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Their union prompted Time magazine in 2005 to name the LaHayes “The Christian Power Couple.” The proclamation came as the magazine named Dr.
As a couple, the LaHayes hosted a radio show and, later, a TV program called “The LaHayes on Family Life.” In keeping with their faith, the show promoted Christian values.
Besides co-authoring the 16-book “Left Behind” series — which sold more than 80 million copies, topping the best-selling lists of The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Christian Booksellers Association — LaHaye was a prolific non-fiction author, penning 60 different titles that sold 14 million copies in as many as 32 languages.
Could the struggle for animal rights define the 21st century just as the struggles for women's rights, civil rights and gay rights defined the 20th century? Singer acknowledges that humans have the potential for greater intellectual faculties (though is quick to point out that an individual ape has the potential to be more intelligent than a human baby or an intellectually disabled human) but that doesn't mean humans exist "on a completely different moral plane." Instead, we should use these faculties to better understand and acknowledge our relationship with animals and the rights they deserve to have.
The first class of animals are domestic animals or animals "who have been altered through human intervention, through breeding so that they can no longer live in the wild," Donaldson said.
The second class are animals that live in the wild and "live remotely from society," such as bears and wolves. Kymlicka, Donaldson and Singer all believe we can learn from fights for equality in our past and apply them to our relationship with animals. LaHaye, an Air Force veteran, is perhaps most noted for his blockbuster best-selling book series “Left Behind,” which he co-authored with Jerry B. LaHaye for most of his journey was the former Beverly Ratcliffe, whom he married on July 5, 1947. LaHaye pastored churches in South Carolina and Minnesota before moving his family to California.

LaHaye also founded two accredited Christian high schools, a school system of 10 Christian schools, and what is now San Diego Christian College (formerly Christian Heritage College). LaHaye was instrumental in gathering a coalition of Southern California pastors together to address a progressive agenda that was undermining traditional family values. Topics he explored included family life, temperaments, the biblical view of sex and marriage, Bible prophecy, the will of God, Jesus Christ, and secular humanism. He also designed the LaHaye Temperament Analysis, a self-improvement tool that has been used by more than 30,000 people. LaHaye was a generous benefactor, donating millions to numerous religious institutions, including Liberty University and San Diego Christian College. Authors and activists Peter Singer, Will Kymlicka and Sue Donaldson hope so and spoke to Tooth and Claw about the past, present and future of the animal rights movement.
He published Animal Liberation in 1975 and it gave rise to the modern animal rights movement.
Will Kymlicka, professor of philosophy at Queen's University, and author Sue Donaldson have an idea. These animals would be given citizenship and would only have to contribute to society in ways the animals would potentially consent to. They are wild, but live in urban and suburban spaces, like pigeons, raccoons and squirrels.
In the 38 years since the publication of Animal Liberation, "we're doing slightly better," Singer said.

They settled in San Diego County, where he took the reigns of Scott Memorial Baptist Church. They outline how they see Singer's ideas put into action in their book, Zoopolis: A Political Theory of Animal Rights. LaHaye, the son of a Detroit autoworker who grew up to become a respected pastor, international best-seller and prominent evangelical leader, died July 25, 2016 in a San Diego area hospital, just days after suffering a stroke.
LaHaye—a powerhouse in her own right—founded Concerned Women for America in 1979, the nation’s largest public policy organization for women with 600,000 members.
Under his 25-year leadership, the congregation expanded to three locations, including what is now Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon. The animals' territory would be treated as a nation within a nation -- a model, Donaldson says, that could be similar to Canada, a country with the nations of Quebec and the First Nations within it. He was also widely credited with garnering evangelical support behind the campaign of George W. With that in mind, Kymlicka and Donaldson describe three"classes" of animals that makes this model a potential reality.

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