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Although this video is not academic, it is an introduction to the idea that the popularization began in the 1970s. Non-competitive running hasn’t always been an activity enjoyed by the majority of the American population.
This research guide is a compilation of information meant to help the researcher navigate through the popularization of running in the 1970s, as well as the causes previous and the effects after. Benjamin Cheever discusses the natural history of running from the ancients, to soldier’s 10ks, to the worlds best distance runners, and to the every day runner. Christopher McDougall describes many important aspects of the popularization of running within his narrative. Part of running’s popularity among American public was due to the interest in running among intellectuals. Richard Benyo’s book is a good reference to understanding the scientific appeal of running that really allowed it to become a phenomenon. Nike began as Blue Ribbon Sports in the 1970s and was started by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. Nike’s website describes the entrepenuers and athletes involved in the formation of the running shoe and company that sparked the 1970s kick off of amateur running. This section is meant to help the researcher find more in-depth information in regards to the influential actors and events in the running movement.
Run with the Champions includes 30 male and 20 female biographies of the best and most popular American runners. This biography is required of all Nike employees to watch and is a biography of Bill Bowerman. In The American Marathon, Pamela Cooper dives into the motivations of running through the movement of the marathon. This primary source is important because it really shows how running reached women an originally male-dominated sport. Although there have been other focused primary sources throughout this research guid, the point of this section is to provide some of the most influential works that were extremely popular and circulating the nation during the running revolution. This book was published in 1979 and written because James Fixx noticed the phenomenon of running. The University of Oregon archives are useful because they contain many primary sources of track legacies.
A specific part of the archives that is helpful is the webpage describing the track legacy in Eugene, Oregon.
Another interest subtopic in the archives is the timeline displaying events that were crucial to the movement.
The last extremely useful section of the University of Oregon archives is the digital archive section.
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The authors’ unique approach in this book stems from their experience in the culinary classroom, where they observed how people learn.
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It began in the United States as a sport enjoyed only in youth programs, colleges, or at professional levels. They are good sources to start with because they include all of the aspects that contributed. He is writing a journalistic report about finding the Taramuhara tribe with a group of runners and participating in an ultra-marathon race.
Evolutionary, anatomical, and anthropological scientists all came to take an interest in running.
Daniel Schmitt, an Evolutionary Anthropologist at Duke University describes the studies relating to humans natural abilities in running. They each contributed 500 dollars to start the now worldwide company that made amateurs able to run. The Nike running shoe and the people involved with its creation and sales were the flame for the running fire.
The important section is the one describing Nike’s development and its affect on the running craze. There is further information on two key figures in Nike: Steve Prefontaine and Bill Bowerman.
His success and commitment to Bill Bowerman and Nike allowed for the marketing of the new shoe company.
These runners were the apples of America’s eye and the inspiration behind the fad for running. It is a compilation of runners, which is important in understanding why America became so fascinated with these athletes and decided to pick up the same sport for fun. The biography is important in it’s explanation of Bill Bowermans contribution to the University of Oregon Track Team, Nike, and running popularization in America.
Although the marathon movement is important to the popularity of running, the true value in this book is its discussion of gender, class, and ethnic roles within the running movement. Heinonen creates appeal in running for women and validates running as a new national pastime.
They contain pictures, records, and information about runners from the Olympic trials that are held there, Steve Prefontaine, Alberto Salazaar, Phil Knight, and Bill Bowerman. Cooks who know how to choose a knife, how to maintain it and how to use it properly work more safely, more quickly and more efficiently. Simple one sentence for beginning readers, and richer text for adult read aloud or more advanced readers. But in the 1970’s the nation rapidly grew interested in participating in the sport as amateurs.
Within these sources there is reference to the  scientific studies which have promoted running.
What is crucial to the popularization of running in America is chapter 5, it discusses the scientific studies that popularized running by arguing that humans were designed for running. During his narrative he covers scientific studies covering the argument for man being natural distance runners, aka people are “born to run.” He also covers the involvement of the running shoe movement and pop culture that revolutionized running in the 1970s.
The natural history of running among humans is the study that says humans hunted by being distance runners. Nike marketed through popular athletes and sex symbols such as Steve Prefontaine, which made running appealing. There is also sources with collections of the champion runners that inspired Americans to run. Marc Bloom’s book includes stories, records, training programs, quotes, and personal stories of the runners. Gender plays a role because of the feminist movement simultaneously taking place in the 70s.

Her discussion is the community in running and it’s forming of patriotism (chapter 7), middle-class nationalism (chapter 4), women in running (chapter 10) and running markets (chapter 10). It is a primary source in that it was part of the influence in the explosion of the poularity of running.
It includes a window into how influential he is in running as well as evidence of his role in marketing running through the shoe industry. Eugene, Oregon, home of U of O is called “Tracktown, USA” and it is a hub of the running movement in the 1970s. Good knife skills also allow a cook to cut ingredients uniformly, allowing everything to cook at the same rate and creating the best presentation in the final dish.
I'll teach you how to cook super-healthy Chinese take out recipes that your friends and family will rave about! These studies include anatomical and evolutionary research that say humans were meant to be distance runners and barefoot running is good for the feet. In addition to these concepts he debates the barefoot running movement that has been debated for the last in recent years. Part of this study is the design of human bodies which enable us to run, it is believed factors such as sweating and bipedalism allowed for humans to run natural at ultra marathon distances everyday.
He ran at University of Oregon for Bill Bowerman, and joined his coach and Phil Knight as a founder of Nike while it was still Blue Ribbon Sports. Each building is dedicated to a historic Athlete or influential person within athletics who is somehow connected to Nike. It begins with his childhood, continues with his popular running career at University of Oregon and the Olympics, discusses his part in marketing running with Nike, and ends by his fatal accident and its effects. And the University of Oregon, Tracktown USA, provides information as well as archives from the school and Nike as a company. He describes why running is important, how to run, and describes what he calls The World of Running (Part III), it is essentially the philosophy, science, and cult of running. National athletic celebrities such as Steve Prefontaine and Joan Benoit stimulated interest in the sport. These references also include the Nike movement and the first shoe worn in a race by Steve Prefontaine- which sparked the athletic market and made running accessible to all people. Lastly, a researcher should check out chapter 23 and its discussion of running’s appeal to everyone, which became known during the running phenomenon. This guide has more in depth descriptions of the peoples actual contributions, but that will be under the biographical section.
This book catalogues the culture of running and Nike’s influence by telling his story and observations of the period. Bowerman discusses how and why people should run, and reveals the appeal that Americans were finding in jogging at the time of the running revolution. The union of Bill Bowerman and University of Oregon track and field with the creation of Nike marketed the activity.
Lastly, the provide record of famous runners, running events (such as Olympic trials  in Oregon and races around the world), and running advocates, and the setting of America which inspired people to run in there daily lives.
Chapter 5 is the “Golden Age of Pros and the Rise of Amateurs,” chapter 6 describes the period of 1900-1950 in “Modern Running Goes Worldwide,” and Chapter 7 finishes with “The Modern Superstars 1950-2000.” His book is a great overview of the the scientific studies that caused people to believe running is necessary, the influence of track, new athletic markets, and the appeal that American’s found in running. It is believed modern man is causing injuries by running in shoes and not allowing natural development of the feet. It was due to the democratic principles America was establishing that running was so successful. These sources cover these important topics in the running world that contributed to the popularization of running that really took off with 1970s. The nation could stand behind olympic athletes, communities could rally behind collegiate competitors, and all factions of people were able, could afford, and formed relationships through running. Historical and anatomical studies argued the natural skill of jogging that belonged to humans.

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