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If you are looking for the best spots to take Las Vegas Photos, you should of course start out with an overview of the Las Vegas Boulevard.
As the hotels themselves are the main attractions of Las Vegas, there are numerous good spots to catch great Las Vegas Photos with the Bellagio or the Mirage in it. The shops at the Venetian Hotel: Imagine a Venetian channel (completely with ships, bridges, water) inside a building. If you don’t have a hotel room high up and want to take some Las Vegas Photos from above, your only real choice is Stratosphere Tower. Cinemax has announced the rest of the cast for the pilot of Outcast, a show that is being adapted from the comic book by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta. Kip Pardue will play Mark Holter, a small town cop with a big temper who is married to Megan and Kyle’s brother-in-law.

Especially during the fountain show at the Bellagio (only during certain hours in the evening) or the shows at the Mirage or Treasure Island it is worth to pack your tripod! Located in the old Downtown, there is a lighting show spanning across the street with different themes. In order to get there, take a cab or walk (only 15-20 minutes from the MGM) south and take some photos there.
Cinemax had previously announced that Patrick Fugit will play Kyle Barnes, the main character of the comic book.
Sarah puts Kyle through hell as a kid, but know Kyle thinks he knows why she was acting like that.
Outcast is a comic about demonic possession, and is centered around a town in West Virginia.

We visited all the famous sights and hotels to take some Las Vegas Photos, and even had a fine dinner at the MGM buffet.
Reverend Anderson believes we are at war, and he is a soldier in that war, fighting the demons that are possessing people in his town. Kyle has a special relationship with what is happening in the town, and he is a key player in this war. Both stays in 2010 and 2011 only lasted for two days, but I was able to take some more Las Vegas Photos then.

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