flea markets as resources for acquiring things like solar panels, manual kitchen tools, food-grade water barrels, oil lamps, etc.. What book or movie, fiction or non-fiction, do you think gives the best portrayal of what could happen?
I’m amazed at how many people have never heard of this event (including myself), and yet that bird flu virus swept across the globe and took with it the lives of up to 100 million people in less than two year’s time. I think it’s great that through The Backdoor Survival Book Festival, you’re able to help so many people find the resources to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors by gaining the knowledge and skills that will help them to be more independent, self sufficient, and more confident.
While the term Prepper may be a misunderstood term to some, a Prepper; a prepared person, is simply anyone who has a plan – while an unprepared person is someone who will realize too late that the cavalry is not going to be coming in at the last minute to save or feed them, should the worst happen to the world around us. Ken has reserved a copy of The Pandemic Preparedness Guide for this Book Festival Giveaway.

This is a book you will want to read if, for nothing else, to be come more educated and more knowledgeable about pandemics past and future.  I encourage you to enter the giveaway to win a copy of your own for free. If you enjoyed this article, consider voting for Backdoor Survival daily at Top Prepper Websites! In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updates  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide. This comprehensive book will provide you with a better understanding of Flu and Ebola viruses, what a pandemic is, and what things will look like when it begins.
Much of his book addresses the potential consequences of global diseases, and how one might reconcile difficult choices that must be made during disasters… from a Christian point of view. Bargain Bin:  For your convenience, here is a list of all of the books in the current Backdoor Survival Prepper Book Festival. Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of equipment and supplies – all at competitive prices. It wasn’t until I came upon an article by Chinese researchers in which they identify certain essential oils which killed breast cancer cells, that I began to appreciate the potential that essential oils could have towards keeping us healthy.
My comfort would be to have my family safe by my side, books and plenty of medicine (herbal and OTC) to treat the illness. The nice thing Ruby, is that for the moment at least, time is on our side so that we can get prepared without fear or panic. A previously undetected asteroid entered the Earth’s atmosphere and exploded over the Atlantic Ocean, 2,200 miles off the coast of Venezuela yesterday. The rock, the size of a car is estimated to have had an impact energy of around 750 tons of TNT.
It has been named 2014AA, a number letter combination that indicates it was the first asteroid discovered this year, sadly it was discovered somewhat late…like after it exploded. This incident serves to remind us all that the mission to map all space debris, junk and rocks that are likely to pose a threat to the planet is far from complete.
In other space news sunspot AR1944 is now twice the size of Earth and contains a dozen dark cores with the magnetic energy to throw off powerful flares.
The effect of any flares today will be mitigated by the fact that the sunspot is not yet directly facing Earth.
NOAA has increased their estimate of M-class flares to 75% and X-class to 30% over the next 24 hours. Solar wind from the large Earth-facing coronal hole is giving rise to spectacular aurorae, such as this photographed by Chad Blakley in Sweden. We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details). Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Years ago I read that our solar system was captured by the milky way galaxy and is orbiting the center in the opposing direction of the spiral arms which means that we are constantly moving through regions we have not been in before and entering one of the spiral arms every few million years as we are now. More people, with better methods of detection, means more asteroids and meteors are being observed, not necessarily more actually impacting the atmosphere, than average…. One radio interviewer told me recently he would never be comfortable about the Ebola risks until we knew absolutely everything about it and there was zero risk for everyone. And when questions arise, people come out of the woodwork with answers, whether they know what they’re talking about or not. If a person has been infected and is in that two- to 21-day incubation period before symptoms begin, that person is not contagious. This is different from airborne since unless those droplets hit you directly, they’re going to fall to the ground. The nurse apparently noted this information in the computer, the doctor overlooked it, and the man was sent home, only to be brought in by ambulance a couple of days later in very poor condition. I had always thought if a sick person with fever walked into an emergency room today and said he’d recently been to Africa, he would immediately be put into isolation until further tests were done. This, to me, is by far the most puzzling since no one knows for sure how they were infected.
It has to be a lapse somewhere because if they were covered and sealed head to toe, even with respirators, and if they took off the clothing in a proper manner, then there’s no way they could have gotten it. More virus strands in the fluid means more of a chance of transmitting to others—more contagious.
Of course, maybe they all were careful or lucky enough to avoid every drop of bodily fluid after he started showing signs of infection.
The risk of catching some other bad infection, having a wreck, or getting struck by lightening is always there. After many snafus, the airports, hospitals, the CDC will learn better how to handle it here in the U.S.
Oh, and unless we’re all dead we’ll have some new scary something going around, almost guaranteed. Pay particular attention after you’ve used the restroom (remember bodily fluids) and before eating.
James Hubbard is the best-selling author of five books, including his latest, The Survival Doctor's Complete Handbook. This is described in 1994 non-fiction book »The Hot Zone« by Richard Preston or if you prefer reference to scientific studies, can also be read in a study published in 2012. The Spanish nursing assistant who got infected seems to have done so by touching her exposed forehead with a gloved hand. While the risks of an Ebola epidemic on the scale of that in central Africa are unlikely here, what is disturbing is what this outbreak has demonstrated about the CDC and its kin. Afterward, those in charge claimed that it never occurred to them that someone could use an airliner as a weapon. Those least qualified to care for patients tended to move into administration where their blundering became less obvious.
Even the name of the virus conjures up mental images of a gruesome, agonizing, bloody death. When civilization fails and the desperate masses begin looting, they will come for your food, water and life-sustaining supplies.

