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Around the world countries, regions, and cities fight for their share of this thirteen-figure total. If you are a marketer working for a secondary destination and seeking to deliver a serious return on investment, you’re going to have to be pretty creative.
It was precisely this difficult environment that Tourism Queensland faced in 2009 when they sat down to imagine a campaign to better promote the Great Barrier Reef as a tourist destination.
Queensland is Australia’s second largest state and located in the tropical north-east of the continent. On the downside, however, is Queensland’s relative isolation to the rest of the world, the physical distance between the state and the more popular tourist destinations of Melbourne and Sydney, and the distances between tourist attractions in the state itself. In 2009 the world was still reeling from a financial crisis that had seen tourist spending drop significantly as people chose to stay home instead of travel abroad, particularly when that travel was as expensive and time consuming as a trip to Australia.
If Tourism Queensland was going to challenge the world’s most popular tourist destinations for a greater share of the spending pie, and if it was going to see a big return on the marketing investment it would make, they were going to have to shake things up significantly and find a way to reach potential visitors that was truly out of the ordinary.
Tourism Queensland turned to agency SapientNitro who took on the challenge to deliver a global audience with a very limited budget.
The key insight we uncovered was that people don’t truly experience something unless they immerse themselves in it. SapientNitro convinced Tourism Queensland to advertise for the position of ‘Island Caretaker’ in classified advertisements around the world. The interest was immediate, global, and overwhelming, and it stands as a case study in getting online marketing right. As SapientNitro reports, within six weeks of launching the promotion more than 34,000 applications had been received from nearly 200 countries. Tourism Queensland and SapientNitro managed to find a global audience for their The Best Job in the World campaign by getting three things right. The real draw of the campaign were the application videos submitted by tens of thousands of people from around the world. Third, the campaign was focused on earning media coverage rather than buying media coverage. Of course, if you want to reach a lot of people you can buy media spots in the markets with the greatest number of people. The Best Job in the World managed a return on investment that few tourism promotions have had before or since.
Back in 2009, Tourism Queensland was working to promote the Great Barrier Reef as a vacation destination. The competition proved to be a worthwhile way to promote Australia as a tourist destination – over 30% of people who expressed interest in the Best Job in the World also requested more information about vacationing in Australia. As our Park Ranger you will be exploring the world’s oldest rainforest, watching whales migrate on the Great Barrier Reef, and showcase our five World Heritage areas to the world through blogs and social media.
This is the perfect opportunity for an outdoor lover with a sense of adventure to promote some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders to an international audience. Patrol the beaches – You have 7,400 kilometres of palm and beach-fringed coastline within your jurisdiction, but you only need to show us your favourites. Feed the fish, and meet and greet with local wildlife, including kangaroos, crocodiles and the short-tempered cassowary. Get up close and personal with hatching turtles and migrating whales and share your experience with the world. The position of Park Ranger attracts a AUD$100,000 salary package (AUD $50,000 salary and AUD $50,000 to cover living expenses) for the six-month contract. The successful candidate will live amongst the stars with a range of rent-free accommodation.
You’ll receive return airfares from your nearest capital city (in your home country), travel insurance and the cameras and gadgets required to show the world a good time.
Queensland is regarded as having one of the world’s richest natural environments and boasts a rich and diverse array of World Heritage areas including the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and Fraser Island. The state is home to hundreds of national parks, conservation areas, resource reserves and state forests.
Emanuel is an expat Swede who escaped the cold, unforgiving north for a life sunny side up in Queensland. A 29-year-old woman was killed and two other people seriously injured on Monday morning when a bakkie and light motor vehicle collided head-on on the R553 in Vanderbijlparka€s paramedics said. Zambia's incumbent president, Edgar Lungu, on Monday was declared the winner of a closely-fought election but the victory was immediately challenged by his main rival. Emergency crews in flood-devastated Louisiana have rescued more than 20,000 people after catastrophic inundations that left at least five dead, news reports said Monday. The Economic Freedom Fighters central command is meeting on Monday evening to discuss and finalise whether the party will form coalitions in hung councils or abstain and call for a re-run of local government elections.

