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World War ZBy Max BrooksThis bestseller, which has also been made into a major motion picture, is a collection of fictitious interviews given by the people who survived the zombie war. The Walking DeadBy Robert KirkmanThe Walking Dead is a series of comic books that is written by Robert Kirkman and designed by Tony Moore. Patient ZeroBy Jonathan MaberryThis book introduces Detective Joe Ledger, who went on to feature in many books later on. Monster IslandBy David WellingtonThis bestselling novel is the first in the Monster trilogy. The Forest of Hands and TeethBy Carrie RyanMary is living in a small village that is fenced in from all sides to prevent access to and from the forest of hands and teeth.
Raising Stony MayhallBy Daryl GregoryThis is the story of a zombie boy being raised by a woman named Wanda Mayhall. The RisingBy Brian KeeneWhen an experiment called the particle accelerator goes wrong, it gives the demons a window to enter our universe. The Zombie Survival GuideBy Max BrooksThis book is a guide on how to survive in case there is a zombie attack. Do I include something like Frankenstein, which is essentially the creation of the first film zombie, or do I stick with the traditional view of the undead as flesh-crazed hordes that can only be killed by destroying their lifeless brains? So, please settle in with a nice bowl of fresh brains and enjoy this list of some of the greatest zombie movies ever made. Zombieszombiethe walking deadamcgamingwalking deadmovieswalkerszombie apocalypsenewsFear the Walking Deadnorman reedusfilmgamesplants vs. Nba christmas day 2016 schedule: game-by-game preview and analysis, It's not the most wonderful time of the year just yet, but the nba's thursday schedule release means fans across the world can begin to plan out their christmas day festivities now that the slate for one of the most anticipated 2014-15 thunder team is. Fall tv preview: our 22 most anticipated shows for the rest of 2014, It could be that we’ve tended to find hunnam a blank screen presence, it could be the overwhelming machismo, it could be the sort of comic-book vibe to the whole thing doesn’t feel like the most inspired choice.
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Though the book is not about zombies, it talks of resurrection of the dead, and the risen dead being violent and not at all like their fellow living beings. Zombies are fictional characters―dead people that come to life due to some misdoing by a bad person, like someone activating a device that wakes the dead, or someone unleashing a virus that attacks all living and dead humans, slowly turning them into zombies.
Cynthiana cop Rick Grimes awakens from a coma after being shot on the job, and realizes that his town has been taken over by zombies (referred to as 'roamers' in the book).
Terrorists are planning an attack on the United States, but this time it is not just to kill people, it is much, much worse. When a piece of technology goes wrong and begins to turn all cell phone users into zombies, Clayton Riddle gets caught among the altering people at a subway station.
They begin possessing the bodies of dead people and turning them into zombies, creating mayhem all around. In this guide, the author presents the possibility of a zombie attack, and then states the measures that can be taken in such an event.
The infiltration of zombies into our popular culture and continued success of the cinema of the undead suggests that there isn’t. Eventually, I opted for the later, which somehow seemed more elegant, or at least certainly allowed for an interesting pool of films to choose from. Fido – This odd little entry to the zombie canon makes the cut more for its originality than its execution (though it is both hilarious and quirky in its own right).
Dawn of the Dead – George Romero’s brilliant sequel to the classic Night of the Living Dead is a biting social commentary on the excesses of American life. 28 Days Later – Director Danny Boyle reinvigorated the zombie genre with the release of this tale of a zombie-like plague ravaging England.

Shaun of the Dead – Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s foray into the zombie genre has been called a romantic zombie comedy, which makes it one of a kind (unless you can name another movie that fits the bill). Evil Dead II – What can be said about Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn that hasn’t already been said numerous times via countless DVD collections, on an endless number of fan sites, in assorted magazine articles, etc? Night of the Living Dead – Can there really be any doubt as to what the greatest zombie movie of all time is? Victory left Mark Hughes’s men level on points with Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. However, not everyone does it as good as the writers that are listed in this Buzzle article. It describes the various encounters with the 'living dead', on small scales, and on the military levels. The entire series follows Grimes' journey as he finds and rounds up all the survivors and begins heading towards Atlanta, which is supposedly a 'safe' place.
El Mujahid has developed a virus called Prion, that first kills a person and then reincarnates them, but with only primal brain function. Something called the Pulse is traveling through cells, and the people who answer it are turning into violent zombies. The book lists the various historical zombie 'attacks' and the strategies and weapons that can be used to counter and survive these attacks. And if you think that there are more great books out there that have not been mentioned in this article, then please list them in the comments section below. I also decided that I couldn’t restrict the list to the type of ghouls featured in Night of the Living Dead and had to, at the very least, entertain modern interpretations of the zombie, and even some monsters that may not entirely fit the traditional or canon definition of the zombie. The problem with Day of the Deadis that the moral “message” is so in your face and the actual humans are so despicable that it’s impossible to care if they make it to the end of the film and the whole thing becomes little more than one gruesome kill trying to top the last one. Lovecraft story “Herbert West, The Re-Animator,” this surprisingly inventive cult classic tells the story of medical student Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs in a career defining performance) obsessed with reanimating the dead.
Although this may seem an incredible departure, if you look back at Jackson’s films prior to his journeys to Middle-Earth, you’ll find off-color gems like Meet the Feebles or the underrated ghost story The Frighteners and wonder if it’s possible that the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films may just be the odd entries in his filmography. A small group of survivors of the zombie hordes take refuge in a shopping mall and create their own version of paradise until it is all inevitably lost. It’s an absolutely flawless blend of comedy, horror, and action that delivers from beginning to end.
Jim (Cillian Murphy) wakes up in a London hospital after recovering from an accident and finds London deserted until he unwittingly happens upon a group of “zombies” infected with what turns out to be a rage virus that was unwittingly released by animal rights activists. The story of everyman slacker Shaun, who, along with his dimwitted best mate Ed (Nick Frost) somehow survives yet another filmic zombie apocalypse while simultaneously reinventing himself to save the day and win back the girl who recently scorned him.
Sure a film like 28 Days Later reinvented the genre and may play better to modern audiences and a film like Zombieland may elicit a good deal more laughs than screams but there’s no denying the staying power of a film made in 1968 that still somehow manages to scare the hell out of modern audiences. These monsters take over the planet, nobody is able to stop them, they multiply fast, they love to kill, they are surprisingly smart for being undead, and then there is always some lone, brooding hero who sets out to destroy them and save what is left of humanity. The book describes the survivor's encounters, and battles with the 'roamers' and their fellow group members that they lose in the process. Thus, these people turn into zombies, and they, in turn, attack healthy people to create more like them. Seeing a breach in the fence, she escapes into the forest, wanting something more than life in the village. While the setting may be par for the course for every undead flick worth the film stock it’s printed on, the catch here is that the zombies have been domesticated and are now servants and pets. Given these flaws, you may ask, why is it on this list instead of something like the Dawn of the Dead remake? The film is set in the 1950s and brilliantly plays with the constructs of the zombie genre (a la the Evil Dead films) and features a manic plot involving an infected monkey that turns the hero’s mother into a flesh-craving monster. The film is a treatise on consumption, greed, and asks the rather poignant question of whether we may live more like zombies than the actual undead do.
Sure, you can cite the various and creative ways to kill a zombie used in the film as the source of its appeal (to be fair, those are certainly part of its charm). What follows is a harrowing survival tale that features a ton of subterfuge and some rather effective explorations of human nature. The film hilariously plays off all of the cliches of the genre while at the same time delivering an effective entry in itself, complete with its own spirited set of scares and gory bits (though it never gets too out of control).
This tongue-in-cheek sequel (though it’s really more of a remake) to Sam Raimi’s original film is arguably the greatest horror-comedy ever made.
There is invariably a small group of survivors who brave these crazed, killing, and frankly scary beings to escape to a safer place.
Max Brooks' brilliant writing makes the book come alive, making the reader believe that something like this could actually happen, instilling a sense of fear and thrill.