There aren’t many other diseases that cause your body to bleed uncontrollably and self-liquefy.
Near the end I offer ideas on home remedies, and offer suggestions on what items I believe will be essential for safety and survival. Additionally, a lot of care was given to prepping as we know it today, and also to what potential government responses we might expect should such an event occur.
In other words, this was not a hastily written book meant to garner sales in response to the recent Ebola virus for example. I would also hope that they would realize that prepping in advance will ease their stress and anxiety about such possibilities.
I’ve come to realize that knowledge is power, and the more you have of it the less you’ll need to rely upon others, and the less concerned you’ll be about where you’ll fit into the future. Decide what’s most important to you and focus your early preps towards covering those bases, and by all means band together with like minded people you already know and trust.
It’s actually finished, and keeping with the virus theme, the book is an historical fiction novel called “The Pandemic Report” which takes place during the 1918 influenza pandemic. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here.
This is an easy tool for finding products that people are ‘wishing” for and in this way you know what the top products are.  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen. I have been trying to build up my supply of Essential Oils, OTC Meds, Prescriptions and books and articles to be ready in case needed.
I touch briefly on the subject of oils in the home remedies section of the book, but there’s much more to these oils than most people realize and I would encourage people to acquire more knowledge on this subject.
It’s also good that at the current time most items are available to us without rationing. Small in cosmic terms but enough to have caused massive problems if it had hit a population center. However, even an off-center blast from this behemoth could produce radio blackouts and geomagnetic activity. I guess it would have to do with the path that it was on before encountering the Earth, but how could that be determined after it has exploded?
Or maybe it’s not more virulent after all and the two health care workers caught if for another reason.
What if it’s more virulent or people with no symptoms start being contagious or we suddenly have an overflow of Ebola? HIV is still scary and plenty serious, but I think we’ve gotten over many of the irrational fears of the what-ifs. His expertise and down-to-earth style have made him one of the foremost survival medicine experts in the country. If skin contact that casual can pass on an infection, then so can door knobs, water faucets, and hand-rails. Anyone who has scanned the news headlines lately has, at the very least, an inkling that a horrible disease is on the loose. So it’s only natural that the free market is stepping in to take money away from these scared people, thirty (or a thousand) dollars at a time. Namely, what does it mean to be a Patriot in America today, when the people of this great nation no longer trust their government, and find conspiracy in every direction they look. The scientists who did the studies think that while people were washing the area, large droplets might have spread it. If the answer is yes, surely that person will be escorted to a room and the doctor told person-to-person. But personally, I detest those who go around commenting or writing posts stating what they know are half-truths or just plain falsehoods. Sure, they still could happen, as could a hundred other things, many we’ve never even what-if’d about. Prepare poorly and a problem that could have been handled easily becomes a disaster for our society but a funding bonanza for federal agencies. Behold EBOLA Protective Kit, EBOLA Gauntlet Cuff gloves, Ebola Survival Handbook, EBOLA Hand Sanitizer, and my favorite, the Ebola Protection Suite, an over-$1000 triple-layer full-body protective suit. For example, one might have a photograph of a jar of honey with text on the image explaining some of the health benefits to be found in honey, or another may have a drawing of a snare with instructions on how to make one, maybe images showing proper sutures, etc.. If an asteroid explodes over the Atlantic and there is no one there to detect it, does it make a sound? Follow-up studies did not show transmission, and again, no matter if it’s theoretically possible, there’s never been a known air transmission to a human.
By making others fearful, they get some kind of weird, sadistic joy or some reinforcement that they’re more relevant. Hubbard shares information about how to deal with medical problems when getting expert care is impossible. Our focus is to keep each patient’s germs to that patient, preventing patient to patient transmission, not to protect staff from the patients germs. Preppers should look for these and take every opportunity to save them in their files or print them out and put them in a folder. But some people are going to change their way of life simply because they keep hearing what could but probably won’t happen. His evidence-based tips are a combination of modern medicine, makeshift treatments and Grandma’s home remedies. With Ebola, I’ve had quite a few people tell me they’re going to stay inside or they’re afraid to go to work right now because of their fear of Ebola.

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