South Africa's Louis Jacobus van Zyl progressed safely into the semi-finals of the men's 400 metre hurdles on Monday as he finished second in his heat. Mamelodi Sundowns will meet either Wydad Casablanca of Morocco or the Zambian side Zesco United in the semifinal of the African Champions League next month after both proved successful in their group matches at the weekend.
Argentina will draw some confidence from having beaten the Springboks in the Rugby Championship in Durban last year. Youa€™re the manager of the sausage section in a busy butchery and the continued under-performance of your staff has earned you two written warnings from your boss. Jaco van Zyl and Brandon Stone endured a torrid time in the opening round of the Rio Olympic Games on Thursday. Defending champion Serena Williams ended a three-match losing streak against France's Alize Cornet to keep her hopes of a fifth Olympic gold medal alive Monday.
Andrea Iannone claimed his maiden MotoGP victory in the Austrian Grand Prix yesterday, giving Ducati their first win since 2010.
Cheslin Kolbe, the Blitzboks speedster who picked up a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics in Sevens rugby revealed that 400m winner Wayde van Niekerk predicted his superb performance.
Sunday Times and Delta Airlines are giving away three pairs of plane tickets to any American city.
Now in their seventh yeara€s the SAGEA Employer Awards celebrate the achievements of South Africaa€™s leading graduate employers. New research from the University of Cambridge, UK, has found that from middle age, the brains of those who are obese show differences in white matter similar to those seen in slimmer individuals who are ten years older.
Enable JavaScript and you'll see my latest witty comment on Twitter here, instead of this boring message. Again, this is something that I've been wanting to do for some time and I believe that a site map is necessary to help those people out that have a hard time figuring out what is what on our site. FEATURED DONOR: The "Red Dirt Emporium", located in the historic "Bricktown District" of Oklahoma City, made a donation toward - and is using - Photo-caption Zoom Version 3. Since they are largely responsible for the "Thank You" section of our sidebar and this "Shout Outs" blog, it's fitting that one of the first shouts should go to Oklahoma's Red Dirt Emporium. The Red Dirt Emporium was one of the few companies (or people) that made an unsolicited donation for their commercial usage of the Photo-caption Zoom v3 technique. Not only was their contribution unsolicited, but they didn't require any support to get it deployed. So, I made this section and (slowly) have begun populating it with some of the many people and companies that have - in some way - supported or helped Randsco. I've been so busy with my application for "The Best Job in the World" that I never posted my original article on it. Tourism Queensland, in Australia, has hit a gold mine with their recent "Best Job in the World" campaign. Timing for the campaign, which aims to promote Queensland's Great Barrier Reef Islands, couldn't be better. If you haven't heard about it on your local news (weather segment, most likely), Tourism Queensland is looking to hire someone to be "caretaker" of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.
Upping the ante even more, the successful job applicant is paid $150k for their six-month job and is provided a 3-bedroom, ocean-view home (which comes with some other perks, such as a golf cart, computer and video equipment). Scott's thought about little else, since Rachel turned him onto the offer, a couple of days ago. The PDF document announcing Tourism Queensland is seeking applicants, outlines the ideal candidate. Scott figures that he, Rachel and Alex have a pretty good shot at the job, considering their experience and background. The foundation of their relationship is adventure and they both (independently) had online journals of their experience. Since the Big Ride, they've done a bunch of other adventures, most of which, were shared with the rest of the World - online. For sure, the Kimler's know adventure and share it with the World, with detailed prose, photos, video and often, maps. But, just so you know, I'm not really endorsing any particular top 50 application, at the moment. Good luck to all the remaining contestants for "The Best Job in the World", from all at Interiors for Homes Ltd. Of course, a whole lot of this money is generated in and around the major global tourist destinations like London, Paris, and New York City, and rising stars Bangkok, Singapore, and Dubai. Even getting attention in a crowded and noisy market is going to be a challenge, let alone converting that attention into revenue. Known for its white sandy beaches, undisturbed rainforests, and its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland would seem to have much in its favour for tourists considering a visit to a beautiful, sunny, and tranquil paradise.