It has also been made into a very popular TV series, starring Andrew Lincoln, and also into many video games. Ledger is recruited by the Government to defeat these terrorists before more people are killed, and the human race, as we know it, is destroyed. On the verge of committing suicide, he receives a call from his son Danny, who is living with Jim's ex-wife in New Jersey.
As is always the case, some fat, bloated corporation seeking to make profits off of the world’s misfortune has developed the method to create this reality – a shock collar that keeps the flesh-craving beasts in check. Well, it’s because the third best zombie film by the father of zombie cinema gets the nod over a remake that offers nothing more to the genre than simply ripping off the fleet of foot zombies from 28 Days Later. When he tries to keep her condition under wraps all hell breaks loose (as it always does) since her “disease” is wildly contagious. Or you could say that the film’s humor, as showcased in the superb Bill Murray cameo, is what makes it shine. It is always surprising how, if these zombies are so intelligent and strong enough to destroy all of humanity and track down these survivors to their hiding place as well, they can never survive against them. Although it goes smoothly at first, there is a zombie attack at the second location, and people are killed. Their lives clash at Monster Island, and they are about to realize the actual danger that the world is in. However, it is not quite what it seems, and soon, she realizes the truth about what is really out there. The film follows the story of one boy (K’Sun Ray) and his pet zombie Fido (Billy Connolly). What really launches this gorier take on the Frankenstein story above other zombie flicks, apart from Combs, is the film’s use of black humor and action sequences. This results in gore a plenty as our hero is forced to clean up the now infected town (it was his fault after all). Apart from the effective exploration of the evils of society, there’s an ample amount of gore, graphic violence, and humor to make the zombie movie lover in all of us squeal with delight. But, the real reason this film is so entertaining is the relationship between zombie-killing, Twinkie-loving Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) and the less-heroic Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg).
Events only unfold as Jim learns of them so you’re forced to watch in the same bewildered and frightened state as poor Jim. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that it features the incomparable cult-icon Bruce Campbell as the Deadite killing hero Ash. The claustrophobic setting of the deserted farmhouse (possibly necessitated by the film’s sparse budget) only adds to the terror of isolation as the characters (and the audience) realize that death no longer exists. There are deaths, love, loss, pain, romance, the emotional angle goes on and on, making the reader feel bad about a character dying due to 'an attack by the zombies, driving them to commit suicide by mind control'! Soon, more attacks follow, and then the identity of the person responsible for them is revealed. The love for his son makes Jim undertake the trip from West Virginia to New Jersey, risking everything, including his life along the way. The film never slows down for a second and you’re either laughing, shocked, or just plain scared silly all the way until the end.
These two are easily the best comedy-action duo since Martin and Riggs and this may be the most fun you’ll have watching any movie on this list.
While some may argue it’s not exactly a “classic” zombie movie and shouldn’t be on this list, I would argue that the Deadites are really just zombies on speed (a la those featured in 28 Days Later) and that qualifies the film in my book.
It’s a shame that George Romero didn’t go down this road with at least one of his more recent zombie offerings instead of the Dawn of the Dead and Blair Witch Project retreads he opted for. These are not the shuffling across the lawn crying for brains undead your parents grew up with. And the black-and-white photography allows the terror to occur organically and never forces anything using the old blood and guts trickery so often employed in later films. But then there are books like 'Cell', 'The Walking Dead', or 'World War Z', which were written so brilliantly that they almost make the whole deal seem real. Zombie movies may have evolved since Night of the Living Dead but they’ve never been better.

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