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Science fiction is one of those literary genres that is both loved and hated in equal measure. However, even ignoring our emotional attachment to him, there are some other very compelling reasons why he wears the sci-fi crown. Like literary series, short stories also have a long and illustrious sci-fi history, thanks largely to the plethora of sci-fi magazines, which hit newsstands in the forties and fifties. Supporters of the other two contenders for the title of the King of Sci-Fi, Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. Considering Asimov?s incredible output, it may come as no surprise to learn that he’s written much more than just sci-fi. Last but by no means least, he’s the only sci-fi writer ever to be honoured by having a planetary feature, a crater on Mars, and an asteroid named after him. While we’re huge fans all sci-fi, we think these reasons show there can be only one King of the genre. Even though I find a lot of Asimov’s book a bit dull, I do agree that Nightfall is one of the finest short stories of all time. I enjoyed a lot of Asimov’s work, but the Opus books made me think he was a bit of a show pony.
Aside of Science Fiction he wrote over 100 books about universal history, biology, physics, mathematics. No question that Asimov is one of the great science fiction writers, but the greatest of all time??
For me, the collections of his science essays from F&SF (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction) were the biggest things he did. For several years now, Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its two sequels have been among the world’s best-selling works of fiction.
Around last Christmas, however, a friend mentioned the movie version in the context of a conversation about travel in Scandinavia. All of this, of course, is a necessary alibi, because this movie is so stupid, so politically correct, and so downright evil that I never would have watched it if I had known anything about it, aside from where it was filmed.
Larssen’s books were published after his death, and under Swedish law, his mistress gets nothing. To make matters worse, the father, Gottfried Vanger, seems to be a Christian religious enthusiast (in about the least religious country in Europe).
Thus Stieg Larsson is mentally indistinguishable from a Jew in regarding Jewish lives as more valuable than non-Jewish lives, including, presumably, his own. Sweden did have some prominent Nazis, including the great explorer Sven Hedin (who was part Jewish, but that did not prevent him from befriending Hitler, Goebbels, Goring, and other top Nazis). The “good guys” in this movie are the “girl with the dragon tattoo” herself Lisbeth Salander (played by Noomi Noren, who is half Swedish and half Spanish-Gypsy) and Mikael Bomkvist (played by Michael Nyqvist), a left-wing journalist and defender of women clearly modeled on Larssen himself. Larssen had the face to claim that Lisbeth is Pippi Longstocking all grown up, which is a pretty good description of the agenda of every leftist defender of women. Of course the modern publishing industry turns out this kind of repulsive, politically correct swill all the time. This entry was posted in North American New Right and tagged ethnomasochism, movie reviews, North American New Right, originals, Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Millennium Trilogy, Trevor Lynch, xenophilia.
In spite of some of my more sheep-like friends gushing about this film and exhibiting his brick-like tomes on their coffee tables as a semi-permanent fixture, I’ve instinctively avoided everything to do with Stieg Larsson. Ms Watson is an intelligent, classy, wholesome young woman who never succumbed to the smut-trash of Jewish Hollywood or its British equivalent there in the Isles. I will work on that, but in the meantime I recommend that you begin by reading through my reviews.
A bit more on Stieg Larsson: He was the chief editor of Expo, the Swedish version of Searchlight Magazine.
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This is the best series of all time but the runner up, The Chronicles of Narnia, is not on the list? Welcome to the Book Zone!At Book Zone, brought to you by Clay Swartz, you'll find exclusive fiction, author interviews and the latest news on upcoming titles.
Mario Puzo is an Italian-American author famous for his novels like The Godfather and The Sicilian.
Published in 2001 and completed by his girlfriend, The Family is the last novel by Mario Puzo. Published in 1984, The Sicilian is the second book in the Mafia series after The Godfather. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
While The Sicilian somewhat overlaps with The Godfather time-wise it has only a little to do with Michael Corleone. For its detractors, it’s all silly silver suits and bug-eyed monsters, for its enthusiasts, it provides a fascinating insight into humanity and a myriad of potential tech fuelled futures. Perhaps because once you’ve created a new universe it’s difficult to let go, or perhaps because they love the idea of expanding their creations.

