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Some of my earliest childhood memories include learning nursery rhymes in the play school and then reciting them reluctantly in front of my parents, neighbors, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, other uncles, other aunts. Even now, as an adult, I remember each and every line of them and it always gives me delightful pleasure to watch little kids reciting their favorite nursery rhymes in their cute singsong voice. It is interesting that nursery rhymes other than being fun and engaging are in fact a great way of teaching the little ones to read and to help them learn what the discreet – separate parts of sound are, by developing their phonetic awareness skills!
This is a popular traditional English rhyme that probably depicts the difficulties experienced while construction of London Bridge over river Thames. A very popular English rhyme and indeed a very clever way to teach counting to the otherwise reluctant children.
This is probably the cutest English rhyme ever, depicting a little kid caught in the act of stealing the sugar and eating it. This rhyme describes the adventures of a spider when it gets washed out of a gutter system!
The subject in this rhyme is actually an Egg, though the poem does not explicitly state  this fact probably because it was originally a riddle.
This rhyme dates back to the 18th Century and exists with different number of verses each with a number of variations.
This is a very popular English lullaby and probably the first poem every child is taught in school. Even more cute is to watch them make those beautiful hand gestures trying to explain the meaning of their difficult poems to us dumb adults.

This poem dates back to the 18th century and has been used in quite lot of movies (like A nightmare on Elm Street) and cartoon serials (like Loony Tunes). I find it really cute when kids recite it mainly because it is accompanied by a sequence of gestures that mimic the words of the song. This famous poem was also used by Agatha Christie in the title and story structure of her novel “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe”.
For the first (and last) line, alternately touch the thumb of one hand to the index finger of the other. A very interesting fact about this rhyme is that the Second law of thermodynamics can be demonstrated using this rhyme.
After all, Why do Jack and Jill go up the hill to fetch the water which is commonly found at the bottom of the hill? Other fact that I didn’t know about this poem is that it has an ominous hidden origin and this poem is actually about black plague!!
Chris took it!) And this particular landmark is under a deal of controversy today, since conservation groups failed to make up the money needed to save this land (and the sign), so the land is up for grabs now for developers who might want to build a hotel there.
But to recite a long four line English poem every time you met someone was not an easy task, I tell you. When I was a kid, I used to dismantle the “palace” that my brother made from the playing cards and to tease him, I used to sing aloud “London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down”. There are many versions of this popular English rhyme in which Little Johnny asks rain to come on Saturday, on April day, on Christmas day and so on.

Anyways, what makes this poem even more funny is the way kids do “hahaha” in the end while reciting it. After falling, the entropy of Humpty Dumpty is so high that it can never be put into “order” again. True origin and true interpretation of this rhyme are not known, however there are various theories. When people got the plague they had a rash where they were bitten by the fleas that had a red mark with a red ring around it. The main reason for it being a very popular nursery rhyme is that it is relatively easy for little kids to master because of its trochaic metre in which a stressed syllable is followed by the unstressed one.
That too, poems as difficult as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, can you imagine? Yeah, your sharp mind was not the only factor that helped you learn it in such a short time. Who would have learnt the whole poem?) Anyways, the main reason for it being so famous is that its origins are linked to Mozart and it uses the same tone as the “alphabet song”. For the third line bring both hands up and then to the sides to sweep out a semicircle (the sun).

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