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The other day I asked a group of parents what concerns them most about what goes on in their child’s classroom. The biggest “What the heck was going on?” in my professional experience was the case of a girl who failed grade 7 in an Ottawa public school – for being truant and for not doing the assigned work. Failed by her parents who also didn’t notice her illiteracy and who dismissed her cries for help –the truancy and the refusal to do the school work – as nothing more than a poor pre-teen attitude. By the time a child is at the end of grade 1 – and usually a lot earlier – we know – if we’ve been properly trained to teach and assess reading – if her literacy skills are developing appropriately. We have no problem checking site after site on the internet to find out what the milestones are for language or fine motor development when our children are infants.
If our children needed medical care, would we offer them up as blindly to a surgeon as we do to their teachers and schools?

Why is it, then, that we don’t demand to know – in detail – what’s going on in our children’s classrooms? Why do we settle for rushed teacher meetings in which the sole focus is the child – the one with the least power to control the outcome? Why do we sit, like chastened children ourselves, trying to explain Suzie’s inability to get with the programme instead of sitting up straight, looking the system straight in the eye, and demanding an explanation of why the programme is failing to meet Suzie’s needs? Ultra Split Accommodation – your best choice to suite for Ultra Music Festival Croatia 15-17.
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I’m glad that his teacher is on board, and look forward to hearing her recommendations. Last year, I hired a tutor to come twice a week to help my other child with high school math.

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