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By training in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and Coaching, you are combining the methodologies of four techniques that have already transformed the life of many others. By studying NLP, you will gain the knowledge to have better relationships with your friends and family, and you will learn communication techniques that will let you get your point across in a straightforward manner that others will instantly understand.
Similar to NLP, Time Line Therapy® harnesses forward thinking techniques to enable empowerment in everyone.
Time Line Therapy® techniques are also used to remove the limiting self-beliefs and decisions that prevent people from creating the life they want.
Mohammed Ali, himself, even used the phrase “future memories” to visualise something in the future as certain to happen as the past. Probably the most publicly recognised out of these four practices, Hypnosis allows you to unlock the phenomenal power of the unconscious or subconscious mind. When we set out to accomplish a task our focus and resolve on achieving it are paramount. Coaching is basically having the ability to ask the right questions, at the right time, in the right way enabling the client to access the resources within themselves to obtain the result they want. NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and NLP Coaching are unique practices that are individually powerful. Throughout our NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, and NLP Coaching courses you will constantly be learning amazing new skills and techniques that can transform your life. You will be tapping into your intrinsic power, unlocking the potential to move away from the old excuses, and begin to create new results – results that can revolutionise your life.
Our certification courses are recognised by The American Board of NLP, The Time Line Therapy™Association and The American Board of Hypnosis. Hypnosis is the process of learning how to go into an altered state, sometimes called trance, and tap into those deep unconscious resources we all possess. Death is a natural part of living, but with dozens of ways to say anything but the word “dead,” it’s become a taboo subject which is often avoided. Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. Best-selling author, Victora Zackheim shares true stories from some of our country’s finest authors, including Malachy McCourt, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Barbara Graham, Ellen Sussman, and so many others. Victoria Zackheim is author of The Bone Weaver, a novel, and the editor of five anthologies: For Keeps, The Face in the Mirror, and He Said What and Canadian bestseller The Other Woman. Within the medical profession death is a large part of the healthcare professionals role, both nursing the dying patient and supporting the grieving relatives. Get your FREE Personal Development Coaching Session (worth ?100.00) and design your personal success plan. Discover 10 reasons why training with David Shephard and The Performance Partnership is a unique experience.
Our courses are designed to assist you in creating the life you dream of living and consistently create results that support you on a moment by moment basis.
The Performance Partnership founder and Master Trainer, David Shephard, connects with his audience in a way that is inspiring and enduring.
Performance Partnership can also customize programmes for special events and corporate seminars.
Free NLP Training Course: Our free NLP training courses give you a chance to see and experience first-hand the amazing potential of the NLP techniques that David teaches his audiences.
Change Your Mind Change Your Future: This seminar uses a powerful range of NLP techniques which enable self-empowerment and helps you take control of your future and your life circumstances. Practitioner certification: We offer several levels of certification and NLP coaching for those who would like to build their own practice to help others reach their highest potential.
We also offer products which are available online, some of which reflect similar content as that which is available on the in-person courses. Introduction to NLP Audio Download: You can begin now to transform your future by learning – for free – about the amazing power of NLP.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Future: Similar to the course, this 6-CD audio programme conveys many of the life-changing NLP techniques that we use in our NLP Training.
NLP Practitioner Home Study programme: For those who would like to not only fully master the NLP skill set but also help others transform their lives, we also make this home study programme available on CD. Many other products are available, and we invite you to explore for yourself the world of The Performance Partnership.
Of all the books I’ve read and studied on how to learn practical and effective skills to communicate effectively when it’s really important to do so, nothing comes close to Crucial Conversations. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with one of the authors, Ron McMillan in the nineties and he is a wonderful example of someone who walks his talk, as I’m sure the rest of the team are as well. Most importantly, this is a How To book that is based on solid research, years of application and validation and is not full of NLP ‘techniques’ to learn for manipulative self-indulgent outcomes.
Key to the research is their findings on what it takes to be in true dialogue – mutual purpose, mutual respect and mutual understanding or disclosure. I also highly recommend you sign up to receive the Vital Smarts team’s newsletter – it’s full of great reminders, stories and examples that will help you build on your life skills, your communication and dialogue skills and allow you to more positively influence better outcomes in the many and varied crucial conversations in your life. You already run an NLP Training School and you want to add Hypnotherapy Certification to your portfolio. You want to be recognised as an Instructor of Hypnotherapy by The American Board of Hypnotherapy, one of the largest hypnotherapy certifying boards in the world. The live training is a blend of classroom instruction and exercise-based learning, giving you time to perfect your hypnotic skills as a Trainer of Hypnosis. If you are serious about running a successful and profitable NLP and Hypnosis business, then this is the training for you.
