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We pride ourselves of being one of the most thorough and academic trends and innovation agencies in the world. Our Summer Reads 2013 Top was dominated by literature about the Cloud, Big Data and the Ubiquitous Blur between Online and Offline. Mutants, monsters and warriors adorn our pick of the best covers of January 2014 as Best Comic Book Covers Ever returns. A very effective juxtaposition of Wonder Woman’s mythological roots and her current idiom. The covers for Three have all been very striking, and impressive in their ability to evoke the style and colors of ancient Greek pottery while presenting a more visceral modern aesthetic.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. And it proved to be a month dominated by some familiar faces, with a certain Caped Crusader having an especially strong showing.

Studying the Best Reads is part of our routine and twice a year we like to share our thoughts with you. Twice a year wee start to count down the Best Books. The aesthetic is well established by now — thick Mignola shadows splashed with violence and horror. He gets it all in there: the vertiginous height, the action, and the  revealing body language of the characters. Anka and Fletcher have struck a great balance here, with a distinctive and versatile design that still leaves plenty of room for dynamic action. Every artist’s challenge is to honor the look while bringing something of themself, and Abluquerque can be relied on to do exactly that. This is a beautifully textured image, overexposed in a way that captures the fleeting, liminal nature of the moment, and the figure is well placed to provide the appearance of movement.
Wes Craig has departed from all the obvious choices, and provided not just an overview of the cast, but a sense of their relationships.

Overall sales were down compared to December, despite January being a five-Wednesday month, and slightly down compared to January 2013 as well.
DC claimed the first and second slots thanks to Batman #27 and Detective Comics #27, respectively. Avengers World #1 proved to be the most popular of Marvel's All-New Marvel NOW launches, as it claimed the third place slot.
1 - The God Butcher TPB (Marvel) As always, it's important to note that these figures only represent sales through Diamond Comics, and not retailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble or digital providers like Comixology.

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