In fact, he’s the only sci-fi writer in history to have been published in nine out of ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal Classification, which organizes library materials by discipline or field of study. His prize-winning fiction has been broadcast on BBC radio and published in dozens of magazines and anthologies worldwide.
I hit my 30’s determined to read everything he has written, I am now 66 and still plugging along. He had a clear writing style, he had a pleasant authorial voice, he had a strong pro-science attitude. Of course, I have no time or taste for contemporary popular fiction, so it completely escaped me. He wanted his estate to go to the Communist Party, but his will was legally invalid, so all of his royalties go to his father and brother. Normal people reserve their deepest horror for the deaths of the people who are closest to them.
The son, however, is rather pleased that he has grown beyond his father’s racial and religious views.
As a young man, Ingmar Bergman, Sweden’s greatest filmmaker, was an enthusiastic admirer of Hitler. Pippi Longstocking was a cute, adventurous little girl with superhuman strength who was the subject of a highly popular series of wholesome Swedish childrens’ books and movies. The reason that Larssen’s books are so popular is that—if the movie is any indication—he is actually a good storyteller.
You can earmark your tip directly to the author or translator, or you can put it in a general fund. After performing his mandatory military service as a member of a mortar crew, he travelled to Eritrea and taught the anti-Ethiopian rebels how to use that weapon. Unfortunately, I know what you’re talking about since I watched the first movie with my fiancee at her request. It is not really a thriller but more of a man looking to get revenge for the men who had murdered his wife. It tells the story of a fictional Kennedy who has to face issues like his daughter’s kidnapping, murder of Pope and nuclear threat simultaneously. It tells the story of a soldier who returns home after the war, only to realize that he has fallen or a German woman.
Published in 2000, after Puzo’s death, the novel is about Italian American mafia don and how he protects his empire. The story revolves about the career of a famous Robbin Hood-like bandit Salvatore Guiliano. We fall firmly into the second category and one very big reason for that is Isaac Asimov, a man who opened our eyes to the wonders of science and space at a very young age. Asimov, in dramatic contrast, was one of the most prolific writers of all time, having written or edited an estimated 515 books, not including short stories.
While it’s often accepted that Asimov’s style is very functional and his stories “play themselves on a relatively bare stage,” the size of his awards cabinet speaks volumes. I would, without hesitation, put him in the top 10, but the genre is too diverse and contributions by other authors too many to award any single writer that crown.
When his career was at its peak, he had less competition and he wasn’t really part of any big five, let alone big three.
From them I first learned about the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction, the right way to sing the chemical name paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde to the tune of The Irish Washerwoman, many more reasons why Immanuel Velikovsky should not have been allowed to publish, and so forth and so on. As great a writer as he was, he could not write a credible female character to save his life. On a whim, I added it to my queue, then forgot about it until it showed up in my mailbox a month later. But today, Nordic men are among the most peaceable and law-abiding in the world, and by all objective measures, Nordic women are some of the best off women in the world, although they are now being subjected to increased levels of rape and sexual exploitation by non-white immigrants.
Surely they could not be worse recipients of a vast fortune than Stieg, his mistress, or the Communist Party. One of these families of Nazi industrialists, the Vangers, is about the worst clan since Sawney Beane.
It is more horrible to lose a friend or family member than a stranger, more horrible to lose a countryman than a foreigner. Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA and one of the world’s richest men, was a follower of Swedish fascist Per Engdahl (who was not a Nazi but a follower of Mussolini).
The feminist idea of progress apparently means turning every bright, spunky, adventurous Pippi Longstocking into a hard, cold, emotionally repressed, alienated, criminal, tattooed, lesbian freak with a face full of hardware.
The movie is also a very well-made, directed by the Dane Niels Arden Oplev, with a uniformly excellent cast.
At least abominations like The Matrix Reloaded, Inglourious Basterds, and Machete can be turned to our advantage with a clever review.
