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Today only, save on used books and help us reach 15,000 books sold to double the donations.
Illustrations that touch the Heart Jul 30, 16 10:06 AMVicious Designs LLC - Heart-Touching Art Vera Johnson's style is colorful as well as creatively beautiful.
The best-selling golf book in the world has had a facelift for the 2016 season and is set to be launched fully to the U.K.
With simplicity at its heart, the Golf Rules Quick Reference book guides users through the rules of the game with ease. The ideal addition to any member’s bag, the ‘Golf Rules Quick Reference’ book will speed up the pace of play, resolve any rules issue on the spot and help golfers shoot as low a score as possible through understanding where the rules go in their favour as well as avoiding unnecessary penalty shots. I had looked at a number of different websites that promised to make it easy by helping with the design and the marketing, all for a fee of course. You don't know this, but I often advise self-published authors to create websites on a subject larger than themselves and their books. It is put to use every year by academies and pro’s across the world as a companion to lessons, as well as a quick, on course reference for golfers.

Through the indexed tabs relating to rules for wherever you are on the course (Tee, Fairway, Rough, Bunker etc.) this practical reference will guide golfers to the solution to even the most complex of rules queries in seconds.
If you are a golf enthusiast, the 'A to Z of Junior Golf' is a must for the children in your life. A friend of mine had gone through the self-publishing process and told me that those sites were a waste of time and that I needed to self-publish my book and then market it on my own, because who knows the book's target audience and marketplace better than the author? With the new rules for 2016 just introduced, now is the perfect time to introduce this golfer’s companion to retail in the U.K. So I created my own publishing company, Birdie Press, and set out to get my ISBN number and bar code for my book, which was pretty easy by going to Bowker and signing up--and paying for them of course.So, I found an illustrator--a graphic artist friend of mine--and we set out to illustrate and create the book.
It was a looooong process, mainly because we needed to get the sketches just right, making sure the kids looked right, making sure they weren't aging page to page, etc. Once the illustrations were done and the book was laid out, we created a press-quality pdf and uploaded it to the printer.
We had a few issues with some blues turning kind of purplish, so we tweaked those on our end.

But with a site dedicated not to your book but to the larger subject of kids and golfing, you could rank highly for those search terms, generate lots of traffic and sell them lots of other stuff too.
Once everything was fixed, we did a press check for the cover and once I signed off, the printing began.It took about a little more than a week to get the books in my hand. I mean, check it out: I'm probably going to sell YOUR book, and I'll make about a 7% commission on the cover price when I do!This strategy of aiming for a larger audience and monetizing them in all possible ways is described pretty well here. I did a couple of gift shows, and then I reached out to various media outlets looking for press.
I got an article in a local paper, as well as a radio show.All told, I have sold about 500 books in about 5 months - so not great, but okay so far.

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