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There have been several attempts to make a big or small screen version of Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower series.
Of the eight Dark Tower books, two (The Wind Through the Keyhole and Wizard and Glass) are made up entirely of flashbacks, where the main narrative arc pauses and the hero tells a story. The books are fleshed out with a lot of flashbacks and stories that tell the reader more about the world it takes place in. Several characters from King’s universe pop up in the Dark Tower books, and even play major roles in the unfolding events. While King has a huge fan base, there is an even larger number of people who are turned off by him. King adaptations haven’t had the best track record in terms of quality or box office. Non-comic book audiences didn’t really know much about The Green Lantern when it hit screens and flopped a couple of years ago.
You’d be asking actors, filmmakers and the studio to commit to at least three big budget movies, probably more, spaced out over the course of several years.
I actually didn’t know much about Green Lantern at all, but was interested in the film.
I like the idea of a mini series but only if the movies were HUGELY successful at least the first two of three.
Yeah, I’d like to see it as a trilogy of movies that distill the essence of the story.
Would you be keen on sharing our Dark Tower fan film “Susannah’s Lesson” on Kickstarter? Matt Kearns, linguist, archaeologist and reluctant explorer from Beneath the Dark Ice and Black Mountain returns to help save the world. Matt Kearns, linguist, archaeologist and reluctant explorer from Beneath the Dark Ice and Black Mountain returns in his first full-time adventure.
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The Drawing of the Three has protagonist Roland stumbling along a beach meeting the rest of the main characters, book six, The Song of Susannah is 400 pages long while book seven, The Dark Tower clocks in at a whopping 850 pages.
There’s also a rather good companion comic book series that reveals even more about the history of the characters and of mid-world. There are also hundreds of references to people, monsters, places and events from King’s vast backlist of novels.
King himself turns up towards the end of the saga, as the heroes cross from their world into ours and discover that King is a kind of conduit for the events they are experiencing.
He has the reputation for writing violent horror, and while that’s only a part of what he does, there are people who will not go anywhere near his work. Mostly his adaptations are low budget TV movies or direct to DVD films that are uninspired and lazy. Fewer middle-range movies are being made these days as studios attempt to make low-budget arthouse crossover hits, and uber-budget franchise movies.
The studio and the filmmakers had to spend a lot of time and money explaining the world and the concept before they could let audiences know compelling reasons why they should see the film. The production schedule on a film like this can stretch for two years, so the filmmakers would have to dedicate themselves to pretty much this exclusively. I’d really like to see them pare it back to the bare essentials and make a good trilogy of films that cover the books. Pakistan, Iran, charity, Charities, Red Cross, Christian Children's Fund, United Way, Methodist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Orthodox Russian Greek, Catholic Charities, Catholicism, Baptist, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, Naturalist, Atheist, Agnostic, Agnosticism, Mormon, Mormons, Temple, Church, Cathedral, Bible, Koran, Shinto, Islam, Good Samaritan, Children's Hospital, St.
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The novels aren’t like Harry Potter where each has a distinct story that furthers the main story arc, they jump around and work more as one long, rambling novel with occasional breaks. Fans would demand the inclusion of many of these, but they may prove alienating for the uninitiated. There’s definitely an audience for them, but they pretty much have to be Oscar bait to find that audience (think True Grit and Django Unchained). There are a few standouts like The Shining or The Mist (come at me, bro) but they are the exception rather than the rule. The Dark Tower would have to have a huge budget, at least $150 million for the first instalment and proabably more for the others.

It would become the work that defined them, much as Batman has come to define Christopher Nolan and Lord of the Rings has come to define Peter Jackson. Think the latest plan is to do backstory of Wizard & Glass as TV, then films for the journey to the tower proper. This initiative is based on the reality that "One Can Make a Difference." That means you and me! Thou goest hither and yon, getting makeovers every three years.  NIV, in the last ten years thou hast gotten plastic surgery and thou hast begun dressing like a metrosexual.
Old Man James over there has more errors than Derek Jeter, and The Message is practically having a rave. I think if you would just let me speak, talk, hold forth a bit more, you would see that I have wonderful, extravagant, delightful ideas. I long for the good old days when a man protected his family with both the broadsword and the Bible. With big Hollywood players behind it, an author with a proven fanbase and the potential for a big summer tentpole action franchise, it seems like The Dark Tower should have been a slam-dunk. The novels also feature nods to the worlds of Star Wars, Harry Potter and Spider-man so there may be legal issues to work out too. They would need a huge cast, expensive location shoots and special effects, huge production design and a global marketing campaign. Like Green Lantern its awareness is not high outside of its established fan base, and it has a complex world and backstory to explain before it can get to selling movie tickets.
The filmmakers would have to really, really want to do it and be prepared to stake their careers on it.
Should the film start where the books do, at an almost random point in Roland’s journey, or earlier than that so the audience gets a better idea of what’s going on? For a movie to break even it needs to make back double its production budget (cinemas take about 50 cents for every dollar a movie makes) plus another $100 million or so to cover marketing costs.
There are many different ways it could be adapted and each way would produce vastly different results.
So the first Dark Tower movie would need a worldwide box office haul of at least $400 million to come out ahead, or $350 million, rave reviews and solid blu-ray sales to make it a good basis for a franchise.
Bear in mind that those movies had a lot more awareness and cultural cache than The Dark Tower does.

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