Hollywood could not pass up a steaming pile of anti-Nazi, anti-white, pro-feminist propaganda like this. The German leadership was aware of it, as well, but since his blood was too diluted to even qualify as a mischling , and he was a staunchly pro-German (since before WW I), it was never a problem. We were both utterly disgusted and were able to point out all the ridiculousness and evil nonsense throughout the movie.

He has depicted a marvelous picture of the Italian mafia structure, which was brought to light to the whole world by his most famous book: The Godfather. Readers will find that most of his writing is inspired from life in New York and especially the Italian Americans there. The violence depicted in the book is extreme and shows what a compelling piece of writing this is.
Eve though the book is a stretched a little extra, nevertheless it is a compelling read and a bit different from Mario Puzo’s usual work.
Even though different from the typical Mafia stories, Fools Die is Mario Puzo’s personal favorite. Even though not his best work, The Family is a novel which Mario Puzo was very passionate about. The Last Don was praised by the critics all over and shows the deep roots Mafia has in all things in life. It was the last novel of the Mafia trilogy by Mario Puzo after he Godfather and The Sicilian.
This is one reason we believe, that despite being up against a legion of fantastic sci-fi writers including the legendary Arthur C. He wrote his first novel, The Stars, Like Dust in 1951 and his last was published in 1992, which meant he averaged more than 12 books a year! Larry Niven’s Ringworld contains an incredible thirteen novels and over thirty short stories. No, he is not writing about the violence committed by the Muslim and black immigrants that Communists like himself have been inflicting upon Sweden. Sweden also has younger generations of neo-Nazis, but they are few, marginalized, powerless, and far less prone to violence than non-white immigrants or left-wing anti-fascists.
The character of Martin Vanger is genuinely terrifying in ways never approached by more flamboyant serial killers like Hannibal Lecter. So Jewish director David Fincher (Fight Club) is working on an English-language version starring Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist. She supports a clothing line that is relatively anti-globalist and she even visited the workers in, I believe, Bangladesh to see how they were treated and how hard they worked.
Not only is he famous for his books, Mario Puzo also has won 2 Oscars for his work in the movie, The Godfather. His most famous books include The Godfather, The Sicilian, Omerta, The Last Don and Fools Die. The novel was well received by critics, even though it was not very successful commercially.
The Sicilian is set in Sicily and depicts a beautiful picture in the minds of the readers about Sicily.
Asimov, on the other hand, didn’t just write one series with lots of novels, he wrote five series with lots of novels. To date, there’s been an incredible twenty Asimov sci-fi short story collections published, plus six Widower mystery story collections and five other mystery collections. These include the Hugo Award for Best Novel for The Gods Themselves and Hugo Award for Best Non-Fiction Book for I. This background not only enabled him to create convincing hard sci-fi, but also to come up with his famed Three Laws of Robotics and some less well known entirely new words.
To make a long story short, Watson was simply too wholesome and tactful to be cast in this ludicrous film based on Larsson’s garbage that passed for a novel. Not only did Puzo write about mafia and Italian Americans but he also wrote books like The Dark Arena which is about war and soldiers.
In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary credits his science fiction for introducing the words positronic (an entirely fictional technology), psychohistory (which is also used for a different study on historical motivations) and robotics into the English language. And the dialogue-the son talks like a teenager out of a third rate early 50’s sitcom. With this list, I would like to pay tribute to an amazing author and highlight his top 10 best books.
The screenplay of the movie gave Mario Puzo is first Oscar, followed by a second in the sequel, The Godfather 2 in 1974. He also wrote Lucky Starr series, under the pen name Paul French, and Norby Chronicles with his wife Janet.
What’s more, according to the UNESCO Index Translationum he’s the world’s most translated sci-fi author and the 24th most translated author ever, above such literary giants as Dickens and Hemingway. The Godfather is the story of the Corleone family, one of the five Italian American crime families living in New York. The Godfather is a classic and a must-read for everyone, whether you like the genre or not.

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