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This is a personal list, and many would claim that far better titles than the ones I’ve listed should have been included.
My 2015 resolution was to tone down the number of movies I consumed and balance the equation with more books. Anthony Horowitz had cooked up a great Sherlock novel earlier, and that was one reason why I looked forward to his characterization of Ian Fleming’s hero. I personally loved this book for the beauty with which Pamuk managed to reveal Istanbul to the reader.
So many characters and their complexities made me a leaver of this book initially, and it’s only later when I gave it some time and went back to it was I converted into a lover.
Ronnie Screwvala, aka the Jack Warner Of India, talks about how he undertook many initiatives and explored entrepreneurial opportunities in this bare-all book. Anuradha Roy’s book was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2015, but did not make it to the shortlist.
This book touches upon illegal immigration through the lives of four characters, who were delusional enough to believe that life in the west would be greener pastures compared to what it is in India.
Sumit Kumar in his satirical comic book shows the Naxalbari uprising and Maoist dispute in Central India. One of the many Mumbai Comic Con freebies, Graphic India’s The Mighty Yeti is a series to look forward to. Julius Caesar has compiled the details of his campaigns, which his publisher believes shall be a huge hit. After having purchased almost all existing editions and spin-offs of JK Rowling’s witchery, I withheld from buying any more Harry Potter books until Jim Kay came out with a fantastical illustrated edition (and a tote-bag too on pre-order). Hi Ajit, The best LED in 55 " category is Sony , the starting price of Sony 4K 55 inch is more than Rs 1.5 lacs. Hi Dhaval, 1)All the content that is not of 4k resolution is upscaled on this TV and it looks good. Indian Authors have always produced many highly acclaimed English fiction books that have gained several prestigious awards in the past decades. Written by Khushwant Singh, this book narrates the events that were marked in India in the year 1947; the partition of India. It was published in 2009 and it is about twins; Shiva and Marion who are born to a British surgeon and Indian nun, later orphaned by their dad disappearance and death of their mum while in Addis Ababa.

After you read above article, you may also interested to read about Top 10 Best Selling Books in 2014. Of the set quota of 120 books for the year, I somehow managed to read 51 (including a few graphic novels and manga). Catch the protagonist Mevlut, a boza seller, who becomes your guide in the book helping you explore Istanbul in ways only a local can.
I’m not a romance digger, but every now and then there are stories which make me a little fluttery and jittery in the heart, and this was one of those rare books. While the plot is extremely simple as such, what makes this read special is the manner in which the story is told. One can rest assured that this is definitely not the last we read of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist.
Had read this way back when it was published as a webcomic, need to get a physical copy soon. Pulpocracy’s latest comic book is an anthology of adventures in outer-space. And boy did it blow my mind!
Although, English was passed over to India through colonial culture, the Indian top Authors find the perfect words to express their stories as world class novel writers. This book won the Booker Prize award of 1997 and still stands as the most celebrated novel on literary platform. The novel is haunting narrative about war, conflict and violence seeks to formulate social understanding without taking sides or making political commentary. It has a Bombay set up of late 70’s and early 80’s, and looks at two families whose fortunes were connected by music. It’ll help me and many other readers in discovering gems that they might miss otherwise. Real efforts were made this year to read of authors from diverse regions, just to ensure that I had someplace new to read and learn about. This is Pamuk’s first book since he received the Nobel Prize, and in my opinion also his best work yet. Many have compared this book with Gone Girl, and that’s a good enough reason why you should be reading it. Anne takes on her standard Baltimore settings and focuses on one family and its characters.

Author Chigozie Obioma has rendered folk-like storytelling techniques and mythic overtones to bring out the best elements in the book. This is one of those books that simply carries the reader along on the storyteller’s quirky view of the world.
Issue #1 has superb concept but offers little in terms of story (Arjun Gaind), but the art by Saumin Patel is just divine. Also looking forward to the theater format (Harry Potter and The Cursed Child) scheduled to release in 2016. Check out the following top 10 best selling Indian Authors books but it is not best selling book of all time. This book is set in Kerala and revolves around lives of 2 children; Esthepa and Rahel and how they weave their childhood experiences while coping with their dysfunctional family.
It revolves around a narrator who trys consistently to juggle through memories of events of the past and events of the present in hope to find critical answers to his life. He sexually abused his daughter while she was a young girl, who latter is widowed and is forced to move in with her dad and her eight year old daughter.
It revolves around a self proclaimed banker, John Grishanm of Bank Thrillers and how he comes out with excellent financial thriller. This book is about how a son of a rickshaw puller working as chauffer in Delhi kills his boss then flies to Bangalore after stealing his boss’s money. I had also attempted making a spreadsheet listing out all the books I read and at least one good point that I liked about them, but that never happened. But is he just another westerner hippie in India or he is a true seeker? A spiritual roller-coaster of a book. The best part is, even with a high emotional setting, Anne manages to steer away from melodrama and sentimentality. Set in a little town, it narrates the tale of Uma who is imprisoned by her family, forcing her to give up her ambitions and aspirations. It is about a mother who searches for a suitable boy for her daughter to marry during post independence period in India.

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