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Wave, by Sonali Deraniyagala: It's nearly impossible to review a book so centered on someone else's grief.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. BEST YOUNG ADULT FICTION OF 2014 THE GHOSTS OF HEAVEN BY MARCUS SEDGWICK (INDIGO) Marcus Sedgwick's beguiling novel about human longing, The Ghosts of Heaven, contains four separate stories. We pride ourselves of being one of the most thorough and academic trends and innovation agencies in the world.
Our Summer Reads 2013 Top was dominated by literature about the Cloud, Big Data and the Ubiquitous Blur between Online and Offline. There are elements of this book that I don’t love, but its gripping story and incredibly badass heroine earned it an indisputable spot on this list. 2014 was the year of my personal romance novel renaissance, and Sarah MacLean was one of my favorite discoveries. Clever, strong heroines are my favorite ever, and I’m a sucker for a good fairy tale retelling. The main character in this Cinderella retelling is even sassier than the one in Beauty above.
I picked up Way of Kings based on your recommendation earlier this year and have since gone on to read almost nothing but Sanderson since!

This was perfect timing as I’m on the search for some good beach books to read next week!
Deraniyagala's story of loss and family and rebuilding her life after the devastation of the tsunami in Sri Lanka is a testament to the lasting power of grief--and our ability to overcome the worst situations, even when we may doubt our abilities to do so. Poissant's stories are emotional and wonderful and ever-so-slightly unreal, which makes them all-the-more perfect.
Studying the Best Reads is part of our routine and twice a year we like to share our thoughts with you. Twice a year wee start to count down the Best Books.
I read it in January of 2014 and I still find myself randomly thinking about the characters. I actually read it twice in one week, because the first thing I thought after finishing it was that I wanted to experience it again. Fun fact: Eloisa James herself recommended this book for me she read my Book Riot post about my journey to discover my love for romance as a genre.
The Bedwyn Saga was my favorite series of hers and I love love loved this book in particular.
Is it seriously far enough into 2014 to start talking about the best books of the year (so far)?
Mazzeo's history of the Hotel Ritz presents the lesser-known history of one of the world's most well-known hotels, from famous novelists to Nazi occupation and beyond.

Violent and heartfelt and emotional and thoughtful and why the hell did I not read this one sooner? Klay's collection of short stories focuses on the modern veteran and the ongoing struggles in Afghanistan and Iraq and the long-lasting, often unseen impacts of war on those we ask to fight for us. Add to that the fact that McCracken writes one hell of a sentence, and here we go: on my top ten of 2014 (so far) list.
It probably counts as SciFi, but I think of it more as a masterpiece of literary fiction that happens to contain aliens. My 2nd favorite Rainbow Rowell book, which is a huge compliment considering how passionately I love Fangirl. On finishing, I turned to my husband and managed to mutter, "I need a tissue," before dissolving into downright happy-go-sadly tears. Powerful, emotional, and downright unforgettable: this should really be required reading for all Americans.

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