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We  all know that reading is one of the most important fundamental skills children (or anyone) must master to succeed - to succeed in school and to succeed in life. For parents looking for reasons of why children should read, we've compiled a list below, in no particular order.
This is described by the Matthew Effect of reading where early success in reading leads to increased success later on, and conversely, children who are poor readers will have difficulty catching up, and some never do. It opens up a whole new world of understanding and comprehension of the world around the child when the child is able to read.
You learn about things, places, history, science, ideas, and so much more that you otherwise would not through reading.
First of all, I would argue that in spite of many near-fatal encounters, they don’t necessarily hate each other. Every time Azula appeared happy to see Zuko suffering, it was at the hands of their father.
When Zuko defects from the Fire Nation and begins to succeed without meeting, or even trying to meet, the standards set by their father, it throws her priorities into doubt.

Word of God (Bryke) confirmed that at the end of the Agni Kai, Zuko felt pity rather than hate for his sister. While Azula hangs onto the beliefs of Ozai and the Fire Nation, Zuko can see their situation from the outside. Everytime I get a new follower it’s a porn bot and I’m just sitting stagnant at 990 followers but today I got 3 real ones! Statistics confirm that 80-90% of perpetrators come from the same racial background as the survivor in all violent crimes. Almost everything we do involves reading of some form, and it is undoubtedly one of the best practices to stimulate intellectual development in kids. That's a fact stated by researchers Cunningham and Stannovich in their report titled What Reading Does for the Mind. They have no problem blasting fire and lightning at each other and both of their parents had a favorite. Would you rather sit your child in front of the idiot box or have your child read a fulfilling book?

Every time Ozai insulted or injured her brother, it cemented Azula’s position as the favorite child. She has been admired, respected, and feared, but as far as Azula believes, no one has ever loved her.
He knows that while she may not have been overtly abused like he was, she was raised in the same web of lies, agendas, and violence. It is more comfortable for most white women and men to believe a potential attacker is a man of color.

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