Indeed, Queenslnd encompasses some 1.7 million square kilometres of land, roughly equivalent to the combined size of France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. We were asked to create international awareness for the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef – on a drop in the bucket budget. And in terms of Queensland’s Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, a little-known slice of tropical paradise, the only way we could immerse people was to have them live there…or at least fantasise about living there. The job would require no experience, demand only a single blog post to be written each week, offer free accommodation on one of the islands on the Reef, and pay a six figure salary. None of these were created by the team at SapientNitro or the client, Tourism Queensland, either. If you’re searching for more bang for your tourism marketing buck, you can look for areas with the greatest concentration of potential customers. It deserved the dozens of awards it received around the world, including 8 Cannes Lions, and stands as a prime example of leveraging creativity online for tremendous positive returns. Timing and placement are so important in PR, and this campaign was the literal sunshine in the height of the economy’s recession.
As our ex-island caretaker is regretfully handing over the keys to his island hacienda we’re looking for someone to take his place. The position is a six-month contract attracting a generous salary package of AU$100,000 and a free jar of vegemite.
With 600 islands and 1,500 species of fish to hang out with, we’re sure the 30C water will keep you occupied.
A social media community manager by day and an aspiring Jacques Costeau on weekends, he spends most of his time writing, diving or looting milk from the office fridge. The awards are decided entirely by successful job huntersa€s who have received confirmed job offers from graduate employers. It was launched on Jan 12th, in the dead of winter for the northern hemisphere and on the heels of a tremendous downturn in the global economy.
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More than 46,000 mainstream media stories and 230,000 blog posts referred to the promotion reaching an estimated 3 billion people and earning more than $260 million in media value. It makes going global easier, and an English language promotion can reach billions of native and second-langauge speakers with relative ease.
More than 550 hours of video was uploaded to the site and these videos kept visitors on the site for a very long time.
But if you want to reach the most people most cost efficiently you’ll need to focus on earning free media coverage – and that takes creativity. Tourism Queensland launched a website and encouraged people to apply for “The Best Job in the World” – being a caretaker for Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef. By promoting their website through press releases, social media, and other traditional PR vehicles, over 35,000 people submitted applications from 200 countries worldwide. Great Britain’s BBC would film a documentary about the promotion attracting more than 4 million viewers, and nearly half a million online votes were tallied in selecting the person who would take on the Island Caretaker’s role. By outsourcing to the crowd Tourism Queensland was able to generate masses of content and drive the popularity of the promotion well after launch date. SalientNitro and Tourism Queensland were able to earn hundreds of millions of media value on the back of their creative promotion, something that they would never have been able to afford on the budget they had. Benefits included a large salary, free lodging in a multi-million dollar villa, and transportation to and around the island.
Ben Southall from the UK won the coveted caretaker career, and is now a resident of Australia and an Ambassador of Queensland Tourism. But is this work's core not that environmental protection ' care ' continues forever to develop like three goals? The campaign itself brought in an estimated $165 million in media coverage, and reached a huge global audience of over 3,000,000,000!
Now the great barrier reef ecology moves toward feebly day after day , we need to have a person who has sincerity to treasure it the to manage it, but is not throws the ticket to the human who is good at performing , like this we and the later generation descendants can forever appreciate guarantee the reef beautiful scene, also can avoid letting it move toward the historical noun the regret, DO you want yours and your descendants can appreciate guarantees the reef greatly?
In all participants, only then she can accomplish, please throw a your sacred ticket to her!

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