Imagine being able to recoup your entire training costs by running your first one day self hypnosis workshop?
Each practice adds a significant, yet different, element of control and well-being to your life. The founders of NLP: Richard Bandler and John Grinder, quickly realised the outstanding potential NLP could have in increasing positive mental thinking and creating a higher level of cognitive awareness. Developed by Tad James, a close friend and mentor to our very own David Shephard, Time Line Therapy® has gained a much wider interest in recent years due to its many success stories.
Emotions are passing thoughts and when we gain control over these thoughts, we gain control over our emotions. You have probably watched in awe and amusement at stage hypnotists like Paul McKenna, as they appear to wield power over their volunteers. Not for entertainment but for real life changing applications such as weight loss, smoking cessation, confidence building, and even physical healing. This is easy when you have studied NLP, as you have a deep and profound understanding of language, how the mind works, and how to ask questions which get to the core of the matter easily. Put them together and you have the most incredible tools for self-fulfillment, success, influence, and transformation available on the planet today! You will see major improvements in your communication and influencing skills, enabling you to make positive changes. Furthermore, you will transform your attitude into one of curiosity and experimentation, as well as install methodologies deep within yourself which will enable you to apply these practices to your life long after the training has finished. You use your conscious mind for rationalising, making sense of things, and analysing things. You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution! Whether we face the subject of death with acceptance, resistance, or fear, Exit Laughing gives us permission to laugh through our tears. Exit Laughing makes death more approachable as it reveals the funny side of “passing on.” As painful as it is to lose a loved one, Exit Laughing shows us that in times of grief, humour can help us with coping and even healing. Her play based on five essays from The Other Woman will begin a six-week theater run in summer 2012.

For most people the thought of death is frightening, regardless of religious beliefs, it is very difficult to imagine oneself not being part of this world. I recently lost my mother and found that I was able to gain a different perspective which has been really helping me cope through this period. The authors provide a series of real life situations, conversations and case studies that most of us in one way or another at some time (and sometime too often) are faced with. If one of these are at risk or have been fractured, then we revert to playing ‘silence’ or ‘violence’ games. NLP training teaches you two fundamental yet essential things: how to gain better control over your brain and how to communicate more effectively.
When we are constantly subjected to negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, sadness, and hurt, then our lives can become miserable.
Often, changing our lives for the better can be as simple as changing our patterns of thought. Your unconscious mind does three main things for you: it looks after all of your learning, your behaviour, and behavioural changes . Allowing people to acknowledge their feelings and be present in the way that they need to be. NLP is capable of providing people with resources that they need to cope with every circumstance. Consequently, the care that nurses provide to terminal or dying patients may be affected by their own attitudes toward death. It is nice to be able to look at the positive memories,which I think keeps her memory alive. Covey on his best selling book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and have continued their research to produce this must read book. They then provide the ‘typical’ responses that one might try, only to prove that there are more ‘skilful’ and intentional ways of maintaining a path of dialogue. The silence games we can tend to play include masking, avoiding and withdrawing from our truth and what really needs to be said. Through coaching you are able to regain perspective and focus your thoughts on achieving what you want in life.
Especially the difficult times in our lives that change who we are, how we live, and the decisions we make. A 2010 San Francisco Library Laureate, she is actively involved in the local and national literary community, including Redroom, Shewrites, and the AARP Writers Forum.
The violence games include controlling, labelling and attacking to avoid saying what really needs to be said. A graduate of UCLA (BA) and San Francisco State University (MA), she lives in San Francisco. Ht, has been a professional therapist for more than a decade.He is the author of several books, including the best seller "The Big Book of NLP Techniques - 2. Therefore, nurses’ personal feelings also may influence how they cope with dying patients, Exit Laughing will provide the healthcare professionals with more insights and flexibility to support these patients and their families in their difficult times.
Shlomo is the founder and editor- in- chief of the international publication, NLP Weekly Magazine (est.
Shlomo is an enthusiastic animals welfare advocate and participates actively in several wildlife conservation projects.The Big Book of Nlp, Expanded by Shlomo Vaknin.

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